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Are the tools that you are using to test your application affecting the results of those tests?

Success_failure.jpgVirtualization is all around us, and you may be considering using virtual servers as a load generator. There is support for this option in LoadRunner and Performance, but the question to ask is “Are the tools that you are using to test your application affecting the results of those tests?”


Keep reading to find out how noise and other factors could be impacting your tests.

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Recording HTTP traffic on iOS devices with HP LoadRunner

recording HTTP 2.pngiOS devices such as iPhones and iPads have become a valuable part of the IT infrastructure. As a result, there is a need to validate the performance of these devices as they run applications. HP LoadRunner, as the leading performance testing tool in the market, is the perfect choice for this validation. To get started, LoadRunner needs to obtain the HTTP activity performed by the device. Because LoadRunner’s network traffic recording mechanism doesn’t run on iOS, we have a way of getting at the HTTP activity.


Continue reading to find out how LoadRunner can be used to access and record HTTP traffic on the iOS device.


(This post was written by Gennady Gorenshtein from the LoadRunner R&D Team)

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Performance Center maintenance tasks - recommendations and guidelines

load testing.jpgHave you ever been driving down the road when suddenly your engine starts to stall out and your car stops? Does it ever happen at the exact 100,000 mile mark if you haven’t replaced the timing belt?


No of course that scenario doesn’t happen. But not taking care of your car (or your performance testing software) does have consequences. Keep reading for an easy-to-follow guide to maintaining your HP Performance Center installation.

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Need faster load testing? How does 9x’s faster sound? Look no further than HP StormRunner Load

Would you put up with a tool that wastes your time? I can’t imagine why you would.iStock_000021187110Medium.jpg


I have a zero-tolerance policy for slow tools, because tools are supposed to make me faster, and as you know, speed counts. In application delivery it’s all about who can release faster without compromising the experience for the end user.


Keep reading to see how fast you can really go.

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Kick-start your load testing with StormRunner Load and TruClient

malcolm_isaacs_small.jpgStormRunner Load is a simple, intelligent, and scalable Web-based SaaS solution from HP for self-service performance testing, and is currently in the public Beta stage. It’s ideal for Agile development sprints as it allows you to load-test your code during development with the minimum of effort, and because it uses load generators in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about managing or maintaining them yourself. If you need more load generators, StormRunner Load will spin up new ones as you need them, and free them up when you’re done.


StormRunner Load simulates a large number of users performing tasks on your application, and monitors response times and other metrics. The easiest way to create a script that simulates a task is to record it using TruClient.  All you need to do is open your browser and navigate your application just like a user. TruClient listens to everything that happens in the browser, and then generates a script that automatically replays these actions.  When you upload the script to StormRunner, you can then replay these actions as many times as you want, and choose whether to run them in parallel, or to gradually run them so as to generate progressively increasing load.

Agile Performance Testing with HP StormRunner Load

1.pngRemember how we used to make sure that our applications perform when they are subject to heavy loads? Once development is done, and the functional testing is complete, the application would be handed over to the Performance Center of Excellence.  The PCoE team would run comprehensive tests to make sure that there isn’t a degradation in application’s performance when lots of different combinations of user scenarios are running in parallel.  They would analyze the results of the tests, and consult with the developers to work out the root causes of problems, and re-run the tests when the problem is eventually solved.


Today, we still have PCoEs, but expectations are different.  In the Agile world, and particularly in Agile enterprises, software coming into the PCoE is expected to be load-tested already.  This emphasis on performance testing during the sprint is another manifestation of the ‘shift left’ that we’ve seen over the last few years, meaning that more testing is done up front during development sprints.

LoadRunner supports multiple app platforms, simple or complex

original.jpgBusinesses are forced to undergo the digital transformation to remain competitive by reducing costs, efficiently scaling with growth, while providing rapid access with enhanced security to applications and services throughout the network. The support of multiple application platforms is essential. IT silos converge to deliver integrated technologies designed for integration and automation.


HP LoadRunner supports multiple application platforms and performance testing for a wide range of application environments and protocols to make scripting faster and easier. Each protocol that simulates the virtual user (Vuser) is designed to handle different aspects of today’s system architectures. You can use the protocol types in any combination in a scenario in order to create a comprehensive application test. Protocol types are divided into several categories, indicating their use within common business environments.

4 simple steps for Performance Testing

original.pngSuppose you want to test the load and performance of an online banking Web or mobile application that is accessed by many customers. The application provides a full range of banking services to the customers—such as the ability to transfer funds and check account balances.


To execute the test, some initial planning is required: like defining where the users are located, what are the transactions most used, the time when the users will be having a higher usage of the app, etc. Also, it is necessary to identify how the test will be executed, the test environment, who will be executing the test and how it will be done. A couple of steps are required for the full load and performance testing.

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HP Webinar: ABCs for Performance Testing Series I

ABC blocks.pngPerformance testing is not just about creating scripts and executing the tests. Once you understand this fact, you begin to look deeper into the rationality behind how to design, execute and understand the results.


Keep reading to find out how you can join us for a series of webinars and learn how to gain this understanding.

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Mobile Load: Performance Testing for Mobile Applications

mobile load testing.jpgMobile applications are everywhere. They have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. They are much more than simply a trend, they empower us to do more and be more.


But these applications pose a challenge for developers. There are multiple devices and platforms that all have different performance requirements.


Keep reading to find out what developers can do to make sure the performance of their applications is satisfactory on multiple devices.

White Paper Wednesday: LoadRunner — Performance testing for web apps

original.jpgToday is an extra special White Paper Wednesday because we have some exciting news to announce.  The world’s leading performance testing tool, LoadRunner, is joining the Pronq family!


Pronq will soon host the LoadRunner Community Edition where you will be able to try the software testing tool that has been the Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for over 7 years. To commemorate this upcoming product launch we are featuring LoadRunner’s white paper Load Factor: Performance Testing for Web Applications.

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