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GPS Navigation System

Hi I am from Costa Rica and I have a ipaq h5550
I want to buy a GPS navigation system, so i have some questions:

1. what kind of features can i join in Costa Rica with this product, because i don´t live in continental U.S,Canada or Hawaii´s island.

Can i charge maps in my pocket pc and see turn by turn my position ?

I tryed to ask a expert in the chat support, by i didn´t get any answer from anybody. I don´t know what happened!

Please i need this information, if somebody know,send me a repost. THANKS !!!
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Re: GPS Navigation System

There are several GPS navigation systems that you can use with the 5550. Since you don't have a CF slot, you're stuck with either using an SD-based unit, bluetooth, or adding a sleeve of some sort. Bluetooth would probably be the most flexible, thus, the best solution, but also the most expensive. I would steer clear of the SD-based units, because most of them don't have a memory slot, so you couldn't use the GPS and an SD memory card at the same time. Those maps can get pretty big, so it's not practical to have them in memory.

That leaves sleeves. You COULD get a CF sleeve, and use any CF-based GPS system, but why bother? You can simply get a GPS sleeve, and be done with it. Both Navman and ALK (formerly Travroute) have made GPS sleeves that work perfectly. Please note that since HP has discontinued the sleeve form factor, these GPS sleeves are probably going to be harder and harder to find, but they are still available now. If you go this route, though, be sure to get one that allows the use of an external antenna. These work MUCH better, especially when driving.

On the software side, most GPS solutions for the PPC have voice-prompted turn-by-turn routing, and most automatically switch maps to show your current location (provided the appropriate map is loaded), so you're fine there. Keep in mind though, that the speaker on the 5550 sucks, so you'll need to have an external powered speaker of some sort that you can plug into the headphone jack, otherwise, you simply won't be able to hear the voice-prompts during normal driving conditions.

The tricky part of all this is your location. There isn't anything to "join" in GPS applications, since you're simply reading information from publicly-available satellites, so the receiver (and in this case, the software) is all you need to use GPS. (GPS isn't a pay-for-use service like satellite TV or satellite radio.) However, what you DO need are maps of your area, and I don't think a lot of GPS software packages are going to come with maps of Central America. Your best bet is to contact the manufacturers of these GPS packages, and see which do and which don't. Even the ones that don't come with Central American maps may be able to point you in the direction of a solution that does. I KNOW that there are Central American maps available for laptops, so it's not unreasonable to assume that at least ONE PPC application has them available too.

Good luck, and if you DO find a package that will work, post it here, so that anyone in a similar situation can have the solution too.
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Re: GPS Navigation System

You may want to visit as there are people there from all parts of the world that may be able to comment on maping in your country.
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Re: GPS Navigation System

Saludos. Tengo un equipo de estos y lo utilizo con ArcPAD y funciona de maravilla..
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Re: GPS Navigation System

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I appreciate a lot... and sure I will post info, if I find it ( about my case )


Como dije anteriormente vivo en Costa Rica y necesito saber que opciones de accesibilidad tendre aca. Es decir:

1. Si deseo -por decirlo asi- cargar algun mapa de cualquier localidad ( de Costa Rica ) y observar en el, punto a punto mi posicion. Es posible ? Necesito algun mapa en especifico o lo puedo hacer cargando cualquier mapa y posteriormente darle puntos de referencia a la aplicacion del programa.

2. Me imagino ademas que sabre mi posicion en altitud, longitud y latitud.

3. Por ultimo, la primera persona que me responde en este forum dice que exiten vaiors tipos de GPS Nav. Systems, pero lo que yo he encontrado para mi Ipaq es solo un producto, esto en la pagina de Hp. Asi que en mi caso no se si existan mas productos, pero prefiriria que fuese Hp el producto indicado.

Como decia anteriormente Marco, la informacion es muy escueta en la pagina sobre este producto. Ademas he tratado de tener informacion por otros medios pero me ha sido algo infructuoso.

Muchas gracias Marco, por tu atencion prestada a mi caso, toda la informacion que pudieses mandarme o consejos los valorare mucho. Te adjunto mis correos electronicos.

Manuel Ramirez C

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Re: GPS Navigation System

You also could connect a serial GPS-Receiver.
The Ipaq 5450 has a serial port on the sync-connector. There are several models available and most of them have a cable along with a plug for a cigarette-lighter to charge the ipaq during NAV. This is probably cheaper than sleeves or Bluetooth-Devices.

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Re: GPS Navigation System

The TomTom ONE XL-S is the high end of TomTom's ONE line of basic portable gps navigators. It adds text-to-speech functionality to the ONE XL's gorgeous widescreen, 4.3-inch display, expanded traffic options that include GPRS- and optional RDS-TMC radio-based real-time traffic information. The TomTom ONE XL is a complete portable GPS vehicle navigation device with an incredible range of features.

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