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From applications to infrastructure, enterprises and governments alike face a constant barrage of digital attacks designed to steal data, cripple networks, damage brands, and perform a host of other malicious intents. HP Enterprise Security Products offers products and services that help organizations meet the security demands of a rapidly changing and more dangerous world. HP ESP enables businesses and institutions to take a proactive approach to security that integrates information correlation, deep application analysis and network-level defense mechanisms—unifying the components of a complete security program and reducing risk across your enterprise. In this blog, we will announce the latest offerings from HP ESP, discuss current trends in vulnerability research and technology, reveal new HP ESP security initiatives and promote our upcoming appearances and speaking engagements.

Fill out the 'Security Analytics and Intelligence' Survey and shape the future of security industry

SANS.GIFFill out the 'Security Analytics and Intelligence' Survey and shape the future of security industry.


In 2013 SANS conducted its first analytics and intelligence survey. In this followup survey, SANS 2014 survey derive deeper understanding of the functional role of intelligence and analytics in the enterprise security management infrastructure. This will also further delve into which tools are implemented, the role of outside third-party service providers and whether or not intelligent analysis is improving an organization's ability to detect, defend and investigate attacks in their networks.

Using HP ArcSight to track and monitor Heartbleed vulnerability

heartbleed 1.jpgHeartbleed is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library and it affects many server web servers and applications. It is difficult to patch all webservers  immediately, so it is important to at least track and monitor the type of traffic being generated in your organization. Using the new and updated HP ArcSight Logger 5.5 super indexed fields, users can  leverage these fields for ultra-fast search and analyze the security events in real-time.

Finding the needle in the enterprise security haystack

image for blog 5.gifIf the "needle" is the bad guy and the "haystack" is your enterprise, how do you find the needle? Gartner analyst, Neil McDonald, suggests that you separate the hay. From a security context, Neil suggests that you look for meaningful deviations from "normal" in order to isolate where the potential anomaly could emerge.




Important Questions for Big Security Data

hp-HAVEn.jpgHAVEn is a big data toolbox; however, it’s what you can use it for that actually matters. This post asks a number of questions about how you can use big data to answer security questions that were never possible before. Using data to answer security questions instead of anecdotes is an important step forward for our industry. 

Bitcoins, black market, and Information Security

bitcoin.jpgThe outcome of a good security measure is compliance, safe and secured network. When you are obsessed with extreme security and privacy, the outcome may lead to illegal activities. The Bitcoin came into existance for a good cause. It was designed and licensed at MIT, Boston to overcome limitation of centralized currency. It started as a currency protocol and regulators are hoping that it would used only for legal activities.


Online black market sites are feeling extremely vulnerable because the closure of the two main competitors Black Market Reloaded and Sheep Marketplace by authorities.

8 things your boss wants you to know about 'Big Data Security'

bi data security.PNGThe multitude of devices, users, and generated traffic all combine to create a proliferation of data that is being created with incredible volume, velocity, and variety. As a result, organizations need a way to protect, utilize, and gain real-time insight from “big data.”


Read through the 8 topics that your boss expects you to know about 'Big Data Security'.

What to expect from HP Enterprise Security for RSA Security Conference 2014

rsa conf 2014.PNG


The upcoming RSA conference takes place February 24-28 in San Francisco. HP Enterprise Security Products (ESP) is a Platinum sponsor of RSA with the key message: if you want better security, think like a bad guy.


If you are attending RSA, please join us at any of the following activities to hear more.


Visit us in booth #3401

  • Meet with HP ESP experts
  • Experience a mock SOC
  • See demos of ESP solutions
  • Discuss related services
  • Learn from our theater presentations
  • Expand your network

A day in a life of a hacked organization

ddos 2.PNGMany organizations have been lucky enough to never experience a data breach. They don’t think they will ever be breached because they are "too small" or "too big" or simply too confident about their security posture. Let me try to combine some of the experiences and stories that I have heard from organizations that went through a data breach. You may recognize some parts of this story from the news headlines.


Top questions to help you think like a cyber criminal

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 15.57.37.pngThese are questions I would like the answer to when evaluating a cyber criminal’s motivation, capability and likely, next-expected event. Thinking like a bad guy requires understanding them at a deeper level than just technology. This is a carry over from my last post on knowing your enemy. 

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HEMLOCK methodology - Identify security threats faster

HEMLOCK2.pngSIEM technology…it’s great at detecting potential threats, but at the end of the day, there is no substitute for effective human analytics. Read on to learn how to apply human analytics to increase your security organization's effectiveness.

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Traffic jam, Big data, and security analytics


 Your normal security point solutions or IT operations tools are like Google maps. Good enough to go point from point A to B when things are normal and you are sure of many variables. However if you see the current threat landscape, it is not the case. No two days are same and no two incidents are similar. It is always some new issue, some new source targeting a source in your organization. Pretty much like a holiday traffic that converts 500 mile freeway into a parking lot. You need big data analytics to be augmented on your IT just like Waze does for maps or ArcSight does on your machine data.

