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From applications to infrastructure, enterprises and governments alike face a constant barrage of digital attacks designed to steal data, cripple networks, damage brands, and perform a host of other malicious intents. HP Enterprise Security Products offers products and services that help organizations meet the security demands of a rapidly changing and more dangerous world. HP ESP enables businesses and institutions to take a proactive approach to security that integrates information correlation, deep application analysis and network-level defense mechanisms—unifying the components of a complete security program and reducing risk across your enterprise. In this blog, we will announce the latest offerings from HP ESP, discuss current trends in vulnerability research and technology, reveal new HP ESP security initiatives and promote our upcoming appearances and speaking engagements.

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ArcSight, Fortify and TippingPoint training at HP Protect 2013

Did you know there are two full days of in-depth training available at the HP Protect conference?  Keep reading to learn about what training is offered and how you can sign up!

Should we still care about APTs?

Gilliland protect video.pngA couple of weeks ago, I was having lunch with a long-time CISO. We were chatting about the state of our industry when the topic landed on APTs. My friend asked, “This is 2013…should we still care about APTs?”


Guest post by Perry Payne
CISSP, CISM , CISA, HP Enterprise Security Products

What happened after the world's biggest data breach occured?

breach 1.PNGTypically when companies get breached, they call us out for help. We have a team that can fly to any part of the world from China to Washington, D.C with our security software and appliances. Most companies have started seeing the sources and data transfers within the first hour of our assistance . 


In today's blog I want to take a look at these companies and examine what they did after the data breach.

Why research is fundamental to security

Microsoft vulnerability.pngResearch…it’s always looked over as something a security vendor should just do.  However, research is relevant to security. 


Here’s why I think you should take time to perform research. 

Writing custom filters: An introduction to DVLabs

Ever wanted to be able to deploy your own custom filters on your IPS? Attend HP Protect session 1304: Writing Custom Filters – An Introduction to DVLabs, and learn how!


Guest Post by Joanna Burkey
Manager, HP TippingPoint DVLabs

Security camera feeds and more


This year in Vegas, both the DefCon and BlackHat conferences have some interesting topics that really caught this blogger’s attention.


Guest post by Anurag Singla
Sr.  Manager, Software Development

HP examines the biggest security trends for 2014

ARST n hadoop.pngExecutives representing HP Enterprise Security Products, a large security group within HP Software, will be delivering presentations on the key trends and tactices to combat APTs, insider threats, and malwares from affecting your critical infrastructure and data for the year 2014 and after.


HP Protect'13, a user security conference in Washington, D.C that runs from Sept 16-19, will have 20+ customer presentations and keynotes that will give you an outside perspective on challenges that these  companies are facing and how to combat the same problems and adversaries that everyone is fighting to keep them out.


This list, compiled by Ronald Madamba, talks about the key topics and issues that will be addressed in three primary focus areas of security: information security, application security and network security

Why bigger data means bigger security

HAVEn logo.pngBig data—it’s everywhere.  And in today’s modern world, it’s expanding every second.  But with this expansive data growth, who’s watching your networks?


Keep reading to find out what security tactics your organization needs to consider to protect all this valuable information.


Guest post by Varun Kohli
Director, Route To Market and Channel Marketing (ESP)

How to build and nurture your network at HP Protect 2014 security event

7997031471_6e06dab0f8_c.jpgMake the most out of the HP Protect 2014 event with our packed agenda. Mix the right amount of business and pleasure to ensure that you relax, enjoy, and learn at the same time. Starting with deep-dive technical sessions, keynotes, to chat with product managers, product developers, to your support buddies are all at the event and make sure you are tuned in with your team to ensure you get personal nurture. 


Select you’re Bar of choice – With an informative Guru bar, support bar, education bar, and service bar at HP Protect 20134 attendees have the opportunity to find answers, ask questions, learn, and apply their knowledge after hours of training.


Food for thought – At HP Protect 2013 we’re offering daily breakfast and lunch which gives attendees the opportunity to connect with their peers and share thoughts, all while fueling up for the day. 

Solving cyber-security issues through awareness, training, and education

7997003068_770751fd52_z.jpgThe National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) has developed the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (“the Framework”) to provide a common understanding of and lexicon for cybersecurity work, according to their website http://csrc.nist.gov/nice/framework/.


This framework work spans across the industries, job titles and verticals. This is also  independent of size  because one person may perform multiple roles or many people can perform single role depending on the size of the organization.

Using behavioral analytics and HP ArcSight ESM to detect malicious insiders

bad guy.jpgWhen you look into the cubicle next to you, what do you see? Do you see Joe, the guy you go grab beers with or do you see a malicious insider? Because Joe does not wear his villain mask and “evil-doer” cape, you may never know his current status.


Keep reading to find out how you can easily determine what Joe’s motives are by his activities within the system.

Labels: ArcSight

Don’t allow poor security to compromise your network

security padlocks.pngEver wonder how hackers get on the inside of secure networks? Attend HP Protect session 1300: Reverse Engineering Exploits, and learn how to prevent it.


Guest post by Steve Povolny, Manager, HP TippingPoint Digital Vaccine Team

Sentiment analysis use case with HP ArcSight, Hadoop and IDOL

ddos 2.PNGIntelligence has a long history of providing pivotal information to decision-makers. Many have proposed that we must apply this concept of intelligence to information security and the struggle against the threat landscape. Without intelligence, we cannot proactively protect against attacks or potential attacks, mainly because we don’t understand the motivations and what’s behind them. One source of attacks, out of many, is the human intention or behavior of internal employee oreven an outsider to the company.


Sentiment analysis extracts meaning from these articles, posts, tweets and conversations and automatically performs detailed statistical analysis to identify emerging trends.


Keep reading to find out how sentiment anaylsis can help protect your organization

Cisco- Buying into the security game

If you live in the world of IT security, then it probably came as no surprise when Cisco announced that they were acquiring Sourcefire. Pretty inevitable, if you ask me.


Guest post by Stuart Hatto,  EMEA Product Manager,  HP TippingPoint


Editors note: This post is the opinion of the writer, not of HP.

Security without compromise

Protect.pngA secure network does not mean a slow network.  If your network speed has slowed because of security, something is wrong. You do no have to decide between security and speed.


Continue reading to find out how you can watch  HP next-generation security devices go up against enterprise scale, real-world traffic and attacks.

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