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From applications to infrastructure, enterprises and governments alike face a constant barrage of digital attacks designed to steal data, cripple networks, damage brands, and perform a host of other malicious intents. HP Enterprise Security Products offers products and services that help organizations meet the security demands of a rapidly changing and more dangerous world. HP ESP enables businesses and institutions to take a proactive approach to security that integrates information correlation, deep application analysis and network-level defense mechanisms—unifying the components of a complete security program and reducing risk across your enterprise. In this blog, we will announce the latest offerings from HP ESP, discuss current trends in vulnerability research and technology, reveal new HP ESP security initiatives and promote our upcoming appearances and speaking engagements.

HP DVLabs threat assessment

T-consumer-card-svcs__153x115--C-tcm245-1132536-CT-tcm245-1237012-32.jpgRetail Point-of-Sale malware doesn’t get past HP TippingPoint!


Guest post by Jennifer Ellard
Director, Product Marketing, HP TippingPoint

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Enterprise security: What’s new for the week of November 17, 2014

entsec news_small.jpgHere’s what new in Security Intelligence & Zero-Day Coverage for HP TippingPoint for the week of November 17th.

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Why does your CISO care about Ebola?

ebola.pngOutsourcing, catastrophic risk, Ebola, poodles? Read on to see what these topics have to do with your CISO and why you should thank yours today.

Top 10 ways consumers can protect themselves during the holiday shopping season

Grinch%20who%20stole%20Christmas.jpgThe spate of high profile data breaches this year has pushed security into the public consciousness like never before. Although that awareness has risen from bad circumstances, overall that increase is a good thing. What it’s not been coupled with is a way for consumers to alleviate some of their concerns, especially when data breaches have become sensationalized to the point where Americans fear identity theft more than being shot. There are some simple measures consumers can take to protect themselves during the holiday shopping season. Read the article for the Top 10.

Secure your network with HP TippingPoint

network with lock.jpgYou’ve heard it over and over by now: The threat landscape is changing. It’s ever-evolving, and the threats are now more serious and more widespread than they have ever been.  So, what does this mean for your network?

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HP Atalla Announces Support for Securing New Cloud-based Electronic Payments

atalla.PNGSecurity has seeped into the public consciousness like never before due to a rash of recent high profile credit card data breaches (Target, Home Depot, and on and on). Couple that with sheer convenience, and it’s no surprise that consumers have quickly embraced new methods of electronic payments like Apple Pay and e-wallets. However, this rapid adoption hasn’t come without significant security concerns. How, then, can organiztions protect themselves and their customer data? Read the article for more information.

HP TippingPoint + Mobile Pwn2Own = Zero Day Filter Protection

new pwn2own.jpgHas it been a year already?  We're back and coming at you from Tokyo, Japan with another round of Mobile Pwn2Own.  


Guest post by 
Steve Povolny


Security Podcast: The security implications of the Internet of Things

IoT.jpgEvery day, more and more objects from thermostats to pacemakers gain network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. Collectively, these devices are referred to as the Internet of Things. By 2020, Gartner predicts the Internet of Things will grow to include 26 billion “units." But as we’ve already seen with web applications and mobile devices, new technology invariably comes with hidden security costs. Join us for this podcast as we discuss the security implications of the Internet of Things, the dangers this presents to organizations and consumers alike, and what each can do to protect themselves. To listen to this episode, read the article.

Cyber cold war heats up

images.jpgThe Washington Post recently reported that the White House non-classified network was by all indications compromised by Russian hackers. There have been simmering cyber tensions between the United States and other nations for years, but things are starting to escalate for a variety of reasons. Read the article for more information.

Fraudulent chip cards--if you don't check the cryptogram, NO protocol is secure

credit-cards-security_coll.jpgA recent bout of credit card fraud shows charges submitted through the networks as chip-enabled transactions—even though the banks that issued the cards have yet to send customers chip-enabled cards.  Susan Langford, HP Security, Atalla, explains how this can happen. 

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The Security Analyst Skills Gap - Part 3

“I’m afraid that if I spend my time training security analysts then they will just qretention.jpguit and go work for my competitor for more money.” Sound Familiar? Finding good security analysts is difficult. Keeping good security analysts is even harder. Read on to see how HP works with organizations to help retain security analysts.

HP TippingPoint--Vulnerability research stats, October 2014

Each week, the TippingPoint DVLabs team develops new attack filters to address vulnerabilities and incorporates these filters into Digital Vaccines. Every last Thursday of the month, we release a blog showing these advisory updates.

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Expand your security knowledge in Barcelona

discover large.jpgHP Discover kicks off the first week of December in Barcelona, Spain! HP Enterprise Security Products will be there—ready to give you the scoop on what you can do to beat the adversaries at their own game.

Security Analyst Skills Gap - Part 2

skills-gap-artwork-370x229.jpgWelcome to the second part of "The Security Analyst skills gap." 

Enterprise security: What’s new for the week of October 20 2014

entsec news_small.jpgWhat happened this week in HP Enterprise Security? Find out here: What's new in Security Intelligence & Zero-Day Coverage for HP TippingPoint for the week of October 20th. 

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Down, but not out for the count...Alina fights on

worm hacker.jpgOn October 5th, a Russian hacker going by the handle ‘w0rm’ claimed that he had compromised Subway’s servers and discovered Point-Of-Sale malware. Subway has not confirmed this breach; if this story is accurate, HP TippingPoint could have been essential in averting the exfiltration of data from infected systems.


Guest post by 

Mat Powell

Security Researcher, HP DVLabs

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HP TippingPoint customers protected from SSL 3.0 “POODLE” on day one

The SSL 3.0 POODLE vulnerability isn't so vicious if you're an HP TippingPoint customer. Here's how we're making every second matter... 


Guest post by 
Elisa Lippincott
Product Marketing Manager

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HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall gets ICSA Certified

Seems that everywhere you look there is a new certification being pinned on a product, but how do you tell the meaningful certifications from those no more valuable than the bytes they take up on your browser?ICSA.gif

Webinar: HP and Paladion speak about security operations through ArcSight Logger

paladion webinar invite 2.GIFArcSight Logger 6.0 is the fastest search engine on the planet for machine data today. This universal log management solution collects, stores, and analyzes all of your Big Data for security event management.  Join us for a free webinar on how ArcSight Logger unifies your entire IT data through a unique technology called normalization and categorization, and then stores and analyzes years’ worth of data for multiple use cases.



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