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SSM/SDM enhancements

I don't know if there is a separate forum for SSM. SSM is part of SDM so this forum looks OK to me. If there is a separate forum for SSM please let me know.
Sorry if I sounds like a b**** but I see no other alternative to SDM/SSM. I think that SDM is good for single PC use. SDM for enterprise is not any good.

First here is how you should use SSM.
First using SDM. Select all computer models and operating systems you use in your enterprise.
Second; Select download and extract. Third; Then update SSM database and install drivers from network.


Here is my list of complains:


When downloading files and extract them I usually get path is too long and cannot be extracted. I extract to the path D:\Drivers. I ended up in extracting drivers to D:\D
If we installing drivers from network it fails when network drivers are installed. Somehow this makes sense and solution would be to copy the files locally before running SSM. However SDM does not allow me to sort extracted drivers using model. Resulting in copying close to 100GB files and 80% is not needed because of wrong model.


My list of feature/enhancements to SSM/SDM.


Add feature to extract to <model>\<category>\softpaq name>. <model> should be my selected model in the three view and not supported models for the driver.
Add feature to commandline to select only SSM compliant drivers.
Add feature to commandline to exclude certain categories. Example: SOFTPAQDOWNLOADMANAGER.EXE /Exclude:"Software - Security","Diagnostic"
There is a bug in SDM. It does not allow unpack to substed drives.


When running from network. Make SSM driver install in two phases. Phase one. Query computer and SSM database. Copy all needed files from softpaq store to local drive. Phase two. Install drivers from local drive.


Fix for HP softpaqs.
Shorten paths for softpaqs to maximum 100-130 characters.
I used to have nvidia drivers reboot the machine when SSM was installing. Forcing me to rerun SSM again after reboot. I ended up in not use Nvidia drivers packed by HP (they don't work with MDT 2012 update 1 either). Instead I use Nvidia drivers from Microsoft Catalog.

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Re: SSM/SDM enhancements

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Thanks for the suggestions.

SSM does not currently have a forum, but I think they are considering having one. In the meantime, I will forward your suggestions to their development team.


I will also pass the SDM suggestions to the SDM development team.


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