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HTML Email (scsmtp.exe vs -emailout)

I'm running SM 9.31 with scsmtp.exe and want to start using HTML emails.  I've installed the HTML pack and have noticed that scsmtp.exe doesn't send them as HTML emails.  I can't see a setting in the ini file to change from plain text.


So, after some searching, it appears that "sm -emailout" does HTML emails.  I've tested this and it works, however have some questions.


Currently, I have scsmtp.exe running as a service, so I can easily stop/restart it when it stops working.  If I add sm -emailout to the sm.cfg file, I can't do this easily.  I notice there is an info record for emailout.startup, which starts this process.  Is there anyway to pass parameters to this?  I need the -clean paramter on my emails.  I can do this in the sm.cfg file, with 'sm -emailout -clean', but don't know how to do it in the info record.  I've tried this, as I thought I read it somewhere, but it doesn't work.

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Re: HTML Email (scsmtp.exe vs -emailout)

Just a thought here.. what if you put clean:1 parameter in sm.ini and leave the info record as sm -emailout    as this will automatically pickup settings from sm.ini like smtp host, port, username etc so it may also pickup clean:1 parameter as well.



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Re: HTML Email (scsmtp.exe vs -emailout)

HTML Email is supported by the SMTP email application as of 9.30. 


Did you add the following parameter to the sm.ini? It enables HTML mail using SMTP.


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Re: HTML Email (scsmtp.exe vs -emailout)

Putting clean:1 in the sm.ini seems to have done it.  Will do a bit more testing, but looked all good.  Thanks for the suggestion :)


I didn't have the smtpTLS option in the sm.ini file, and have added it.  HTML email was working however via emailout.  Should that enable it for scsmtp.exe?

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