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The road to Barcelona—on my way to HP Discover

I am headed to Barcelona Spain to attend HP Discover. I can hardly wait to get there and for the event to start. Here is my list of the places I want to go and the experiences I am most excited about.casamuseugaudi.jpg


Keep reading to find out where you can find some of the most exciting HP Software activities and where I plan to be.


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Time is ticking on Monetary Authority of Singapore technology risk management compliance

FSI.pngFinancial Systems provide structure and stability to the economy—both regional and global. This is why it is so important that proper guidelines are put in place to further strengthen these financial systems.


But what happens when new guidelines are put into place in a single country? Do countries in the region follow suit and change their guidelines to match, or do they wait and see how effective the guidelines are?


Let’s take a closer look at what guidelines put in place by the Monetary Authority of Singapore mean in Singapore and beyond.


Guest post by Lisa Chow, Market development, HP Software

Watch the HP Software Power to Change virtual event on-demand now

HP-2_Google+_1018.jpgThe Power to Change virtual event last month was a huge success. If you missed the event, don’t fret—the sessions are now available on-demand. This is your opportunity to hear amazing discussions and gain a deeper understanding of the new style of IT.


Continue reading to find out how you can watch these sessions for free; when you want. There are 16 sessions in four different tracks discussing cloud and automation, application lifecycle management, IT service management and operations management.



Do you resist change or go with it? Come see the changes we’ve made to the HP IT Experts Community

There have been multiple changes in my life recently. One of the changes I am most proud of is the new and improved HP IT Experts Community website. My team and I have been working tirelessly to make sure our site meets your desires.


Keep reading to find out what we have changed and how you can take advantage of these improvements—from any device.

Go Backstage at HP Protect 2013

HP Protect logo.jpgWe are gearing up for HP Protect our premier security conference of the year coming up soon, Sept. 16-19 in Washington D.C. Here’s some information that will help you stay connected.  Don’t miss these upcoming activities whether you’re attending this year’s HP Protect in person or tuning in online. Be sure to check out Backstage with HP Software’s live chat event direct from the Cyber Security Hall. 


Help map the future with Vivit

zealous wiley.pngWhat are your biggest concerns with a centralized IT department? Between now and 2020, what major technology challenges will your organization face? Share your thoughts on the software-defined enterprise, and let us know the issues you encounter when managing constant change.


Keep reading to find out how you can make your voice heard.


Guest post by Zealous Wiley, Digital Marketing Manager, HP Software


Learn to adapt to software trends—all from your computer

Virtual_meeting_RGB_blue_NT.pngWe all know that changes in IT are impacting the way your business operates. Are you looking for the best ways to take advantage of these changes?


At the free Power to Change online virtual event you can hear industry visionaries, analysts, and practitioners discuss how change is affecting IT. Continue reading to find out what topics will be covered and how you can register for the event. 

Come hangout with HP Software and “stump our panel”!

HP-2_Google+_1018.jpgDo you have questions about where IT is going and what you need to do to keep up? The Power to Change virtual event will have the answers you are looking for.


But before the event begins, we have assembled the speakers for a candid Google hangout. This is your opportunity to ask them the tough questions. Keep reading to find out how you can join us and “stump our panel”.

Keeping the lights on… without the surprises

suresh gp.jpgInvesting on a world class product is just the beginning and enterprises today are grappling to sustain the support service that makes or breaks the customer satisfaction quotient.


Guest post by

Suresh GP , GDC Lead, Solution Management Services (SMS)

IT leaders who continue operating with "the status quo" risk irrelevance

joshua brusse.jpgWhat role does the shifting IT landscape play in the democratization of IT? Now that IT no longer holds the proverbial  "keys to the kingdom", how can they still meet the needs of business and remain competitve?


These are questions that clients ask me as I spend time helping them transform their IT organizations. Keep reading to find out the advice and suggestions I give them.


