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Probsummary FC validation using $ndp.valid

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Hi all !


We're using SM 9.21 and I have found that when opening an incident record (using the full-client) and the user has a contact record ID with letters and numbers I recieve the error message "Only letters are allowed" and the focus goes to the 'contact' field.


In our '' FC record there is a validation with the following conditions:


Validation: $ndp.valid

Message: Only letters are allowed

Comments: Validats all characters were valid

Add: not null( in $file)

Update: not null( in $file)

Set focus to:


I know that I could just remove the validation but I would like the ability to amend the way the validation takes place (i.e. allow numbers but not special characters).


Does anyone know where to find and how to edit $ndp.valid?


Many thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Jacob Heubner
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Re: Probsummary FC validation using $ndp.valid

That's not an OOB calculation that I've ever seen, so someone has done something custom to your system.


If it's in a FC validation, it's probably also in an FC calculation.  Check the Calculations panel, or possibly the Javascript panel.


The other thing you can try is type *afind.string into the command window.  This opens the Find String application that allows you to search for anything in whatever table you specify.


So you could type in $ndp.valid and search formatctrl records, Process records, displayoption records, displayscreen records, etc.

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Re: Probsummary FC validation using $ndp.valid

Hi Jacob,


Thanks for your reply.


I used the Find String application but had no results (although, I didn't search the FC records).


I eventually found an FC calculation which makes an rtecall - $ndp.valid=rtecall("isalpha", $rc, in $file, $ndp.chars).


It appears that the "isalpha" rtecall is a standard RAD in-line statement.


As I've set-up a field validation against the contacts table (to ensure any typed-in contact names are genuine) I'm just going to remove the $ndp.valid validation from the FC record.

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