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DevOps and the increasing speed of business

kuthiala ‎06-01-2015 03:39 PM - edited ‎06-02-2015 11:38 AM

DevOps at HP Discover.PNGThe key to DevOps is speed. Software release/refresh cycles in the past occurred every 10 months-1 year. This statistic has dropped to 2-4 weeks for come software. That is blazing speed and it is difficult for companies with traditional, siloed IT to keep pace.


Keep reading to find out how you can learn more about DevOps this week at HP Discover.

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DevOps, the catalyst of the Agile Enterprise

kuthiala ‎05-27-2015 02:38 PM - edited ‎05-27-2015 03:46 PM

Business demands a different approach.PNGDevOps, shift left, silo removal, continuous delivery. These are more than just IT terms—these are the keys to successful applications and software.


DevOps is truly the catalyst of the Agile Enterprise. I am excited to take a closer look at the power of DevOps in the enterprise at HP Discover. Keep reading to find out the keys to DevOps and how you can join us for this Track Keynote session.

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HPD_LV15_Crowd.jpgThe 2015 Americas Awards for Customer Excellence recognize organizations who are successfully leveraging HP

Software solutions for the New Style of Business to convert innovative ideas into results.


Keep reading to find out more about the winning organizations.

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HPD_LV15_collage.jpgAt a conference as huge and exciting as HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas, you need to plan how you’ll make the best use of your time.


To help you get the most out of the three-day event, here’s a brief overview of what HP Software Education, Support and Professional Services will be featuring. Read on to learn more.


Guest post by Morgan Aitken-Young,

HP Software Services Marketing

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Take a look at the specialties of the seven experts available in HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas to answer all your questions with FREE walk-up premier support.


Guest post by Mary-Pat Hammond, Global Support Marketing Manager

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DevOps circle.PNGHP Discover is just around the corner, are you ready? The annual event is in Las Vegas June 2-4. This year DevOps has its own track—and I can’t wait to show you what we have been working on.


Keep reading to find out what we will be offering in our DevOps track at the event.

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Vivit Worldwide is pleased to again be offering Deep Dive Sessions at HP Discover in Las Vegas. These sessions will allow you to hear real-world implementation experiences and get examples from practitioners who are in the field solving business problems with HP Software tools every day.


Keep reading to find out more about the sessions and how you can attend.

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HP releases new advanced software support service with FlexCare

HP Expert ‎05-01-2015 03:49 PM - edited ‎05-01-2015 03:50 PM

New software support offerings help you minimize the risk of service disruption through proactive support, which is tailored to your requirements.


We are excited to announce this new offering. Keep reading to find out how it can help you.

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New to HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas is the HP Software Support Zone, where six of our most high-level engineers will be on site to field any questions you have about a range of our core product suites. Drop by and bend our ears about whatever support topics you would like to discuss.



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demo.jpgYou loved the application demo of the latest software. Here’s how to make sure your users are equally impressed when they get it.


By Tarik Mughal, Information Systems Architect, HP Software Professional Services

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Optimize operations and reduce risk using Big Data

GuillaumeR ‎12-15-2014 05:16 AM - edited ‎06-23-2015 02:51 PM

HP20140508032.jpgWith virtualization, cloud, and mobility in play, it’s harder than ever for enterprises to see the big picture of their own IT operations and security footprint. Accessing, analyzing, and visualizing your business, machine, and human information can help clarify the view so you can squeeze more efficiency out of operations and implement more proactive security. Here’s how three HP Alliance solutions, running on HP Haven Big Data platform, provide a foundation for reaching these goals.

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marquis Discover.PNGCreating scrapbooks is one of my favorite hobbies—especially after a big vacation or event. The same can be said now that HP Discover Barcelona is behind us, it is time to show off the “scrapbook” of the week’s events.


Keep reading to see how Twitter told the story of the event through images, videos and engaging discussions.

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Wrap up of announcements from HP Software in Barcelona

kimlock ‎12-03-2014 02:30 PM - edited ‎12-08-2014 08:53 AM

Robert Youngjohns Discover.PNGHP Discover is in full swing, and the excitement is palpable! The event is filled with educational and engaging sessions, interactive booths and the opportunity to speak directly with technical experts and partners.


HP Discover is also known for big product announcements, and this year was no exception. Keep reading to find out what was announced and to watch videos recorded in Barcelona.

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SIAM brokering.pngTo be successful in the long term, IT service brokers need more than just a slick portal for the catalogue. Organizations must develop new Service Integration and Management (SIAM) competencies. But where do you start? Here is one competency that needs to be a foundation for your transformation.


Guest post by Markus Müller, lead architect of the Service Integration and Management practice

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Examining the human side of the New Style of IT

CraigAlexander ‎11-21-2014 06:29 AM - edited ‎11-21-2014 06:31 AM

2 men.jpgThe term “New Style of IT” has been used for quite some time now, but there are aspects that are still mysterious.


Join me at HP Discover where I will dive into the definition and what it means for the human element of your business.

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software services support zone.jpgWelcome to the Software Support Zone—your source for software information and guidance at HP Discover in Barcelona. You can meet with experts and get your tough questions answered.


