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3850 and GPRS/GSM Jacket Update Failure

When I upgraded my GPRS Jacket rom to version 829, the process hung half way through. If I now re-attempt the upgrade, it allows me to erase the flash (my COMPAQ DISK folder is now empty) and then states it cannot find a jacket.

I then tried to install the ROM from the original Wireless Pack CD, but this just comes up with "cannot detect device". I have hard resetted the 3850, active sync is connecting fine via USB and Serial. ROM version on 3850 is 1.20.

When the jacket is inserted, the flash memory on the jacket is empty so Wireless Pack is not installed. Is there a way to restore the Jacket files/configuration manually by copying the files into the COMPAQ DISK folder, and are these files available anywhere? Are there any other ways to bring my GPRS/GSM Jacket back to life?
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Re: 3850 and GPRS/GSM Jacket Update Failure

I'm not sure if it is really helpfull, but it is important that the jacket is fully charged when attempting to update it.

Right now, try fully charging both ipaq and jacket and then perform a reset.
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Re: 3850 and GPRS/GSM Jacket Update Failure

The compaq-disk is a rewriteable flash disk like HP filestore.

1) charge the pack using the jack on the top of the jacket (not through the ipaq). Charging is indicated with a solid red light which turns to solid green when the battery is full. If this fails, you battery is totally drained or damaged. You might reactivate the battery by putting an initial charge with an external power source direct to it, but this requires technical skills.

2) Connect the ipaq without the jacket to the computer and start the WP-Update-program and follow exactly the steps:
Press "initiate"-button and remove the ipaq from the cradle. Make a soft reset to the ipaq. Connect the jacket with the ipaq. Now, the update-program should erase the compaq-disk (ignroing the contents).

3) Leave both switched on and connect them with the computer (you might rest the outer rails of the docking-station in the down-position in order to put the ipaq together with the jacket in it. consult the manual on how to do this). Continue with the update-process which now will copy the new files to the compaq-disk. After that, the programm will update the internal rom-flash in pack.
Do not interrupt this process. Doing so, will turn the pack useless. This is the critical part of the update.

You could restore the compaq-duisk just by copying the contents. It seems, you stuck at the first part of the update-process. You could try this one again. The update-program doesn't care, whether the compaq-disk is empty or not.

But it's essential to have a charged and working battery in the pack.

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Re: 3850 and GPRS/GSM Jacket Update Failure

Step 3) is where it failed the first time, I hope the jacket is not rendered useless!!! (It was not fully charged when I did the update originally). The fact I can browse and write to the empty COMPAQ DISK folder leads me to hope it is still okay.

I will get a full charge on and attempt again at the weekend. Thanks for the suggestions.

By the way, if step 3) of the update program still insists 'no wireless device detected', does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of the COMPAQ DISK files to manually copy across, or is anyone able to attach the contents to this thread?
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