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From applications to infrastructure, enterprises and governments alike face a constant barrage of digital attacks designed to steal data, cripple networks, damage brands, and perform a host of other malicious intents. HP Enterprise Security Products offers products and services that help organizations meet the security demands of a rapidly changing and more dangerous world. HP ESP enables businesses and institutions to take a proactive approach to security that integrates information correlation, deep application analysis and network-level defense mechanisms—unifying the components of a complete security program and reducing risk across your enterprise. In this blog, we will announce the latest offerings from HP ESP, discuss current trends in vulnerability research and technology, reveal new HP ESP security initiatives and promote our upcoming appearances and speaking engagements.

Back to the Basics: Defining a Use Case for SIEM

BackToTheBasics.pngWelcome to our introductory, "Back to the Basics" blog. We are a team focused on innovation but it is hard to embrace innovation unless you have the basics down. And thus, we start this blog series. We begin our series speaking about SIEM use cases, because without understanding use cases, it’ll be tough to understand and explain all the great work you are doing with your SIEM.

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What is Software Security Assurance (SSA)?

If you are a CISO, you’ve got a number of challenges when considering the risk of your software. See how a Software Security Assurance (SSA) program can help your organization address these challenges.

How to talk to a female in InfoSec

boardroom.jpgInformation Security” is a male-dominated field—but I promise you, there ARE females out there! Read on to find out how to approach your female security colleagues. 

State of Security Operations 2015 Report

StateOfSecOps2015.pngLearn more about the State of Security Operations 2015 report, including: Key findings, customer examples, industry-specific statistics, and assessment methodology. 




Sony Pictures Hack: Is this an introduction to a whole new world in InfoSec? …Nah!

hacker.jpgThe big news in the media and the enterprise security over the past few weeks has been the cyberattack of Sony Pictures. As of the writing of this blog, the movie has been pulled from theaters and a nation state is believed to be behind the attack.


After reading media coverage of the attack, I see similarities between this attack and previous ones. Keep reading to see why I personally don’t think this is the signal of a whole new world of InfoSec.

Why does your CISO care about Ebola?

ebola.pngOutsourcing, catastrophic risk, Ebola, poodles? Read on to see what these topics have to do with your CISO and why you should thank yours today.

Active Defense – Not just passive protection...

AdrianopleWhat does it mean to defend your network as opposed to just protecting it? In this post, I continue thinking out loud about defensive information security doctrine. I will look at an active and mobile defense of your enterprise.

Tags: Defense| HP| security

HP sponsors Texas A&M’s 2nd Annual Coding Gig

tamu.jpgHP Enterprise Security sponsored some brilliant minds at Texas A&M in the 2nd Annual Coding Gig.  Read on to learn more about the big data challenge given to these students and their results.

Tags: appsec| HP| security

Detecting Fraud with ArcSight ESM

digital hoodie.jpgHP ArcSight ESM has long been known to monitor for security incidents and to track high-risk users. What you may not know, is that ArcSight ESM also proves very useful in identifying fraud. So what is the key to identifying and designing fraud-use cases? Read on to find out.

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What does Fortify have up its application security sleeve?

Fortify audit.pngToday is a big day for the HP Fortify team. We are pleased to announce the general availability of several Fortify products.


These products were developed with you—the user—in mind.  Keep reading to find out what we have been working on.

5 reasons why security is harder today than a decade ago

DC cherry blossoms.pngAfter speaking with other security professionals I have noticed that everyone seems to have a similar perspective: that application security seems harder now than it was ten years ago. What do you think?


Continue reading to find out my thoughts and what I think has led to these sentiments.

HP updates 'HP ArcSight' portfolio to enhance big data security analytics

big security.pngHP today announced updates to its HP ArcSight portfolio, offering enterprises unified security analytics for big data with expanded identity monitoring to accelerate the detection of persistent threats.


Enterprises must proactively anticipate intrusions and hasten the detection of risks in order to protect valuable assets. To successfully identify and remediate occurrences of prolonged unauthorized network access, also known as advanced persistent threats (APTs), organizations must be prepared to:


  • Handle and process information at high velocity, volume and variety
  • Analyze structured and unstructured data both inside and outside their network
  • Monitor events in cloud, mobile and virtual environments
  • Automatically take action once a threat has been detected


2 ways to coordinate application, information and network security

by Norm Follet, Director of Solutions Design and Demo Group


Overview.pngEnterprise security is stronger with a coordinated approach. Here is an explanation of how HP Enterprise Security products TippingPoint, ArcSight and Fortify can work in concert to provide a defense in depth solution.

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