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WSDL imports throwing errors

Facing the below error when importing wsdls in systinet for a service.. Can someone  please provide inputs ..



Error faced:

com.hp.systinet.publishing.exceptions.LimitExceeded: Publishing limit is exceeded. The maximum number (6) of all concurrent publishing processes is running now.

        at com.hp.systinet.publishing.impl.PublisherImpl.checkUploadsLimits(

        at com.hp.systinet.publishing.impl.PublisherImpl.prepare(

        at com.hp.systinet.publishing.impl.PublisherImpl.prepare(

        at com.hp.systinet.publishing.wsdl.impl.WsdlPublishingImpl.initServiceSelection(

        at com.hp.systinet.publishing.wsdl.async.impl.PublishingWsdlTool.execute(

        at com.systinet.platform.tool.ToolManager.endExecute(

        at com.systinet.platform.tool.ToolManager.executeToolSyncInternal(

        at com.systinet.platform.tool.ToolManager.executeTaskInternal(

        at com.systinet.platform.tool.ToolManager.executeReportPhaseImpl(

        at com.systinet.platform.tool.ToolManager.access$400(

        at com.systinet.platform.tool.ToolManager$


        at com.hp.systinet.j2ee.DetectedTaskExecutor$

        at org.springframework.core.task.SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor$



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Re: WSDL imports throwing errors

Hello Minty,

publishing limits are controlled by
platform.publishing.limit.* properties you can modify in Administration -> Configuration -> System Settings at runtime.


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