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Eyal Nadler asks: "LoadRunner C-based scripts – an end of an era?"

I’ve been in LoadRunner from its early days. Back then, C actually was the only option. It was quite simple, fast, with a large user base, code base, tools, and ecosystem. It was THE language. Our code was actually written in C (and later in C++) so it was only naturally for us to select it as our scripting language. Days have passed. Many languages came out and gained popularity. We now have dynamic languages, functional languages, native compiled language, VM based languages, strongly typed, weakly typed - we have them all, lots of them. Doing things became much easier. Low level detailed programming lost its place in favor of abstraction and ease of use. People started to appreciate less typing effort, string manipulation, regular expression, garbage collection, type inference and other convenient features. Many tools were developed - syntax highlighters, bug detectors, static analyzers and smart debuggers – that made a programmer’s life much easier.

Webinar: Script Recycling for Fun & Profit

Are you a Script Wizard? A VuGen guru? Do you put significant time and effort into building scripts that push your applications to the limit and beyond? You’re proud of your work and you should be, so why aren’t you recycling your work for fun and profit? With an Integrated Application Lifecycle Management approach that bridges test, quality and production monitoring, you don’t have to just “hope” your application works, but you can ensure your applications live up to their potential in production.
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  • I have been working in the computer software industry since 1989. I started out in customer support then software testing where I was a very early adopter of automation, first functional test automation and them performance test automation. I worked in professional services for 8 years before returning to my roots in customer support where I have been a Technical Account Manger for HP's Premier Support department for the past 4 years. I have been using HP LoadRunner since 1998 and HP Performance Center since 2004. I also have strong technical understanding of HP Application Lifecycle Management (Quality Center) and HP SiteScope.
  • Malcolm is a functional architect, focusing on best practices and methodologies across the software development lifecycle.
  • Michael Deady is a Pr. Consultant & Solution Architect for HP Professional Service and HP's ALM Evangelist for IT Experts Community. He specializes in software development, testing, and security. He also loves science fiction movies and anything to do with Texas.
  • Mukulika is Product Manager for HP Performance Center, a core part of the HP Software Performance Validation Suite, addressing the Enterprise performance testing COE market. She has 14 years experience in IT Consulting, Software development, Architecture definition and SaaS. She is responsible for driving future strategy, roadmap, optimal solution usage and best practices and serves as primary liaison for customers and the worldwide field community.
  • HP IT Distinguished Technologist. Tooling HP's R&D and IT for product development processes and tools.
  • WW Sr Product Marketing Manager for HP ITPS VP of Apps & HP Load Runner
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