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From applications to infrastructure, enterprises and governments alike face a constant barrage of digital attacks designed to steal data, cripple networks, damage brands, and perform a host of other malicious intents. HP Enterprise Security Products offers products and services that help organizations meet the security demands of a rapidly changing and more dangerous world. HP ESP enables businesses and institutions to take a proactive approach to security that integrates information correlation, deep application analysis and network-level defense mechanisms—unifying the components of a complete security program and reducing risk across your enterprise. In this blog, we will announce the latest offerings from HP ESP, discuss current trends in vulnerability research and technology, reveal new HP ESP security initiatives and promote our upcoming appearances and speaking engagements.

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Another Microsoft Zero Day! The HP TippingPoint Spin

dvlabs.gifLast weekend brought us another critical vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Tagged as CVE-2014-1776, this vulnerability is present in all versions of IE and is currently being exploited in the wild.  The following post contains information on HP TippingPoint DVLabs’ research techniques and response, as well as a unique recommendation from the Department of Homeland Security.

The bad guys are already in your networks: What are you doing about it?

You think your networks are safe. You think your networks are secure. But the bad guys are already in your networks. insider_threat_solutions.jpgSo the question is: What are you going to do about it?

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Using HP ArcSight to track and monitor Heartbleed vulnerability

heartbleed 1.jpgHeartbleed is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library and it affects many server web servers and applications. It is difficult to patch all webservers  immediately, so it is important to at least track and monitor the type of traffic being generated in your organization. Using the new and updated HP ArcSight Logger 5.5 super indexed fields, users can  leverage these fields for ultra-fast search and analyze the security events in real-time.

Big Data Security Analytics Part 1: Big Data is a Problem Statement

Welcome to the new series on Big Data Security Analytics! Let’s kick off part 1 by revamping the discussion around big data and security  by first building the foundation for our discussion around the possibilities and realities of security analytics.

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5 steps to improve your incident response plan

co2.pngJoin us for a webinar on May 1st, where we’ll divulge 5 steps to improve your incident response plan. 

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Join HP Enterprise Security at InfoSecurity Europe

infosec.jpgJoin HP Enterprise Security at InfoSecurity Europe--Europe's number one Information Security event. 

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Next generation networks mean next generation threats

HP-security1-300x158.pngOrganizations have a multitude of point solutions for security, but threats keep coming. It's time for a new approach! 

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Finding the needle in the enterprise security haystack

image for blog 5.gifIf the "needle" is the bad guy and the "haystack" is your enterprise, how do you find the needle? Gartner analyst, Neil McDonald, suggests that you separate the hay. From a security context, Neil suggests that you look for meaningful deviations from "normal" in order to isolate where the potential anomaly could emerge.




Heartbleed: Joy and Joanna discuss how HP Security Products stopped the bleeding

Join Joy Forsythe, HP Security Research; and Joanna Burkey, HP TippingPoint DVLabs, as they discuss the Heartbleed bug and how HP Fortify and HP TippingPoint were abljoy and joanna.jpge to quickly protect customers.

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Security industry staffing—the high turnover rate, and how HP is bucking the trend

luke.pngA recent study by the Ponemon Institute showed that IT Security departments are understaffed and at risk. See how HP stands up to these numbers.

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Cybersecurity and its costs—how much money is being wasted?

attacklifecycle1.jpgArt Gilliland, HP SVP and GM, Enterprise Security, sat down with the Sydney Herald to discuss cybersecurity, its costs, and how much money is being wasted.  

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HP Enterprise Security Products handles Heartbleed


You know when you get your own icon, you've arrived. With an estimated 66 percent of websites impacted and reports of exploitation rolling in, Heartbleed has transcended the world of Internet security and become part of the public

consciousness. Having to change all your passwords can do that. Heartbleed is unique in its combination of criticality, ease of exploit, and pervasiveness, and deserves its infamy.  So why is this particular vulnerability so dangerous? How is the security industry (and especially HP) dealing with it? Read the article for more information.

HP TippingPoint--Every second matters for security effectiveness

heartbleed lock.jpgHeartbleed might have given many an anxiety attack last week, but HP TippingPoint customers are protected. 

Why integrating IT management and security matters to you

discover theatre.jpgIt’s time to understand where you are when it comes to your IT infrastructure and security posture. Learn how Converged Security can work for you. 

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HP TippingPoint DVLabs--In a league of their own

dvlabs.gifNTP reflection attacks can create hundreds of gigabits of traffic within seconds. See how HP Security’s proactive creation of DV filters can stop those attacks.

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Heartbleed protection with HP TippingPoint

heartbleed.pngHeartbleed: It's sweeping the internet by storm. Here's what you can do to protect yourself now. 

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Learn to think like a bad guy at HP Discover 2014 in Las Vegas

silver bullet.jpgLooking for the silver bullet when it comes to cybersecurity? Heads up: There isn’t one. Learn how to beat the adversaries at their own game at HP Discover 2014 in Las Vegas—no silver bullet needed. 

Guest post by Stephanie Wisdom

HP Security contributor

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HP’s approach to Security Analyst Training—Think like a bad guy

Combatting today's cyber bad guys takes more than just security product knowledge. See how HP approaches security analyst training in today's world of insider threats, cyber marketplace, and the new "bad guys.”

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Proactive zero-day coverage from HP TippingPoint: CVE-2014-1761

A recent zero-day attack has been making the rounds—the vulnerability can be triggered via Microsoft Word, or Outlook using Word as the email viewer. See how HP TippingPoint proactively provided coverage as far back as December of 2012! 

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What amazing things will you do with HP ArcSight?

See what's possible using the HP ArcSight platform. Hear experts describe their experiences with HP ArcSight use cases. What amazing things will YOU do with HP ArcSight?

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HP Government Summit security sessions encourage attendees to "Think like a bad guy"

photo 5.JPGHeld in the city that’s the very heart of the U.S. Government, security professionals converged to a room at the HP Government Summit 2014 to see what new technologies HP is using to escalate cybersecurity both in our government, and at large.

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