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Making the Most of HP Discover: My Top 7 Tips

You’ve registered for HP Discover (using the promo code “Expert”), booked your flight and hotel. Now comes the difficult task, filling your time. If you’re a member of the ExpertOne community, (you’ve got your learner ID right?) you have to decide what sessions to attend, when to visit the ExpertOne lounge, set aside free time, and figure out how to spend the rest of your time in Las Vegas. Here’s a list of my top 7 (must do) activities for ExpertOne certified professionals. Everyone is welcome to join me, with the exception of one activity. It’s exclusive for our Master ASEs.

7 Reasons Why You can't Afford to Miss HP Discover 2013

HP Discover is a must-attend event for anyone involved in IT. From CEOs to ExpertOne certified professionals, there’s something for everyone. From the keynote speakers to the Discover Zone, technical sessions, hands-on labs, exams, late night dinners, and pre-event training, it’s a fast paced event with something for everyone.

4 Reasons Why Certifications Matter

Often I hear people asking why bother with certifications. What will they do for me? How will they help my career? If I spent the required time necessary to answer every question, this would be a very long article. Instead, I'm focusing on the key points and highlights. HP's ExpertOne certification program is industry leading and world class.

Read on and tell me if you agree or disagree.

Certifications do matter.

Master the Cloud Fundamentals for Free: HP ExpertOne Training

For a limited time we are offering a 1 hour Introduction to Cloud training webinar (value $200) to all ExpertOne registered learners.  This is a great 'get started' session to quickly get up to speed on terminology, service models and the future of Cloud and we'll also tell you about some good next steps toward mastering the cloud in your career.

Get Certified for Greater Success by Optimizing your Server skills: HP ExpertOne

Are you looking to enhance your competency on HP Integrity systems and extend your knowledge to private cloud? Or could you or someone on your team use a server skills refresher?  Learn how to optimize your mission-critical HP Integrity server solutions with training and certifications from HP ExpertOne and find out about our new Master level certification.

HP Discover Frankfurt and HP ExpertOne Interviews

If you didn't get the chance to attend this fantatic conference, I've compile a few of the interviews for your viewing pleasure.

Susan Underhill, VP of ExpertOne and Patrick Eitenbichler, director of Americas Marketing talk about the different ways ExpertOne is closing the skills gap, delivering innovative training solutions and enhancing the benefits for certified professionals.


New Certifications from HP ExpertOne

It's December and we've got five new certifications. Along with these new certifications, there is a new HP Press title, HP ASE Converged Infrastructure Official Exam Certification Guide (HP0-D20).

HP Press Books: More than Exam Study Guides

To me, HP Press study guides are more than something I use to study for exams. They are invaluable reference guides filled with basic and advanced concepts, industry best practices, and installation scenarios. They are also great refresher study guides if you sat a class and a couple months ago and need to catch-up before sitting an exam.


After reading the books front to back cover many times (studying for exams), I now see them serving me several ways.

What's New with HP ExpertOne

The ExpertOne program continues to grow and evolve, shaping the future of people looking for certification and training in trending, new and emerging areas. Cloud computing, converged infrastructure, and Gen8 server operations are just a few areas we have addressed. Plus, we've got exciting news for upcoming training events and conference announcements.

6 Reasons Why You Have to Attend HP Discover 2012

HP Discover 2012 is a must-attend event for HP ExpertOne certified professionals looking to get their hands on the latest gear, talk to the experts and meet industry peers. Every year, HP brings together the best and brightest minds along with the latest in technology.

Lecture Gone Wrong: Physics, Learning, “The Big Bang Theory” and where HPExpertONE fits in

written by Paul Telles


HP ExpertONEand its Competency-Based Learning (CBL) initiative shares many of the goals and methods espoused by physicists. By focusing on interactive learning, the CBL courseware will enable you to explore how HP technologies and solutions can help your career and business thrive. Through discussions and peer-to-peer interactions, you’ll exchange information and real-world insights with your fellow IT professionals, returning you to the workplace with fresh ideas and insights.

Fast Track your HP ExpertOne Storage Career

HP ExpertOne introduces the Fast Track for Storage certification program, enabling eligible EMC and NetApp certified professionals to achieve HP Storage certifications with less than 50% instructor-led training when compared to a new candidate training curriculum.

Upon passing four exams, the EMC and NetApp candidate receives two HP ExpertOne certifications: HP Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS) and HP Accredited Systems Expert (ASE) in StorageWorks Integration.

How does Converged Infrastructure accelerate IT to make your business faster?

