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Cute and sexy mini mobile app! How much are you willing to risk?

Hi there,


Last week our team had an off-site meeting in a beautiful place at California! If you want a place for vacation I can recommend – Seascape beach resort - Everything was so perfect!


As I was there I met a friend that I haven’t seen for while. I will name this friend as “Paul”. We had a very good conversation about goals in life and he mentioned to me that he has just moved to a new job!


Not that surprising, he moved from an Enterprise business to a start-up company. This friend is a genius; he is a PHD from Harvard!


The interesting point is that he is taking over some responsibilities in this start-up to the point to improve the overall business. To do that he is being very creative to analyze how the operational area is performing and be able to utilize the resources more effectively.


At this point you may be asking, what this subject has to do with performance testing!


Well, in order to capture the company business operational data to maximize resource utilization and improve the business strategy, Paul has been working in a quick and sweet mobile app to be distributed to the sales force that is the heart of this business.


He showed me this new app that is in pilot phase. This app really rocks! It is a cute and sexy app that helps to collect all sort of sales data in an easy and instantaneously way. It seems pretty cool and I am sure it will fit the purpose.


Well, here is my point, as Paul is working in this mini sexy app that will immensely help the business to make a difference in their market, there are thousands of mobile applications  being created to be used internally by employees or externally by customers. These mobile applications will make a difference in the future for sure!


Even though, it is a mini cute sexy app, it is still a critical app for the business success!


I asked Paul, how are you sure that the app will perform well? How are you sure that when all your sales force is using this app, the application won’t crash because of the load?


Then He mentioned: “I have a couple of sales people testing at the same time now”. My question back was “how can you guarantee that this test performed by people will ensure performance testing”.


Well, we see the mobile market growing, as per Forrester “1 billion consumers will own smartphones by 2016”, and some start-ups may not think about the risks of not performing load testing. One of the issues that the start-ups face is time and budget to test as well.2-28-12mobilefirst2.jpg


How much are you willing to risk?


Definitely, most of these mini cute apps should be considered for Load Testing, especially if these mini apps support heavily business outcomes.


What is your take on performing load testing in the mini cute and sexy apps? Would you take the risk? Let me know what your opinion is? What challenges are you facing when testing the mobile apps?


Just as a reminder, at beginning of February, HP has launched the HP LoadRunner in the Cloud and it can be very appropriate for the scenario described above. HP LoadRunner allows customers to run performance test on demand in the cloud and pay-per-use model.

Click here to sign-up for the HP LoadRunner in the Cloud solution - CloudPerform powered by HP LoadR...


Be aware of the risk, talk to you soon!


Silvia Siqueira


Note: chart from "Preparing for a Mobile first-world" article

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