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1 in $L.args

In notifications what does the variable $L.args refer to and where is it populated?


Aso what is the element 1 in $L.args?

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Re: 1 in $L.args

Hi gbear,

The "$L.args" variable refer to an extra list (Array) setted when the rad  "us.notify" is called.

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Re: 1 in $L.args

Various parameters are typically passed to a RAD Application when it is called. The $L.args variable represents a list of arguments passed to the us.notify RAD Application (Parameter Name: names). This means $L.args can and does change based on the scenario/work-flow.


In the case of updating an Incident, 1 in $L.args represents the list of operators in the Assignment Group specified within the ticket.

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Re: 1 in $L.args

If you are saying for an update scenario, 1 in $L.args is list of memembers of an assignment group. Where do we check this code? Where is this setting happening?

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