Guest post by Joshua Brusse, Chief Architect, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP Software Professional Services

Recapping HAVEn, Cloud OS and Backstage at HP Discover

HP Discover was an amazing technology event in Las Vegas. But, what happens after the excitement and smoke clear the air? This is when the event videos shine!!


In this post I want to recap the HP Software key announcements and videos which I think you will want to check out. I’ll try to summarize the announcements and point you to additional information from the event.  Fair warning though, this blog post will have a lot of links, but hopefully it will be a good source to track the news and happenings from HP Discover in Las Vegas this year.

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Are Value Chains the “new thing” for IT?

joshua brusse.jpgValue Chains have been accepted as a critical business process for years, but they have not been fully integrated into IT.


The question IT officials face now is which value chain (often called value streams) is the best option for IT. Keep reading to find out the best ways that IT can integrate them.


Guest post by Joshua Brusse, Chief Architect, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP Software Professional Services

Returning software technology to a 5-star rating

United Airlines.pngWe all know how important technology is to our lives. I can’t imagine living my life without my smart phone and my directory of apps.


Mobile app developers know the importance of a good customer rating. Users do not download one-star apps. But what happens when customer satisfaction with your app declines? What do you need to do to change the negative course? Keep reading to find out how United Airlines changed the fate of its mobile apps.   


Guest Post by Silvia Siqueria, WW Sr Product Marketing Mgr
HP Software – Performance Testing Solutions

A radically different type of user, a radically different type of keynote

matt morgan.jpgIT is at an inflection point, have you felt it? It is no longer acceptable to make the user bend to IT systems.  Instead it is now the job of designers to make sure Systems bend to the user. 


Matt Morgan, Vice President of HP Software Product Marketing and Kevin Tucker, Director at United Airlines will share their thoughts on the new center of IT at HP Discover. Keep reading to find out how you can hear their thoughts on the topic at HP Discover.


Guest post by Kelly Emo,

Director, HP Software Applications Product Marketing

A compass through the business service jungle

Complexity. It hinders progress in your IT organization. But with cloud, mobility and virtualization constantly changing how business is done, is there a way to overcome the “complexity beast”?


We have the solution for you with our Business Service Management (BSM) suite of solutions. They can help you conquer complexity and safely navigate through the business service jungle.


Keep reading for a peek at the map of our solutions and the compass they provide.

Did Elvis just invite you to HP Discover Las Vegas?

We don’t have to wait until June to have some fun!  Paul Muller, HP Software VP of strategic marketing, created a few videos to get into the spirit of the event.  Check out the videos below and let us know which one is your favorite.  You can tell us what video you like best in the comments field below or simply “like” or “share” your favorite.

Upcoming Webinar series: How to succeed with your mobile initiative

One of the things I love about working for HP Software is that “we make information and applications work for you.”  And that could not be truer in the mobility space.  If you are developing, testing, securing and creating applications, you won’t want to miss an upcoming webinar series called, “How to avoid mobile failure: Succeed with your mobile initiative.

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Up the ante at HP Discover 2013 Las Vegas with Vivit

Discover2013.pngThe dealer just gave you 21. You pulled the lever and three cherries magically appeared. You are hitting it bit in Las Vegas!


This is how you will feel at HP Discover 2013, June 11-13 at the Venetian hotel. This year's event is anticipated to be the best one yet with amazing speakers, entertainments and networking opportunities.


I recently had the chance to sit down with Karen Semonson, Vivit Worldwide Treasurer, and we discussed Vivit's plans for this year's event. Keep reading to find out what the group has planned.

24 hours of expert help

Ops_Mgr_Online_Expert_Day.jpgAre you a customer with a support contract? Do you have some burning questions that you want to ask our experts?

We are hosting an Online Experts Day on May 3. This is your opportunity to get the information you are looking for. Keep reading to find out how to get involved.

A roadmap for building a robust Enterprise Service Management solution

prasanna-anantharamaiah_tcm_245_979923.jpgIT Services are delivered by an IT solution that has four key components—People, Process, Technology and Partners. I would like to add “Information” as the fifth component of IT solution.


