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You are invited to a party in the cloud, a public beta of StormRunner Load

We have a BIG Announcement!


This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a revolution. And as you know, revolutions often start with the sound of thunder in the distance. Prepare yourself…a storm is coming!


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StormRunner Load bringing you fast and simple performance testing on demand

When you think of the word “Cloud”, chances are that you don’t immediately think of weather. (This is an industry-blog after all). Your mind most likely thinks of the ways you can save money by moving to the cloudiStock_000018646128Small.jpg.


Now what do you think about when I say the word “Storm”? (Now I bet you are thinking about weather.)  As of July 24, my hope is that you will think performance testing when I say “storm”.  Keep reading to find out why you should look to the cloud for the latest in performance testing.



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Working with HP LoadRunner and HP Network Virtualization

02.pngHP Network Virtualization (NV) helps you test the point-to-point performance of network-deployed products under real-world conditions. You can simulate network effects such as latency, packet loss and bandwidth, allowing your test to run in an environment that closely resembles the actual deployment of your application.

This becomes even more important in the mobile world, where performance testers must take into consideration the different communication conditions which are affected by the network operators, infrastructures, etc.


Continue reading to learn about how NV integrates with HP LoadRunner to provide the complete testing experience for all network situations.


(This post was written by Dan Belfer, Ilona Zaurov and Yoav Weiss, from the LoadRunner R&D Team)

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Big news! HP LoadRunner and Performance Center 12.01 are launching today!

I have been on such an emotional high the past month watching the World Cup. The games have all been so exciting, that now I am looking to replace that excitement.


Thankfully I have the excitement surrounding our latest LoadRunner and Performance Center release to keep me going. Keep reading to find out why I am so excited!

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LoadRunner licenses now available on Pronq.com

Acquiring testing tools shouldn’t be painful. You should be able to get started quickly, and scale up your usage on-demand, at any time. That’s why we’re now offering Virtual User Day licenses for LoadRunner on Pronq.com.

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Overcome the Top 5 DevTestOps Challenges: Mobile, Cloud, Agile, Performance, and Big Data

 Learn how to overcome the Top 5 DevTestOps Challenges: Mobile, Cloud, Agile, Performance and Big Data for the benefit of your business and customers.

What happens in Vegas… HP Discover and performance testing and virtualization


The weather outside was hot, but the temperature inside was even hotter. HP Discover Las Vegas 2014 was an event for the ages! There was so much happening at the event that I am sure you couldn’t catch it all!


Have no fear. I am here with a wrap up of HP Discover and all of the announcements and innovations surrounding HP LoadRunner, Performance Center and HP Network Virtualization. Keep reading to learn what was announced and what others had to say about the event. 


Learn why Dragon 2 from DreamWorks was there too!

Application performance that wins customers: the missing piece of the agile puzzle

Shane Evans bio.pngApplication performance provides the first impression of quality for every customer experience, and is a vital aspect of development and testing. Unfortunately, it is often discussed too late in the project. This is specifically why we wanted to address it in a special webinar on June 18.


Keep reading to find out how you can shift your focus onto application performance.

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Discover how HP Service Virtualization drove Darden’s business success

Darden.PNGIs it possible to have information systems that easily connect and network independent sources?


Join us at HP Discover to hear from Darden Concepts Inc. and learn how the world’s largest full-service restaurant company is able to have restaurants operate independently yet share information. This ability increases efficiency and adds value.

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HP Discover tips and tricks: the performance testing edition with HP and Major Healthcare MCO

tips and tricks dice.pngThe International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that by late 2013, mobile phones will surpass PCs as the most common web access device globally. Are you prepared?


As a result of the global shift in mobile, it is vital that you stay one step ahead of the game and make sure your mobile applications are up to par. Keep reading to find out how you can learn more about mobile performance testing at HP Discover.

Put mobile performance testing at the top of your must-see list in Vegas at HP Discover!

Discover loadrunner presentation.jpgIf you are going to HP Discover, we have a session on mobile applications performance testing that you won’t want to miss.


CA Technologies’ SME Quality Assurance Architect Srdjan Nalis, will present a dive deep about mobile performance testing and how it’s done. In addition, participants will get an inside look at how CA technologies uses HP LoadRunner, HP Performance Analytics and Perfecto mobile software to achieve their mobile performance testing needs.


Keep reading to learn how you can attend this fascinating session.

