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Capability Word

The ability to add/delete/change the values on the field’s drop-down list.This must be based on some capability word.where do i specify a person with a particular capability should have the right to add/update/delete values of drop down list.
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Re: Capability Word

You can't add/delete/change from Drop down, you can select only.
Can you specify in details? I am not able to understand this.
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Re: Capability Word

This request is a follow-up request to the approved and signed-off RFC 699, Release Field in Service Center IM Module. Administration of the â Release Noâ field is currently managed by the TSC (Technology Support Center), which has the ability to add/delete/change the values on the fieldâ s drop-down list.
This is the requirement from client

The requirement is for the administrative control of this field to be changed from the TSC to members of the IPGaPS group. The preferred solution is to accomplish this by creating a capability word that grants administrative control over the â Release Noâ field to the respective operators. The specific operators who will have this capability word added to their operator records will be determined at a later time. Operator records will be updated with the capability word by the ESM Systems Integration and Support group.
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Re: Capability Word

The drop down field is controlled by the properties of the field in Forms Designer. If the "Select Only" property is checked for this field, then the users are forced to select a value from the drop down list. There is no condition for the Select Only property.

You might want to try adding a second field on top of the current field in Forms Designer. Then add a visibility condition on each field based on the capability word.

I haven't tried this but it might work.
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Re: Capability Word

This is a multi-step process.
--If you want user groups to maintain list values, you must not assign the values in the form in forms designer.
--Instead, use globalist variables to assign the list/display values on the form; build the list based on a source table. Or use a select statement to retrieve the values if you cannot wait for the globalist to regen.
--To give the support team the ability to update the list values, give them the ability to modify the records in the source table. The values would update only after the globalist refreshes and then users would see the new values at their next login.

So, let's say you have a field on the form called "customcode".
--Add a table for "customcodes".
--Add a menu item based on capability or role that allows the group that can modify the custom code values to access the custom code records.
--Add the combo box to the form. If you use globalist values for the inputs, then add the corresponding globalist.

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