 This fifth component is also pivotal as IT begins to align closely with business units. Keep reading to find out how the face of Enterprise Service Management is changing and what you can do to be prepared.


Guest post by Prasanna Anantharamaiah, lead solution consultant, HP Professional Services

Learning lessons from security leaks: HP Government Summit

agreenberg_136.jpgJoin Andy Greenberg as he tours the underground world of hackers and cypherpunks, from WikiLeaks and Anonymous to the motivations behind the latest insider threats.

"The lesson of WikiLeaks is that shared secrets leak. Eventually even WikiLeaks became enough of an institution itself that it had shared secrets that leaked, including the disastrous leak of the unredacted Cablegate database in the summer of 2011. In the case of the U.S. Government, which has granted millions of people classified access to so-called 'secret' and 'top-secret' information, it does seem inevitable that one of them leaked a large collection of that data.

It won't be surprising when it happens again."


Continue reading to find out how you can hear Greenberg present in person.


Guest post by Rob Roy, Federal CTO, HP Enterprise Security Products

Get next-generation HP Software support with the power of forums

support forums.pngMiddle of the night service calls are a thing of the past with the HP Software Support Customer Forums.  These forums give you the opportunity to reach out to experts and find the answers to your top questions.


Continue reading to find out how you can get connected.

Take a break in the IT Experts Community break room

Have you had a rough day and are you looking for a pick-me-up? Would you like a way to more closely get to know our experts?

Come join us in "The Break Room" for a quick laugh or daily break

Don't miss Meg Whitman on "The New Style of IT"

Meg Whitman.jpgThere's no doubt that IT is changing.  It's amazing how things have changed in the 13 years I've been with HP.  But with the recent advancements of cloud, big data and security challenges, all IT teams are facing even more changes. 


HP President and CEO, Meg Whitman, will host a Web event on April 2, to give her thoughts on this "New Style of IT." I for one will be listening and hope you can too.

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The potential of mobile is in the numbers—do the math

thCAWD3RNK.jpgIf you haven’t started developing a mobile development and testing strategy let me give you some insight. It’s about the same as trying to divide by zero and expecting a positive result “it ain’t going to happen in my lifetime ”


Keep reading if you want to hear more about the most important numbers in mobility.

Enhancing your stakeholder management experience

suresh gp.jpgThere has been enough talk and debate about Stakeholder Management, but we see still 60 -70 percent of projects fail to meet stakeholder expectations. Are there any silver bullets available to address them effectively? This article aims to provide some pragmatic pointers to approach and create a good Stakeholder Management experience.


Guest post by Suresh GP

Business Consultant, HP Professional Services –Global Delivery India Center

Have you seen the latest on the IT Experts Hub?

ITEC screenshot.pngWhen was the last time you visited the HP IT Experts Community? It is the best place for practioners to connect with each other and with our HP Software Experts.


The community hub is home to software downloads, blogs, videos and webinars. Keep reading to find out what else you can find on the hub

Watch the RSA Keynote from the comfort of home

rsaconference-secondary-cropped-full.jpgSecurity is one of the hottest topics around and it is the focus of the RSA Conference this week from Feb.. 25- March 1 in San Francisco, CA.


HP senior vice president and general manager, HP Software Enterprise Security Products, Art Gilliland is giving a keynote presentation live from the conference on March 28 at 3 p.m. (PST).

7 great practices within an enterprise transformation

craig_alexander_large_tcm_245_1334749.jpgDriving a transformation initiative need not be too complex an undertaking.  I have seven steps to help deliver a transformation and make the process for both partner and customer as painless as possible.


Continue reading to find out what steps you should take.


Written by:Craig Alexander, Strategic and Transformational Consulting

HP Software Professional Services

Geeks in a competitive arena

SC1010.jpgIf you had the chance to pit your team of coworkers against others in your area of expertise who would you wager on. Or would you prefer your company have a good old-fashioned pep rally before sending your team off for competition.

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