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HP releases new advanced software support service with FlexCare

New software support offerings help you minimize the risk of service disruption through proactive support, which is tailored to your requirements.


We are excited to announce this new offering. Keep reading to find out how it can help you.

Busting the browser bottleneck

demo.jpgYou loved the application demo of the latest software. Here’s how to make sure your users are equally impressed when they get it.


By Tarik Mughal, Information Systems Architect, HP Software Professional Services

Innovative Consumption Model – A true challenge for a demanding customer

bulb.pngIt is often best to learn from our experiences when determining the best approach for a transformation. Here is a first-hand account of what happened when a large organization looked for more from their software and how we worked with them to deliver on this requirement.

It’s here! HP Software Support Online 2.0 is now available!

sso2.0launch.JPGLast week I let you know that we had something special up our sleeves. Well today I am pleased to announce that the new HP Software Support Online 2.0  experience is here!


You will find new features and advanced capabilities to help you manage your HP Enterprise Software environment.


Guest post by Aileen Allkins, Vice President HP Global Software Support

Finding usability at the intersection of cloud and mobility

Mobile apps.jpgWhen you develop an enterprise-grade mobile application, usability has to be one of your top requirements. If your users find your UI to be lacking or clunky, they will quickly stop using it. Users expect the look and feel, ease of use, performance and response-time features of these Angry-Bird type apps from enterprise apps.


Keep reading to find out how you can improve your usability and increase the happiness of your users.

Securing the intersection of cloud and mobility

secure cloud lock.jpgAfter viewing the webcast of “The Intersection of Cloud and Mobility” workshop hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, heard over and over again that security is still in its infancy when it comes to mobility and cloud.


Keep reading to find out what steps need to be taken to enable better security of mobile and cloud technologies.

The intersection of cloud and mobility: maximizing the possibilities of this convergence

cloud from sky.jpgThe traditional methods of IT need to be adjusted for a successful adoption of cloud and mobile technology. The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently hosted a three-day workshop focused on the intersection of cloud and mobility.


Keep reading to find out what was said during the workshop, and how you can operate smoothly in the confluence of both. 


Enterprise Service Management – Architecting a service foundation

journey.jpgIf you are looking to improve the current state of your Enterprise Service Management platform, I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery.


Today I am taking a closer look at the Service Foundation element of ESM and how you can take the next steps with yours.

Use Oracle’s UPL, Abandon Your Intellectual Property

Martinfink2.PNGHP has historically taken a strong stand against the proliferation of open source licenses.  We’ve never proposed our own open source license. I started speaking out against license proliferation as early as 2005, pointing to the interoperability and compatibility issues raised by having a large number of open source licenses.  Many members of the open source community have also embraced the concept of non-proliferation. The reaction to any new license tends to center around whether a new license addresses an unmet need. That’s why I am concerned about a new license proposed by Oracle.


Keep reading to find out why I am concerned.


Guest post by Martin Fink, EVP and HP CTO

By using HP HAVEn, NASCAR now really knows what it’s 75 million fans are talking about

HAVEn_Nascar_v7.jpgWhen you have 75 million fans utilizing social media to share thoughts about the racing experience, it creates a large amount of big data just waiting to be harnessed.


The question is, what is the best way to create an easy way to interpret the information held within? Keep reading to find out how HP and NASCAR partnered to develop a Fan & Media Engagement Center to help them gain the vital insight they were looking for.

Listing of HP Software unaffected by the Heartbleed Vulnerability

HP Logo.jpgThe Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability has impacted software on a global scale. OpenSSL is a third-party product that is embedded within some HP Software products.


Keep reading to learn what products have been unaffected by the Heartbleed vulnerability and read the security bulletin for those that have.


Guest post by Jerome Labat, HP Software CTO

Looking for a new Service Desk in APJ? Find out how software subscription pricing can help you

IT_service_RGB_blue_NT.pngAre you looking for an easy way to purchase and deploy a service desk solution? The new HP Software Service Desk subscription pricing offer is now available to users in Asia Pacific.


Keep reading to find out how you can take advantage of this offer and easily find the right solution for you


Guest post by James Chin, HP Software APJ

Time is ticking on Monetary Authority of Singapore technology risk management compliance

FSI.pngFinancial Systems provide structure and stability to the economy—both regional and global. This is why it is so important that proper guidelines are put in place to further strengthen these financial systems.


But what happens when new guidelines are put into place in a single country? Do countries in the region follow suit and change their guidelines to match, or do they wait and see how effective the guidelines are?


Let’s take a closer look at what guidelines put in place by the Monetary Authority of Singapore mean in Singapore and beyond.


Guest post by Lisa Chow, Market development, HP Software

Do you resist change or go with it? Come see the changes we’ve made to the HP IT Experts Community

There have been multiple changes in my life recently. One of the changes I am most proud of is the new and improved HP IT Experts Community website. My team and I have been working tirelessly to make sure our site meets your desires.


Keep reading to find out what we have changed and how you can take advantage of these improvements—from any device.

Help map the future with Vivit

zealous wiley.pngWhat are your biggest concerns with a centralized IT department? Between now and 2020, what major technology challenges will your organization face? Share your thoughts on the software-defined enterprise, and let us know the issues you encounter when managing constant change.


