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49 Zero-Day filters released in a single week

At HP TippingPoint, we throw a lot of numbers at you, and this week we wanted to share the number 49 with you. This is the amount of zero-day filters that are included in this week’s Digital Vaccine package from HP TippingPoint DVLabs. Let me give you some perspective, that’s almost 20% of the 275 zero-day/predisclosure filters we’ve delivered this year so far! This was done all in one week. Of course, we could not do it without the help of our HP Security Research team. Without almost 3,000 researchers contributing to our Zero Day Initiative program, we would not have identified all the zero-day vulnerabilities to patch and help keep our customers protected. 


We created an infographic to help visually explain how the two teams work together to keep our IPS and NGFW customers ahead in this evolving threat landscape. Without completely showboating, the security intelligence we provide to customers is award-winning and we keep upping the ante against the competition with results like this. Okay, maybe that was bragging too much, but I am so proud of our team! 49 is a LOT of filters and yes, the DVLabs team is kind of a big deal.  


Here are all the zero-days that are included in this week’s Digital Vaccine package:


Vendor: 3S Pocketnet Tech

  • 16568: ZDI-CAN-2405
  • 16569: ZDI-CAN-2408

Vendor: ManageEngine

  • 16570: ZDI-CAN-2419
  • 16571: ZDI-CAN-2420
  • 16573: ZDI-CAN-2421
  • 16574: ZDI-CAN-2422
  • 16575: ZDI-CAN-2423
  • 16576: ZDI-CAN-2424
  • 16577: ZDI-CAN-2425
  • 16578: ZDI-CAN-2426
  • 16579: ZDI-CAN-2427
  • 16581: ZDI-CAN-2428
  • 16582: ZDI-CAN-2429
  • 16583: ZDI-CAN-2428
  • 16585: ZDI-CAN-2439
  • 16586: ZDI-CAN-2440
  • 16587: ZDI-CAN-2441
  • 16588: ZDI-CAN-2443
  • 16589: ZDI-CAN-2442
  • 16590: ZDI-CAN-2444
  • 16591: ZDI-CAN-2445
  • 16592: ZDI-CAN-2446
  • 16593: ZDI-CAN-2447
  • 16594: ZDI-CAN-2448
  • 16596: ZDI-CAN-2449
  • 16597: ZDI-CAN-2450
  • 16598: ZDI-CAN-2451
  • 16599: ZDI-CAN-2452
  • 16600: ZDI-CAN-2453
  • 16601: ZDI-CAN-2454
  • 16602: ZDI-CAN-2455
  • 16603: ZDI-CAN-2457
  • 16604: ZDI-CAN-2458
  • 16605: ZDI-CAN-2459
  • 16606: ZDI-CAN-2460
  • 16607: ZDI-CAN-2461
  • 16608: ZDI-CAN-2462
  • 16609: ZDI-CAN-2464
  • 16610: ZDI-CAN-2463
  • 16611: ZDI-CAN-2465
  • 16612: ZDI-CAN-2466
  • 16613: ZDI-CAN-2467
  • 16614: ZDI-CAN-2468
  • 16615: ZDI-CAN-2469
  • 16616: ZDI-CAN-2470
  • 16617: ZDI-CAN-2471
  • 16618: ZDI-CAN-2472
  • 16619: ZDI-CAN-2477

Vendor: Schneider Electric

  • 16620: ZDI-CAN-2478
  • 16621: ZDI-CAN-2479





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