HP Software from A to Z and what it means to you (Part 2)

 Think you know all about what products, solutions and services HP Software offers to help you meet your business and IT challenges?  You just might be surprised what you learn.  Here’s Part Two of our three-part series entitled “HP Software from A to Z and what it means to you.”



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For Part Three, Q-Z, click here.



H is for Hybrid Delivery. HP Hybrid Delivery lets you select the best method of service delivery: traditional, private cloud, and/or public cloud.[1]  What’s it mean to you?  It means that HP can help you move beyond thinking of the cloud in terms of infrastructure and compute capacity to how best to deliver business value.  And then we can give you the tools you need to deliver services via private and public clouds and traditional IT.



I is for Investment.  We have invested more than $10 billion in our software business during the last 5 years.  What’s it mean to you?  It means that you can be assured that, through every means possible, we are investing to deliver on the technology, innovations and solutions that matter most to you.



J is for Joint Innovation.  Mercury and OpsWare and Tower. Since Sept. 2005 to the present, HP purchased a total of 15 software companies, including our most recent acquisitions of Stratavia, Fortify Arcsight and Vertica.[2]  Why should you care?  These acquisitions are part of a deliberate strategy to expand our portfolio to directly address your greatest business challenges.



K is for Killer Apps.  With a full portfolio of applications management software, HP applications software solutions focus beyond the traditional software development lifecycle to support the core applications lifecycle – from business idea through retirement.  What’s it mean to you?  Modern applications demand modern solutions, whether it’s for the next critical project or the whole portfolio.  Our application solutions can help you achieve predictability, repeatability, quality, and change readiness in application modernization initiatives. We help you gain control over aging applications and inflexible processes that challenge the growth, agility and innovation of your business.



L is for Leadership. Léo Apotheker, Bill Veghte, and Marge BreyaWhy should you care?  These key hires with critical software chops and a wealth of technology management experience are proof that HP cares about software.  



M is Management. HP offers you a variety of management software including IT management software, business service automation, cloud solutions, application quality management, IT service management, information management software, and more.[3]  What’s it mean to you?  It means you can turn to us for software that simplifies, automates and secures IT for business. And we deliver it in a way that improves governance, strategy and planning by taking an integrated approach across IT functions.



N is for Network Management.  Our Network Management solutions enhance network performance and availability. What’s it mean to you?  We can help you improve resource utilization, allowing your network management teams to provide secure, compliant networks, while meeting service level agreements (SLAs).



O is for Operations.  HP is the market share leader in operations software solutions with two times the number of analyst recommendations compared to our nearest competitor. What’s it mean to you?  It means you can feel comfortable working with us and know that we understand what you need to keep your data center operations up and running.



P is for Power.  The “Power of HP” is huge – it covers the entire technology stack--the hardware, the software, the consulting and, if you want, the running of the data center itself.[4]  What’s it mean to you? The problem is most IT functions continue to exist in silos.  What IT does:

  • Builds applications and services
  • Simplify the tools
  • Ensures security and compliance
  • Ensures information is governed & stored
  • Provides tools so organization get insight from info

What we’re doing is bringing together these silos for a new integrated approach designed to make your job easier, better and less worrisome. 


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For Part Three, Q-Z, click here.


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