Keep reading to find out how you can make your voice heard.


Guest post by Zealous Wiley, Digital Marketing Manager, HP Software


Keeping the lights on… without the surprises

suresh gp.jpgInvesting on a world class product is just the beginning and enterprises today are grappling to sustain the support service that makes or breaks the customer satisfaction quotient.


Guest post by

Suresh GP , GDC Lead, Solution Management Services (SMS)

IT leaders who continue operating with "the status quo" risk irrelevance

joshua brusse.jpgWhat role does the shifting IT landscape play in the democratization of IT? Now that IT no longer holds the proverbial  "keys to the kingdom", how can they still meet the needs of business and remain competitve?


These are questions that clients ask me as I spend time helping them transform their IT organizations. Keep reading to find out the advice and suggestions I give them.


Guest post by Joshua Brusse, Chief Architect, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP Software Professional Services

Are Value Chains the “new thing” for IT?

joshua brusse.jpgValue Chains have been accepted as a critical business process for years, but they have not been fully integrated into IT.


The question IT officials face now is which value chain (often called value streams) is the best option for IT. Keep reading to find out the best ways that IT can integrate them.


Guest post by Joshua Brusse, Chief Architect, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP Software Professional Services

A compass through the business service jungle

Complexity. It hinders progress in your IT organization. But with cloud, mobility and virtualization constantly changing how business is done, is there a way to overcome the “complexity beast”?


We have the solution for you with our Business Service Management (BSM) suite of solutions. They can help you conquer complexity and safely navigate through the business service jungle.


Keep reading for a peek at the map of our solutions and the compass they provide.

Upcoming Webinar series: How to succeed with your mobile initiative

One of the things I love about working for HP Software is that “we make information and applications work for you.”  And that could not be truer in the mobility space.  If you are developing, testing, securing and creating applications, you won’t want to miss an upcoming webinar series called, “How to avoid mobile failure: Succeed with your mobile initiative.

A roadmap for building a robust Enterprise Service Management solution

IT Services are delivered by an IT solution that has four key components—People, Process, Technology and Partners. I would like to add “Information” as the fifth component of IT solution.


 This fifth component is also pivotal as IT begins to align closely with business units. Keep reading to find out how the face of Enterprise Service Management is changing and what you can do to be prepared.


Guest post by Prasanna Anantharamaiah, lead solution consultant, HP Professional Services

Get next-generation HP Software support with the power of forums

support forums.pngMiddle of the night service calls are a thing of the past with the HP Software Support Customer Forums.  These forums give you the opportunity to reach out to experts and find the answers to your top questions.


Continue reading to find out how you can get connected.

Enhancing your stakeholder management experience

suresh gp.jpgThere has been enough talk and debate about Stakeholder Management, but we see still 60 -70 percent of projects fail to meet stakeholder expectations. Are there any silver bullets available to address them effectively? This article aims to provide some pragmatic pointers to approach and create a good Stakeholder Management experience.


Guest post by Suresh GP

Business Consultant, HP Professional Services –Global Delivery India Center

7 great practices within an enterprise transformation

craig_alexander_large_tcm_245_1334749.jpgDriving a transformation initiative need not be too complex an undertaking.  I have seven steps to help deliver a transformation and make the process for both partner and customer as painless as possible.


Continue reading to find out what steps you should take.


Written by:Craig Alexander, Strategic and Transformational Consulting

HP Software Professional Services

Geeks in a competitive arena

SC1010.jpgIf you had the chance to pit your team of coworkers against others in your area of expertise who would you wager on. Or would you prefer your company have a good old-fashioned pep rally before sending your team off for competition.

Take an in-depth look at the IT Experts Community with our newsletter

1195000852283663778folder_inbox.svg.med.pngIs your inbox looking a little empty?

The February edition of the IT Experts Newsletter is out now!


Continue reading to find out what you are missing.


Startup Rink

What does being a software developer have to do with building a home ice skating rink?

Continue reading to find out how perserverance and dumb luck are sometimes all you need for a successful project.



Written by Stephen Walkauskas, Vertica Systems software developer

Expanding our social circles: HP Software is now on Google+

How do you like to keep up-to-date with IT professional information? We've recently started using Google+ and would love to get your feedback on what social networks you use and how.



Take control of your ABCs to make your governance initiatives successful!

suresh gp.jpgThe single most reason that Governance Initiatives fail is because they underestimate the current organization culture. COBIT5.0 talks about seven enablers; one of these is “Culture, Ethics and Behavior”. Today I want to discuss this important aspect and discuss the impact on your organization.

Guest post by Suresh GP

Business Consultant, HP Professional Services –Global Delivery India Center

Time management and SDLC with generation z (a fairy tale)

A9RXl3TCAAE60v3.jpg large.jpgSometimes as a system administrator weekends disappear because “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.” (SPOCK, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan). It is disappointing when this happens, but how do you make it up to your family or in my case a young nine-year-old son.


This is a guest post by Michael "Doc"Deady, Sr. Consultant and Solution Architect, HP Professional Service

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