4 tips and tricks for mobile performance

Event to fix.pngOne of my favorite things about my job is helping testers and developers. Today I am sharing some tips and tricks surrounding the mobile space.


Keep reading to find out how you can optimize your testing, even in the face of mobile device fragmentation.

Your guide to performance testing at HP Discover 2014!

performance testing.pngHP Discover 2014 is just around the corner! There are so many activities and meetings that it is hard to keep up with everything! In order to help you find your way around and make sure you don’t miss anything, I created this go-to-guide for HP Discover!



We have tons of great sessions from customers, new products, new releases and tons of networking! You won’t want to miss all the fun!

Anticipate your load with burst testing with Performance Center on HP SaaS

weather-warning-sign-2-1100939-m.jpgLet’s pretend that you work for a company that is on the verge of launching a new product. Are you losing sleep because you are worrying about your sales portal crashing? Or, are you resting peacefully because you have tested the site load and you know that you will be fine?


Keep reading to find out how you can easily navigate through the burst testing storm. 

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Async. Communications: The WebSocket protocol made easy in LoadRunner 12.00

HTML5 introduced several features for web developers. One of the major features is WebSocket, which is a full-duplex asynchronous communication channel over a single TCP connection.

Before LoadRunner 12.00, it was almost impossible to record/replay WebSocket traffic.  But the good news is that LoadRunner 12.00 makes it so much easier!  Continue reading to learn about the support for WebSockets that was recently added to LoadRunner 12.00


 (This post was written by Peng-Ji Yin (Jerry), with contributions from Avishai Moshka, both from the LoadRunner R&D Team)

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Async. Push Communications : A Brave New World

I think that more apps will resemble chat rooms, stock tickers, sport scores -- what we call real-time updates such as push notifications.


But performance testers will need a new mindset (a way of thinking) to measure and analyze the performance of asynchronous systems.

Performance testing—now powered by SaaS

keyboard cloud.jpgHP Performance Center on SaaS takes the cloud theme of the Apps 12 launch one step further. HP PC on SaaS eliminates the need to have hardware on premise and allows you the flexibility to burst into the HP SaaS cloud,  clouds purchased from elsewhere or a combination as your testing needs demand. 


Keep reading to find out how HP SaaS can help you quickly unlock the value of Performance Center to get through your first round of testing within days of signing up.


Guest post by Mustali Barma, HP PC on SaaS Solution Manager

Is testing at its essence just “faking it”?

design learn simulate.pngFor my first true testing job, I was totally over my head. I was young, inexperienced and honestly had no clue what I was doing. Yet somehow I was able to convince everyone that I knew what I was doing as a testing expert.


I learned how to be an “expert” by watching those who truly were and mimicking what they did. The same is true of application testing today. In load testing, we apply a load to fake a real system into believing real people are accessing it so we can understand how the system under test (SUT) will respond in the real world.  Keep reading to find out how you can better take advantage of this principle in your environment.



Guest post by  David Flynn, HP Solution Architect

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Looking for more on LoadRunner12? This is your chance!

LoadRunner 12 webinar.pngMark your calendars! April 24 is when you can get an in-depth look at HP LoadRunner and Performance Center.


Consider this your private invitation to the event. (But I guess you can share the invite if you like.)

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Testing myths—debunking the top 5 myths of mobile application performance testing

Mobile device.pngHow do you test your mobile application?  Are you sure that your current testing methods are reflective of actual usage?


Learn what the top five myths of mobile application performance testing are. You can also learn what you should do instead if you are currently using one of these testing methods.

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LoadRunner 12.00’s new network profiles make it easier to connect to your LGs, MI Listeners and MoFW

HP LoadRunner 12.00 adds a new feature called Network Profile, which makes it easier for customers to configure their network environment for load testing. The new feature enables the Controller to communicate with other components such as Load Generators, MI Listener and Monitor Over Firewall via a proxy.


LoadRunner 12.00 allows you to export and import these configurations, making it even easier to configure the LoadRunner network environment.


Continue reading to learn about Network Profiles and how you can use them.


(This post was written by Lin Chen (Charlie), from the LoadRunner R&D Team)

Virtual Table Server Enhancements in LoadRunner 12.00

p3.pngWith the recent release of LoadRunner 12.00, I would like to introduce some enhancements to the Virtual Table Server (VTS) in LoadRunner 12.00. If you are not familiar with the VTS, you can refer to my previous post, The New Virtual Table Server (VTS) in LoadRunner 11.52.


