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Service Manager Custom web page

Hi all,


I would like to know how to add a logo to the Service Manager web page. What files / parameters should i change.


Thanks in advance



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Re: Service Manager Custom web page

Hi Omar,


You can refer this document which i am attaching. Please follow the step.


I hope this will help on custom on web page.




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Re: Service Manager Custom web page

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your help, but I don't see where is the part that refer how to change the SM web page so that a company logo should be diplayed. probably it's the wrong document attached.




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Re: Service Manager Custom web page



The out-of-box Service Manager Web client includes a preset HP theme, and an HP masthead at the top. The theme and the masthead displayed can be modified to express your organization's own branding.

Out-of-box Service Manager uses a standard HP theme and cascading style sheet (CSS). You can customize and brand the web client by changing the out-of-box theme to use your own alternate theme.

To create a theme:

In the root directory for the Web tier, open the folder /cwc/js/extjs/theme.
Copy the entire hpovfolder and rename it to a new name (e.g., myTheme).
Open the folder of the new theme and locate the file named hpov.css.
Rename the file hpov.css to the same name as the folder (e.g., myTheme.css) It is very important that the CSS file name and the theme's directory name match.
Open web.xml and look for the "alternateTheme" env-entryparameter at the bottom of the file.
Replace "hpov" with the name of your alternative theme (e.g., myTheme).

Out-of-box Service Manager displays a horizontal blue masthead that includes the HP logo and Service Manager title at the top of the web client screen. This masthead can be changed to customize and brand Service Manager to with your organization's logo, title, colors, and user name.

To modify the masthead:

Open the CSS file for your custom theme.
Locate the following CSS rules that apply to the Masthead element (names are self-explanatory):
Modify the content of the CSS rules to change the masthead height, the logo, the background, and the font.
Be sure to clear your browser's cache in order to see your changes.

You can tailor the masthead but not the login page.

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Re: Service Manager Custom web page

Thank you Alex, that was helpfull
It works

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