What is Vivit (aka the people in the purple soccer jerseys)?

by Mark Ford, Principal Financial Group


Many HP Software Universe attendees likely saw the name Vivit at some point during the Mark-Ford-photo7-115.jpgconference.  Anton Knolmar mentioned Vivit at the end of Mainstage on Day 1.  There were Vivit sponsored training sessions before the conference and a Vivit booth in the Solution Showcase.  There were lunch tables reserved for Vivit chapter meetings and Vivit scavenger hunt flyers on track session seats.  There was a Vivit Best & Brightest contest complete with cool prizes.  There were large cardboard displays with pictures of Vivit leaders of the year and a Vivit MVP.  There were even Vivit people milling around wearing purple soccer jerseys – Vivit sightings all over the place.  It was almost like being in Roswell, New Mexico - the home of many UFO and "little green men" sightings.  Hey, that's Vivit... and look there's Vivit... and hey the person in the jersey over there is with Vivit.  They seem friendly enough but just who are those "purple people" and what is Vivit?


For those of you who wondered this but did not have time to ask - I've come to the rescue.  I can actually speak about the group from first-hand experience since I’ve been a member of Vivit for several years and just recently signed up to be a chapter co-leader.


Vivit simply put is a user group.  It's a group of users, for users.  It's a web presence, a virtual Special Interest Group presence, and even a local chapter presence.  It's a place where users can come together to share, to learn, and to grow.  What kind of users are we talking about?  HP Software users.  Vivit is not a part of HP though.  It is a completely separate non-profit organization of volunteers bringing HP users together for an even better experience with HP Software.  It all started with several users thinking it would be great to reach out and meet other users in the same boat and it's grown into a worldwide network of users.


Curious to know how others are using, installing, upgrading, or administering the same HP tools you use?  Vivit can do that.  Curious to know the latest product developments and process improvements with HP Software between conferences?  Vivit can do that.  Want to add some cost-effective deep dive training to your conference experience?  Vivit can do that.  Looking for a convenient place to get online webinars, white papers, and other related resources or looking for a good way to communicate your needs to HP?  Yep, Vivit can do that.


Now you may be thinking, aren't there already a dozen online support communities?  How is Vivit any different?  Vivit is the independent HP User Group officially recognized by HP
Software.  Vivit Special Interest Group leaders produce targeted content and news to members across the globe and local chapter meetings provide productive face-to-face learning and sharing opportunities that are not easy to come by in this day and age.


Have I piqued your interest?  Did I mention you can be a part of the Vivit community for free with a Basic membership?  Check out the Vivit website at http://www.vivit-worldwide.org for more information.  You can find info on worldwide SIGs of interest to you and check to see if there is a local chapter group that meets in your geographical area.  Vivit local chapters can be found in many locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.  If there isn't a chapter in your area, why not pull together a few users and start one?  You might already be doing that informally and it's not hard to become an official Vivit local chapter - attracting additional users for even more information sharing.


So now you know a little more about Vivit.  I encourage you to explore its potential even further and see how your experience with HP Software can grow.


| ‎07-04-2010 07:28 AM

Feel free to follow Vivit on Twitter and post to it using #Vivit.

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