Keep reading to find out how you can connect with us and others…. All in the in the Software Support Zone!

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bulb.pngIt is often best to learn from our experiences when determining the best approach for a transformation. Here is a first-hand account of what happened when a large organization looked for more from their software and how we worked with them to deliver on this requirement.

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dave williams.jpgGovernment offices are not immune from the effects and demands of BYOD, cloud, Big Data and mobility.

This is why on November 13, HP Canada Software will be hosting the first HP Canada Government Summit which will tackle these tough IT developments and the unique needs of government. To fully meet these new challenges, you have to be fully armed and educated.


Keep reading to find out what will be covered at the event and how you can attend.


Guest post by Nick Matejuk, Director of Sales, Federal and Eastern Canada

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Know your customers better with Big Data - 3 case studies

GuillaumeR ‎10-23-2014 07:46 AM - edited ‎06-23-2015 02:49 PM

HP20140919131.jpgThe opportunities for companies who truly know their customers—before their competitors do—are immense. Thanks to tools like social sentiment analysis, real-time tracking of buying habits, and engagement metrics, businesses are realizing that their best competitive weapon is information. Not the information that lives in spreadsheets or in outdated ERP systems, but in the kind of information that is constantly being updated and is instantly accessible.

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The cure for your common healthcare data ills

GuillaumeR ‎10-09-2014 04:13 AM - edited ‎06-23-2015 02:45 PM

healthcare image.jpgHealthcare has a Big Data problem, but it’s surmountable using the right tools. Learn how analyzing Big Data can benefit the healthcare industry and what solutions and platforms are available to enable analytics capabilities.

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Discover showroom.pngHP Discover in Barcelona is just around the corner! Are you ready? This promises to be an exciting event and you won’t want to miss a moment.

The session catalog is now available for you to start planning your schedule.


Keep reading to find out what the sessions are being offered so you make sure you attend your hottest session

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sso2.0launch.JPGLast week I let you know that we had something special up our sleeves. Well today I am pleased to announce that the new HP Software Support Online 2.0  experience is here!


You will find new features and advanced capabilities to help you manage your HP Enterprise Software environment.


Guest post by Aileen Allkins, Vice President HP Global Software Support

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red curtain.jpgThe anticipation is palpable! I have this big announcement for HP Software Support customers, and I can’t wait to share it!


Keep reading to find out what “present” we have for you! I may even give you a little peek…


Guest post by Aileen Allkins, VP of Global Support Delivery for HP Software

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When it comes to accurately assessing risk, more is definitely better. More information, that is. With Capgemini Commercial Insurance Risk Analytics, powered by HP HAVEn, underwriters can make better, more informed decisions based on Big Data. 

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Big Data meets manufacturing with Wipro Service Analytics

GuillaumeR ‎09-01-2014 07:49 AM - edited ‎06-23-2015 02:44 PM



Manufacturers have much data to deal with. Imagine if that data could be translated into business value, rather than just managed? HP’s HAVEn Big Data platform provides the foundation for n-apps created by HP Alliances Partners, like Wipro, that address specific aspects of Big Data challenges and opportunities. Learn more about how Big Data can improve service management in manufacturing.

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Finding usability at the intersection of cloud and mobility

Prasanna_A ‎08-23-2014 06:57 AM - edited ‎06-23-2015 03:30 PM

Mobile apps.jpgWhen you develop an enterprise-grade mobile application, usability has to be one of your top requirements. If your users find your UI to be lacking or clunky, they will quickly stop using it. Users expect the look and feel, ease of use, performance and response-time features of these Angry-Bird type apps from enterprise apps.


Keep reading to find out how you can improve your usability and increase the happiness of your users.

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Securing the intersection of cloud and mobility

Prasanna_A ‎08-19-2014 07:08 AM - edited ‎06-23-2015 03:30 PM

secure cloud lock.jpgAfter viewing the webcast of “The Intersection of Cloud and Mobility” workshop hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, heard over and over again that security is still in its infancy when it comes to mobility and cloud.


Keep reading to find out what steps need to be taken to enable better security of mobile and cloud technologies.

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cloud from sky.jpgThe traditional methods of IT need to be adjusted for a successful adoption of cloud and mobile technology. The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently hosted a three-day workshop focused on the intersection of cloud and mobility.


Keep reading to find out what was said during the workshop, and how you can operate smoothly in the confluence of both. 


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Enterprise Service Management – Architecting a service foundation

Prasanna_A ‎07-10-2014 11:59 AM - edited ‎06-23-2015 03:23 PM

journey.jpgIf you are looking to improve the current state of your Enterprise Service Management platform, I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery.


Today I am taking a closer look at the Service Foundation element of ESM and how you can take the next steps with yours.

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HAVEn shopping.jpgHave you seen how our partners are utilizing the abilities of HAVEn to create next-generation applications and solutions that accelerate the monetization of big data?


Keep reading to learn how they are utilizing HP HAVEn and be inspired. See what this platform can do for you!



Post written by Mike Gallagher, Senior Director, HP Software Worldwide Partner Marketing

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