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Testing is Back on the Charts

...and Quality sounds better than ever!  The latest release entitled Here Comes Science from the Grammy-winning duo They Might Be Giants (John Linnell and John Flansburgh) includes a track called "Put It to the Test" which celebrates the enthusiasm of testing a hypothesis for the purposes of ratifying our understanding of the truth.   In short - testing is actually COOL!  This is not a song just for kids - no, no, NO!   If you've been a veteran software tester or worked in any capacity for quality assurance, I think you'll find the sincere advocacy for testing very refreshing.  I'll admit it had me singing along in the car:

"If there's a question bothering your brain - That you think you know how to explain
You need a test - Yeah, think up a test

If it's possible to prove it wrong - You're going to want to know before too long
You'll need a test

If somebody says they figured it out - And they're leaving any room for doubt
Come up with a test  - Yeah, you need a test

Are you sure that that thing is true? Or did someone just tell it to you?
...Find a way to show what would happen - If you were incorrect 
...A fact is just a fantasy - Unless it can be checked 
...If you want to know if it's the truth - Then, my friend, you are going to need proof 

Don't believe it 'cause they say it's so - If it's not true, you have a right to know"

These words are not just literally music to my ears as a die-hard software tester and also as person who respects the processes and disciplines of the scientific community.  You should know that in our world of computer science and software there is an active resurgence of quality initiatives - a testing renaissance; integrating QA and testing into agile development, testing in production environments, testing for green carbon footprint and even testing requirements before we build anything.  That's right just thinking about your own thinking is a form of testing - that is, if you're willing to question your thoughts honestly!

The new Music CD & Video DVD combo includes also a video for the song which can be seen on YouTube:

At your next SCRUM or Team Meeting - please add an agenda item to listen to the song, watch the video, discuss the lyrics and try to relate the ideas to how you are doing testing in your projects.  Testing is back and on the rise - and now we have a cool song to go with it!

But don't just take my word for it...take my recommendation and PUT IT TO THE TEST!  Geeked

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