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SM interactions survey


i want to put a survey for end users to rate their experience for each interaction.

any steps or documentation regarding this topic?

thanks a lot.
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Re: SM interactions survey

Hi Gents,

I haven't done anything like this, but you can use e.g. wizards for this, wizards are well documented in HELP.
e.g. you can call a wizard when user close the ticket, or something like this, or add a tab(survey) to the interaction form and set the fields to mandatory...
Or if you're using email services, you can send a mail with the survey automaticaly and the users can reply to it and it would be added to the interaction as an update.

There are many ways as I see, do you have an exact specification how do you want to do this?

Regards, Laszlo!
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Re: SM interactions survey

Hello Graszy,

I already have one workflow for which I am using the email workflow, but I would like to have a feedback from the user on the email and would like to have it updated on the interaction, can we do that?

Thanks for your reply.
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Re: SM interactions survey


Apologies for bunging in the thread like this.

@ Laszlo Greczi
Could you please help in explaining what Mr. SHJ has asked as I'm also looking forward to implement the same.

never say die
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Re: SM interactions survey


could you show the exact steps of the process that you want to implement.


user create ticket in ess->techs solve it and close it--> then user receives a closing notification that containes the survey--> user hit reply on it and send back his answers-->this should create a new activity on the closed interaction?

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Re: SM interactions survey



can send steps in details?

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Re: SM interactions survey



You might want to take a look at the following information:


You can also look at the 9.32 release notes that talks about the Survey Integration Solution:





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