Continue reading to learn about these enhancements, which include multi-instance support, TruClient native support, sample data, and more.


This post was written by Jason (Zhi-Yuan Jing), from the LoadRunner R&D team)

Converting TruClient scripts to Web-protocol scripts in LoadRunner 12.0

p7.pngHP LoadRunner provides two solutions for load testing over the Web: the transport-based Web HTTP/HTML protocol, and the TruClient protocol. The difference between them is that the transport-based protocol simulates client requests at the network level while TruClient involves an actual browser engine.


LoadRunner 12.00 introduces a new feature, ‘TruClient to Web’, which can generate a web transport script from an existing TruClient script (either TruClient Firefox or TruClient IE). The generated web transport script contains the same business process as the original TruClient script, and at the same time most of the TruClient metadata, such as logs, comments, transactions and code structures, is also converted to in the equivalent Web HTTP script elements.


Continue reading to find out more about this new feature, and how to use it.


(This post was written by Yang Luo (Kert), from the LoadRunner R&D Team)

Best practices and proven methodologies for Mobile Performance Testing

Vivit logo.jpgMobile performance testing is playing an increasingly important role in the automated tech landscape. This is why we are addressing this issue head- on. You can join us on April 9 at our webinar with Vivit where we will discuss the latest best practices and methodologies for creating an exceptional Mobile Performance Testing strategy.


Keep reading to find out how you can join us.

Step-by-step instructions to Provision Load Generators in the cloud for LoadRunner tests

With the release of LoadRunner 12.00 there are new features to discuss and explain. Today I examine using cloud machines as load generators for running LoadRunner scenarios from the Controller.


Keep reading to find out how to take advantage of this new functionality.


(This post was written by Edo Nir, LoadRunner R&D)

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New Ways to Secure Your LoadRunner Environment in 12.00

HP LoadRunner consists of a number of different components, including the Controller, Load Generators, MI Listeners, etc.  Previous releases of LoadRunner have provided enough security to ensure that the data being transferred between components is secure, but were not able to prevent unauthorized computers from accessing the components.  LoadRunner 12.00 introduces a new set of SSL-based security features that can protect your LoadRunner components from being used by an unauthorized computer.


Continue reading to learn how you can secure your LoadRunner 12.00 environment with the new SSL features.


(This post was written by Yan-Jun Yu (Tedy), from the LoadRunner R&D Team)

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Cloud testing with HP Performance Center 12

provision multiple load generators.jpgIs your department being asked to perform more cloud testing as a result of increasing demand for mobile and analytics?  Cloud testing allows you to quickly and elastically scale up performance tests to meet the demands of your customer-facing business applications.  As a result, you can reduce expenditures and overhead of managing dedicated machines.


Keep reading to find out how you can easily perform cloud testing using HP Performance Testing Solutions.

HP Cloud Testing Webinar: 3 Essential Facts to Simplify Performance Testing

To meet business and technology shifts, agile IT enterprises are adopting technologies and
architectures such as cloud testing and computing which have increased the
speed of application development. 


Keep reading to learn how you can imporve your continuous performance testing.

Using proxy recording for local AUTs in LoadRunner 12.00

p1.pngLoadRunner 11.52 introduced a new feature called Proxy Recording – a way to record remote applications under test. This includes applications installed on mobile devices or computers other than the one on which VuGen is installed. Many users have adopted this feature and given us positive feedback, so we decided to go one step further and offer proxy recording for local Web applications as well in the newest version of LoadRunner—12.00. 


Of course, recording applications that ran on the same machine as VuGen has been possible since the very beginning of LoadRunner’s history, but unfortunately, traditional Web recording techniques caused difficulties for some customers.  Adding Proxy Recording as an alternative recording mechanism should be beneficial for our customers and save a lot of needless troubleshooting.


Continue reading to learn how you can enable Proxy Recording for local applications, and some tips on configuring and using it.


(This post was written by Gal Shadeck, from the LoadRunner R&D Team)

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Announcing HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center version 12

Today is a very exciting day for HP Software Application Delivery Management (ADM) team, with the launch of HP Apps 12. Included in this update is a new version of HP LoadRunner.

With HP LoadRunner and Performance Center software, users have the #1 tool to test their app’s performance thoroughly and accurately. In version 12, a multitude of enhancements were made to its testing capabilities focused around cloud, mobile and continuous testing. Read on as we dive deeper into each type of testing.

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