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From applications to infrastructure, enterprises and governments alike face a constant barrage of digital attacks designed to steal data, cripple networks, damage brands, and perform a host of other malicious intents. HP Enterprise Security Products offers products and services that help organizations meet the security demands of a rapidly changing and more dangerous world. HP ESP enables businesses and institutions to take a proactive approach to security that integrates information correlation, deep application analysis and network-level defense mechanisms—unifying the components of a complete security program and reducing risk across your enterprise. In this blog, we will announce the latest offerings from HP ESP, discuss current trends in vulnerability research and technology, reveal new HP ESP security initiatives and promote our upcoming appearances and speaking engagements.

Characteristics of a successful SOC

SOC fail.jpgDo you know the fastest path to building a capable SOC? HP has accumulated the largest dataset of its kind to answer that exact question. Here are the top 10 do’s and don’ts of a successful SOC.


A guest post by JC Zapata, HP Security PMM

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What does it take to create a security operations capability?

WProtect_2014_Banner_Blu_RGB_72_MN.pngant to learn what it takes to create a security operations capability? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the ins and outs of making your security organization successful with the “Security Operations Workshop” at HP Protect 2014.

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HP ArcSight introduces all-in-one SIEM virtual appliance

express geo.pngHP ArcSight recently introduced an all-in-one security incident and event management (SIEM) virtual appliance to enable simple, rapid deployment of security analytics. As the threat landscape grows increasingly complex, the appliance detects threats and attacks in real-time – providing security professionals with insight into security events through a single intuitive interface. Pre-built rules, reports, and dashboards bring clarity to security and compliance analytics – offering valuable intelligence to keep your organization safe.

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HP ArcSight is named a leader for SIEM in the Gartner MQ 2014

gartner mq 2014.pngMore than a decade in the leaders quadrant – and there’s no slowing down. HP ArcSight is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ). HP ArcSight is named a leader again, for 11th year in a row. 



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How HP Enterprise Security Products confronts the security industry’s communication gap

commgap355x209.jpgTwo of the greatest security challenges that organizations face are discovery of vulnerabilities and communication of results.  One way HP Enterprise Security Products (HP ESP) is confronting these issues is via our product integrations.

Read on to learn more about how we're bringing together different security technologies to create a holistic method of security that realistically deals with how attacks occur in the real world. 

Application Security: Self-protection survey

Today over 80% of breaches happen at the application layer. To combat this, a new category of security is emerging to protect applications in a production environment. Who will be the decision makers in this new arena?

HP’s Cyber Defense Center: A new frontier of innovation for enterprise security

world.jpgAfter analyzing over 90 Security Operations Centers and accumulating the largest dataset of its kind, HP has taken industry best practices and lessons learned and applied them to our very own Cyber Defense Center (CDC). Learn more in the article.

A guest post by JC Zapata, HP Security PMM

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HP Enterprise Security Products on tour!

IMG_1199.JPGHP Enterprise Security Products is rolling out a series HP Enterprise Security User Forums. The first stop is in Boston, MA on June 17th. This is not only a great opportunity to hear HP ESP’s comprehensive philosophy regarding how to secure your organization, but also a chance to earn CISSP credits at the same time.  To register for the event, visit the Boston User Group registration page.  And for more information about the agenda and our focus, read the entire article.

Viva Las Vegas! HP Enterprise Security Products represent at HP Discover 2014

discpng.pngAfter a year of record setting data breaches and critical vulnerabilities, there’s no denying in 2014 that security is a topic of concern. It should be no surprise, then, that security is of high importance at this year’s HP Discover event and a key part of HP’s ongoing strategy. Key security sessions include an examination of how companies need to rethink their security mindset and start developing the strategies necessary to combat highly organized and dangerous real world adversaries and a discussion regarding what the latest vulnerability research reveals about the current vulnerability landscape. For more information about those sessions and the host of other security events occurring during HP Discover, read the article.

SIEM is NOT dead, SIEM means never having to say 'sorry'

3.pngSIEM is NOT dead, SIEM means never having to say 'sorry'. We have been leading the market, technology, and industry for as long as SIEM existed. We have been recognized by Gartner in the leaders quadrant every year. In fact, we have been leaders for more years than anyone has been in the MQ consistently. This blog is about the top 10 use cases of SIEM that hundreds of thousands of customers are using through SIEM technology.


