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Bringing Sexy Back: The HP Application Security Center Support Portal

Shockingly, security product support does not scream “sexy”; in general, interacting with vendor Support is an unsexy productivity tax. You pay a standard percentage of your total license price to get put on hold for a maddeningly-long period, ask questions of a well-intentioned Tier 1 newbie, and listen to a canned answer, read from a monitor, that does not pertain to the nuances of your defect in your environment: In other words, Tier 1 support can bear little relation to your real world.


As your question is escalated to higher tiers, there’s a good chance you won’t get an answer soon enough for it to be relevant to your dynamic scanning project timeframe.


I can’t claim that HP Application Security Center is bringing sexy back, but we are revitalizing our ASC Support Forum , under the leadership HP ASC QA Manager of Jags Kandasamy. When Jags joined our pocket of HP six months ago, our Support site was rusty from disuse. Users rarely posted, and, when they did, their questions remained largely untouched.


In 2011, Jags and his team members have monitored the use of our support portal, and the greater ASC team has promoted the use of it for our customers. HP support is wonderful, but supplying multiple touch points – including an interactive monitored forum wherein expert users and technical vendor resources can answer questions dynamically and creatively - is alluring.


This year so far, there have been 26 posts from users for WebInspect alone (twice as many as in calendar Q4 2010, and we still have 3 weeks left in the first quarter 0f 2011); almost all of have been answered within hours. In some cases, non-HP users have provided good answers; in others, HP resources have found and provided answers, sometimes contacting the relevant customer directly to understand the particular issue in context.


For WebInspect, some of the topics addressed include CSRF detection, memory issues, reporting challenges, web services coverage, URL exclusion, configuring log-in macros, and Silverlight support, to name a few. We’ve helped an Asian federal government ministry official move an AMP instance to another server, finding in that process that the support license had lapsed. We solved the ministry’s portability problem, and helped get the license renewed. In another case, one of our QA engineers posted a helpful process for making QAInspect align with HP’s Application Lifecycle Management platform.


I urge ASC customers to visit the site, register, and gain access to the expertise of our community. If you have questions about the HP ASC support portal, please contact Jags at Jags.Kandasamy@hp.com.


Will Justin Timberlake include us in his next video? A blogger can dream....

Moderator | ‎03-29-2011 08:20 AM

Wow.. Thanks Adam, we are trekking along exceedingly well in our forums participation and just reviewed the data from the last 3 months and we have tripled in our page views and participations from the last quarter in 2010. With Mar 2011 alone, having about 41,000 pageviews. Great going and thanks to all that are supporting us!!! Keep it coming....

Adam_Hils | ‎04-07-2011 05:28 PM

Jags, great showing! It's all about our customers.

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