Know Your Enemy – Not just what they are up to…

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 13.01.20.pngWhen you defend your enterprise you are defending against “someone” and WHO they are matters to HOW you best defend against them. What types of information can be useful to understanding your attackers?

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HP ArcSight is simple and easy

3.PNGHP ArcSight is simple and easy after moving away from relational database. In Feb of this year we launched HP ArcSight ESM 6.0c where 'C' stands for CORRe. CORRe stands for 'Correlation Optimized Retention and Retrieval Engine', which is an HP proprietary columnar database which is built on current open standards that can scale to handle any Big Data. 


With it's own database optimized to correlate data and manage Big Data, ArcSight has removed all the complexities such as database tuning, scalabilities, and performance issues.


Visit our website, and learn more about how ArcSight can help you in 25 different use cases from security, compliance, IT operations, ops analytics, big data, machine data consolidation, etc.



1300+ attacks analyzed by Ponemon last year, showed 30% increase in cost of cyber-attack

ponemon.jpg$7.22 million is the average annualized cost. Cyber crimes are costly. An increase in cost of 30 percent from the consolidated global results of last year’s cyber cost study for 234 organizations.


1.4 successful attacks per company per week. An increase of 20 percent from last year’s successful attack experience.


15% average ROI for security technologies such as SIEM, intrusion prevention systems, application security testing and enterprise governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solutions.

Ease-of-use and Big data to define the next generation SIEM solution

dark reading.PNGRobert Lemos from the darkreading.com writes about Next Generation Of SIEMs? Ease Of Use, Analyze More Data. The discussion focuses on creation of next generation SIEM. Most vendors including HP ArcSight agrees that ease-of-use is the most requested feature or primary focus of SIEM solution. Eric Schou who runs the HP ArcSight products says that “Whether it is large enterprise, public sector, or small business, nobody wants a complex product that is difficult to learn and manage”.


Mark Nicolette from Gartner points out in this article that SIEM deployments are difficult as it is integrating complex set of data sources. Mark suggests that although next features are nice to talk about, deployment usability takes the priority with new deployments.

Don't get abused by your application! Get a FREE trial of HP ArcSight Application View

appview.PNGIn many organizations, Security Operation Center teams have little to no visibility into application security events, especially for custom applications. It’s a huge problem because your security teams can’t protect your organization from what they can’t identify. HP ArcSight Application View solves this by helping your organization gain greater application visibility and security intelligence.


Keep readin to find out how to download your FREE trial of HP ArcSight Application View today and start monitoring your application abuse through ArcSight.

HP introduces HP ArcSight Risk Insight, a heatmap for SIEM security events

heatmap.pngToday HP introduced  Risk Insight 1.0 as a new product to the HP ArcSight ESM portfolio. It enables organizations to understand the business impact of real-time threats detected by ESM. HP ArcSight Risk Insight 1.0 is intended to leverage investments in the current SIEM technology while ultimately engaging and combining security intelligence with business risk. 


Keep reading to find out more about the details of HP ArcSight Risk Insight.





HP introduces 5 new cyber-security products at HP Protect 2013

ppt_library_4x3_divider-02.pngAs we kick off HP Protect 2013, HP Security Products has announced and released new and optimized solutions that are enabling organizations to disrupt the infiltration of cyber-attacks. They also help enhance organization's effectiveness and the capabilities of Security Operation Center (SOC) teams through improved big data analytics and real time, detection of application level threats. 


The top announcements are:  

  • HP ArcSight Application View
  • HP ArcSight Risk Insight
  • HP ArcSight Management Center
  • HP ArcSight ESM V6.5c
  • HP TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall

What happened after the world's biggest data breach occured?

breach 1.PNGTypically when companies get breached, they call us out for help. We have a team that can fly to any part of the world from China to Washington, D.C with our security software and appliances. Most companies have started seeing the sources and data transfers within the first hour of our assistance . 


In today's blog I want to take a look at these companies and examine what they did after the data breach.

HP examines the biggest security trends for 2014

ARST n hadoop.pngExecutives representing HP Enterprise Security Products, a large security group within HP Software, will be delivering presentations on the key trends and tactices to combat APTs, insider threats, and malwares from affecting your critical infrastructure and data for the year 2014 and after.


HP Protect'13, a user security conference in Washington, D.C that runs from Sept 16-19, will have 20+ customer presentations and keynotes that will give you an outside perspective on challenges that these  companies are facing and how to combat the same problems and adversaries that everyone is fighting to keep them out.


This list, compiled by Ronald Madamba, talks about the key topics and issues that will be addressed in three primary focus areas of security: information security, application security and network security

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