How does Converged Infrastructure accelerate IT to make your business faster?  Patrick Eitenbichler has some great answers!

When someone asks for a new service, application or website do you answer “yes, I have a bunch of people sitting on the bench ready to jump on that request” or do you answer “we have a backlog of requests, it’s in the queue”?

HP ExpertOne Expands Cloud Certification Offerings

HP ExpertOne provides an innovative skills and expertise program through flexible certification and training delivery, including the industry-leading HP Master ASE – Converged Infrastructure Architect certification that definitively proves you have the skills to talk tech at the highest level in an organization.


For more information, please visit www.hp.com/go/certification


Busting the Myth: What Happens in Vegas

Over 11,000 attendees participated in today's HP Discover events. All you had to do was look down the corridors and in the Discover Zone to realize just how many people are at this year's event!

The dizzying number of sessions had me running ragged, zipping from session to session. Comfortable shoes were the key to an enjoyable day..

The Discover Event Before HP Discover

HP Discover doesn’t officially start until Monday afternoon but did you know there are over 80 people attending HP ExpertOne pre-event training? Conference attendees arrived last week in anticipation of two and a half days of technical, hands-on training. HP ExpertOne training delivery partners are holding classes in networking, storage and enterprise solutions.

Science Museum London; a fitting location for the launch of HP Institute

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the global launch of the HP Institute Program at the Science Museum in London. The sun was shining, we had our first and probably last day of summer, and I was surrounded by innovation and examples of what we can achieve if we come together as one.


Employability, skills gap, finding the right talent to match an organisation's needs are at the top of everyone's agenda in today's fast moving connected world; and the time is right for IT vendors to connect with governments, trade associations and education establishments to collaborate and make a difference for the good of all.

“I’ll look into that” becomes reality: HP Press releases 2 titles on popular network certifications

New HP Networking guest blog by Rebekah Harvey, Director, Learning Product Management (AKA CertDoctor)

Head in the Cloud and Feet on the Ground

It’s a natural progression—our careers (and lives) start with a cloudy focus and a foot-on-the-ground novice perspective.  As we learn and grow, we see the need to adopt wider and deeper perspectives and capabilities.

What do Vienna and HP’s ExpertONE Program have in Common?

What do a major city in Austria and an IT-industry certification program have in common?  Besides both playing a role in HP’s Discover 2011, there are some other intriguing similarities.

Are you going to HP DISCOVER – Vienna?

HP DISCOVER – Vienna is THE place to be, 29 November-1 December.  While you’re there “discovering” HP, discover ExpertONE.

What’s in the name “ExpertONE”? Plenty!

I’m just now getting caught up after my busy week at VMworld 2011. What a great event! I spent much of my time in the HP booth, talking and networking and spreading the word about HP ExpertONE.  I found there were a lot of people who weren’t familiar with the name “ExpertONE.” Oh, sure, they knew about the HP Certified Professional program, but ExpertONE was new to them.

Expertise gap holding you back? Converged Infrastructure certification from HP ExpertONE can help

Earlier this week we talked about how the expertise gap ["Don't let an expertise gap hold you back"] is holding some companies back from deriving the highest value from virtualization and, more specifically, a converged infrastructure. In fact, a 2010 IDC survey of CIOs says that a “lack of staff skills” is one of the top challenges to moving to converged computing. HP ExpertONE aims to solve that challenge with a comprehensive training and certification portfolio covering virtualization and the HP Converged Infrastructure.

Don’t let an expertise gap hold you back—HP ExpertONE can help

Hiring managers tend to use the phrase “skills gap” when they explain their plight of not being able to hire people with precisely the right qualifications. I use the word “expertise” instead of “skills” to imply that there’s more to being an IT expert than merely having technical skills. “Expertise” not only includes having practical hands-on experience with the technologies and solutions that are in play today, such as virtualization and converged infrastructure, but it also means that you have access to additional knowledge content and other experts, such as solutions architects and product engineers, so that you can pick their brains and absorb some of their knowledge just when you need it most.

Leaving Las Vegas

So, I almost titled this blog “These boots were made for walkin’” but decided you all didn’t need a mental image of thigh-high go-go boots as my final send-off to HP DISCOVER—although with the multiple “Elvi” (thanks @matthewnorwood for THAT little nugget) and Marilyn Monroe’s running around, I guess go-go boots are not too far off the mark—it is Vegas after all!  But back to my point…(I did have one when I started this?)