For more information on how SIEM continues to drive innovation in the security industry, attend my session at the Discover DF3968. My session starts on Wednesday, Jun 11, 2014 between 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM.



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Getting started with FREE trial version of HP ArcSight Logger

placeit24.pngHP ArcSight Logger delivers a cost-effective universal log management solution that unifies searching, reporting, alerting, and analysis across any type of enterprise machine data. Read this to get your free trial. 



What's new with HP ArcSight Logger 5.5? It is the fastest Logger ever!

HP ArcSight Logger is an enterprise ready, universal log management solution that is truly borderless in collecting, analyzing, and storing Big Data. The new Logger 5.5 comes with an accelerated search on the most frequently used fields, up to 1000x faster than the previous version.


HP Software announces: Discover 2014 Awards of Excellence – Enterprise Security Winners

usaa.jpgHP Software has announced the winners of the Discover 2014 Awards of Excellence.  Thesehave been brought to you by the HP Software Americas Marketing team.  This award recognizes the quantified improvements and corresponding business benefits achieved using HP Software solutions within 8 categories

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A sneak peek at the future of security with HP Labs

big-data.jpgToday’s enterprises generate terabytes of security event data. These volumes are increasing exponentially as the security landscape grows ever more complex. But how can you turn this data into actionable security insight?

CARVER Analysis – Are you defending the right things?

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.50.35 PM.pngAre you defending what the bad guys are really going after or just what YOU consider critical? Use CARVER analysis to tell the difference.This techniques has been used by irregular forces since WW2 for target selection and defense and it applies well to defending your enterprise.

Big Data Security Analytics Part 3: Data science & Putting Structure to the Problem

It’s Part 3 of the Big Data Security Analytics series! Now is the time to discuss how to answer security questions based on the disciplines of data science.

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Big Data Security Analytics Part 2: Security Analytics Results From a Combination of Tools

products.pngWelcome to Part 2 of the Big Data Security Analytics series! In this post, we’ll discuss tools and build approaches.

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Using HP ArcSight to track and monitor Heartbleed vulnerability

heartbleed 1.jpgHeartbleed is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library and it affects many server web servers and applications. It is difficult to patch all webservers  immediately, so it is important to at least track and monitor the type of traffic being generated in your organization. Using the new and updated HP ArcSight Logger 5.5 super indexed fields, users can  leverage these fields for ultra-fast search and analyze the security events in real-time.

Finding the needle in the enterprise security haystack

image for blog 5.gifIf the "needle" is the bad guy and the "haystack" is your enterprise, how do you find the needle? Gartner analyst, Neil McDonald, suggests that you separate the hay. From a security context, Neil suggests that you look for meaningful deviations from "normal" in order to isolate where the potential anomaly could emerge.




Important Questions for Big Security Data

hp-HAVEn.jpgHAVEn is a big data toolbox; however, it’s what you can use it for that actually matters. This post asks a number of questions about how you can use big data to answer security questions that were never possible before. Using data to answer security questions instead of anecdotes is an important step forward for our industry. 

Bitcoins, black market, and Information Security

bitcoin.jpgThe outcome of a good security measure is compliance, safe and secured network. When you are obsessed with extreme security and privacy, the outcome may lead to illegal activities. The Bitcoin came into existance for a good cause. It was designed and licensed at MIT, Boston to overcome limitation of centralized currency. It started as a currency protocol and regulators are hoping that it would used only for legal activities.


Online black market sites are feeling extremely vulnerable because the closure of the two main competitors Black Market Reloaded and Sheep Marketplace by authorities.

1 in 4 Security Operations Organizations Are Ineffective

soso.jpgDetailed in the newly released State of Security Operations report, HP finds that 1 in 4 security operations organizations are ineffective.  Read on to see a summary of findings from the report and the top 5 reasons why security operations organizations are missing the mark.

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8 things your boss wants you to know about 'Big Data Security'

bi data security.PNGThe multitude of devices, users, and generated traffic all combine to create a proliferation of data that is being created with incredible volume, velocity, and variety. As a result, organizations need a way to protect, utilize, and gain real-time insight from “big data.”


Read through the 8 topics that your boss expects you to know about 'Big Data Security'.

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