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Prevailing winds bring announcement of HP LoadRunner in the Cloud

It’s a given that performance testing is an integral part of your application
lifecycle.  However, it is often done in an unplanned, ad-hoc manner.  Why?  Because at most companies’ time and money are limited resources – and when resources are scarce, something’s got to give.  Unfortunately testing usually ends up getting short end of the stick in such situations. When you have plenty of hardware and tools - plenty of resources – even then
it can take so much time to provision the test bed that you have little time
left over for much testing at all.  In either situation, it just puts your organization at great risk.


And let’s not forget: it takes money to make money, guys.  When you have almost no budget to invest in testing tools, you might be convinced to rely on inexpensive or open source testing
solutions that provide inadequate testing capabilities.  As my good friend and colleague
Steve Feloney says, “Ya know, you get what you pay for.”  With those naïve’ tools, a mistaken or miscalculated test result could cost you more than you can imagine.


Cloud Computing changes this equation – especially for testing – because it is fast
*and* cheap.  It’s fast, simultaneously provisioning two dozen servers in about 5 minutes, about as fast as you can swipe your credit card.  It’s also cheap.  The basic cloud machine instances cost less than $1 per hour.  This extremely low-cost pricing of Cloud resources is why many of the adolescent cloud-testing startups are finding some wind in their sails.  And you would expect that those startups would take advantage of their fair profits and convert the investment into building better testing solutions.  But they haven’t.  And the winds are about to change. 


Announcing:  HP LoadRunner in the Cloud


We combine the strengths and credibility of LoadRunner with the efficient and cost-effective power of Amazon EC2 to deliver an extremely valuable testing solution that enables performance validation across your application lifecycle.  HP LoadRunner in the Cloud makes performance testing and load testing ubiquitous to organizations and projects of all sizes. 


Key features of HP LoadRunner on
Amazon EC2:


·        Test web applications properly by leveraging market-leading technology


·        Ensure application quality using an affordable performance testing solution


·        Gain immediate access to pre-installed software that enables on-demand, unplanned testing


·        Obtain self-service access to a flexible, scalable testing infrastructure


Right now we are accepting requests for an extended Beta of HP LoadRunner in the Cloud.


Click here for more details on HP LoadRunner in the Cloud - we have lots more materials to share...


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