Now I remember…


HP DISCOVER has been an amazing week for me and I hope for a lot of other people as well.  I’ve met some of the smartest, most creative people this week.  On the DISCOVER ZONE floor, I met a lot of people who are passionate about HP and our products and a few people who are ambivalent about our products.  I met people who know a lot about the ExpertONE program and who hold multiple certifications and I met people who had never heard of the program.  It was a pleasure to meet them all. 

Too tired for a compelling hook but having some phenomenal conversations

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!  This week has been a mad dash blur of listening to keynotes, attending sessions, and meeting with ExpertONE certified professionals.   

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking about the ExpertONE program with some of the bloggers who are here. Thomas Jones (@Niketown588 ) and I even had a chance to talk about the program on camera.  http://www.niketown588.com/2011/06/interviewing-rebekah-harvey-phd-at.html


So here’s a big shout out to Thomas for letting me share our story with his viewers.  Thanks, Thomas! 


Tuesday night’s “TweetUp” was a lot of fun, as was the Triple Crown Event for ExpertONE, Connect, and Vivit members.  “That’s Our Susan” won the fourth race at the Triple Crown, which of course made my boss, Susan Underhill, feel pretty good. 


On Wednesday I got to meet a number of ExpertONE Master certified professionals at the MASE luncheon.  Rich Gossman did a great job of challenging the group to tell more customers about the ExpertONE program and the benefits that it provides to customers (like lower costs, faster time to implementation, higher ROI, etc.).   We also had an opportunity to recognize the first group of Master ASE Converged Infrastructure Architects at the luncheon.  If you want to know more about the Converged Infrastructure MASE, click here.


Forgive the somewhat chronological summary of events thus far, but I can’t come up with a more compelling hook right now—I think I’m starting to hit that wall where I’ve consumed so much new information that my virtual memory is running low. 

There’s opportunity for everyone in HP ExpertONE

This is a very exciting time to be with HP.


It hasn’t been quite a year yet since I joined HP, so this is my first time to attend the big customer conference, HP DISCOVER. I am in awe as I look around at the ten thousand or so people who came to Las Vegas to learn about the future of computing. Then again, I’m not surprised that so many people are here to see for themselves how HP is changing the IT industry.


If I had to pick a single word to describe the theme of the conference content, it would definitely be “convergence.” In Tuesday morning’s general session, Dave Donatelli presented the CI products that were announced Monday and followed that with a detailed explanation of our end to end product strategy. 

As I think about all of this technology convergence, I am reminded that there’s more to the successful deployment of business solutions than just great technology. People are also a critical component. More specifically, companies need people with the right expertise to work with new solutions such as HP VirtualSystem, HP CloudSystem and HP AppSystem. As it happens, there are about two thousand members of HP ExpertONE here at HP DISCOVER who are learning about these technologies and how to turn them into great business solutions for HP customers.


HP’s Converged Infrastructure and CloudSystem strategies will change the way our customers think about how to implement these technologies in their IT organizations to support their business. As more and more customers want these technologies in their environments, the need for ExpertONE professionals with the right skills and knowledge will only continue to grow. There’s plenty of opportunity for everyone. Even if you aren’t here in Vegas getting your first taste of these newest HP products, we encourage you to join the ExpertONE community and start building your expertise—you’re going to need it.

I Love the Nightlife …

Greetings from HP DISCOVER and sunny Las Vegas (not that you would know it was sunny outside if you’ve spent much time in sessions.)

If HP DISCOVER were a game of Cash Cab

So I’ve become a little obsessed with the TV show Cash Cab in the past few months…so as I’m wandering through the DISCOVER Zone early this morning, the dark interior of the DISCOVER Zone floor and the vibrantly colored pillars reminded me for some odd reason of the flashing lights on the cab ceiling in the game.  Besides the obvious differences—we’re not in a cab, for instance, and this isn’t a game show, it’s real-life, the only major difference between HP DISCOVER and Cash Cab is that the answer to every question here is the same.


What is the only company to provide single pane of glass management for servers, storage and networking?  Answer.  HP.  Check out more information about IMC at the DISCOVER e-collateral site.


What is the only company to provide a converged infrastructure AND the physical room or “pod” from which to run it?  Answer. HP.  http://siliconangle.tv/ Watch Jim Ganthier’s discussion to learn more about the EcoPod.


What is the only company to provide a completely open, innovative approach to Cloud that has been seriously lacking in the IT industry?  Answer.  HP. Check out more information about HP CloudSystem at the DISCOVER e-collateral site.


Sometimes I really am in awe that I get to work for a company that has such an amazing presence and does so many different things to help customers innovate and grow!

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