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How to exclude software from being available from SDM

I am trying to remove some software we are not using from SDM so that it not ever installed on any computers vis SSM.

Examples:  HP Protect Tools, McAfee Total Protection ect. Face Recognition Software (our laptops don't have web cams) Software manager, Hp Assist and many other things.


I cannot find any way to get rid of it or pevent them from downloading.

I tried to just deleting the folders. but it just comes back.

What are the steps to remove software from SDM, so SSM never installs it?


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Re: How to exclude software from being available from SDM

Currently, there is no feature in SDM that excludes software from being available from SDM.

It wouldn't hurt to write a detailed email on how you would envision such a feature to work to the SDM Support Team from the SDM application.

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Re: How to exclude software from being available from SDM

It would be really helpful if you could simply check off the updates you want to install in the same way you select the hardware models you want to include on the left side.

There should also be an option to ONLY download the very latest version of each update and delete old versions if you download a newer version.

After downloading a huge a mount unwanted software and multiple versions of software, I had to manually delete folders for unwanted software plus dig into the folders we need to keep to remove the older versions we aren't using.

This was extremely tedious.  I have a hard time believing this is the way this is supposed to work and that it cannot be better managed through the SSM GUI.

It would have been much faster to just go through the web site and manually pick and choose what to download instead of downloading massive amounts of garbage files that I have to go through and delete things I didn't want to download in the first place..

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Re: How to exclude software from being available from SDM

In regards to SDM displaying only the latest version for all models selected, please refer to this post:

The following is not to discount the idea proposed at the beginning of this thread (the one that SDM should have a mechanism to exclude/hide SoftPaqs from being "installed"). Please submit your suggestion to the SDM Support Team through the feedback email option in the Help menu in SDM.

However, in the meantime...
Reading over the description of how the tools are being used, perhaps it would help to see it from another angle and work a little different to achieve the same goal but "simplify" the process.


Please keep in mind that SDM or HP SoftPaq Download Manager remains a download manager.

In "all products" mode, SDM has no concept of what SoftPaqs are going to be "installed". For that, SSM is the tool to use. However, we would suggest that the two be kept "separate" as in the SDM download directory not be used as the SSM filestore. This defeats SDM's purpose as a downloade manager.

Here is how we suggest SDM be used:

  • Make use of SDM configuration to store and save different configurations if you manage multiple "similar" models. For example, we tend to keep different configurations for HP models from different years. Note: this is a matter of preference and criteria differs from organization to organization.
  • Assign different configurations to have different SDM download directories. This way, it is easier to keep "related" SoftPaqs associated with the models selected in that configuration.
  • Once a SoftPaq is downloaded, do not delete the SoftPaq.
  • Update CVA files as necessary with SDM.
  • Note that any SoftPaqs that appear in the "Available SoftPaqs" list view in a subsequent session of SDM is considered new because SDM does not see the SoftPaqs in the configuration download directory.
  • Download all SoftPaqs that appear in the "Avaliable SoftPaqs" list view whenever SDM for every configuration.


Now, for SSM (or any other installation manager):


  • Optional suggestion: Keep a different SSM filestore for every SDM download directory. We think that this makes SSM filestores easier to manage, but this is again, a matter of personal preference.
  • After SDM updates are downloaded, copy them to the appropriate SSM filestore with Windows Explorer. The SoftPaqs that have the more recent dates will be the ones that were downloaded.
  • Optionally delete any older SoftPaqs being updated from the SSM filestore although there is no harm in installing a SoftPaq on top of the same version or trying to install an older version of a SoftPaq over a newer version.

We find that the above process works for us and we hope it can work for you.

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