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HP LoadRunner 11.00 Certifications: HP ExpertOne

We get a lot of questions around performance testing certifications, specifically HP LoadRunner. I hope you find this article informative and answers most if not all of your questions. Why all the attention? HP LoadRunner is a popular load testing software suite and many employers are looking for people with HP LoadRunner experience – it is a great resume or CV enhancer. Even companies that don’t utilize HP LoadRunner use the skill set as a competency gauge.

If your virtual servers had feelings, would they be hurt?

What does “virtualization” really mean?  According to my Merriam-Webster dictionary mobile app, “virtualization” doesn’t even exist as a word, which I thought was odd.  Granted, the word does exist via more techie reference guides such as Wikipedia or dictionary.com.   But staying true to my mobile appendage’s inventory of words, I went to the heart of the word virtualization, “virtual”, which has the core meaning of “being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted”.  Could we then define IT “virtualization” as not yet ‘formally recognized or admitted’ – especially for the entire data center of IT resources?

Explore Your Path to Mastering Data Center Transformation: HP ExpertOne and HP Discover

If you’re heading to HP Discover (June 11-13), I invite you to attend an incredible opportunity. Isaac Blake and Russ Wagner will host a roundtable discussion for IT professionals interesting in learning more about our HP ExpertOne Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect V1 certification. There’s been a great deal of interest from IT architects and others looking for the next big trend in IT certifications. In addition, IT certified professionals looking to take their career to the next level will want to hear what Isaac and Russ have to say. They will spend time talking about the training, board review, examination process and education requirements.

4 Reasons Why Certifications Matter

Often I hear people asking why bother with certifications. What will they do for me? How will they help my career? If I spent the required time necessary to answer every question, this would be a very long article. Instead, I'm focusing on the key points and highlights. HP's ExpertOne certification program is industry leading and world class.

Read on and tell me if you agree or disagree.

Certifications do matter.

Master the Cloud Fundamentals for Free: HP ExpertOne Training

For a limited time we are offering a 1 hour Introduction to Cloud training webinar (value $200) to all ExpertOne registered learners.  This is a great 'get started' session to quickly get up to speed on terminology, service models and the future of Cloud and we'll also tell you about some good next steps toward mastering the cloud in your career.

Get Certified for Greater Success by Optimizing your Server skills: HP ExpertOne

Are you looking to enhance your competency on HP Integrity systems and extend your knowledge to private cloud? Or could you or someone on your team use a server skills refresher?  Learn how to optimize your mission-critical HP Integrity server solutions with training and certifications from HP ExpertOne and find out about our new Master level certification.

Fast Track your HP ExpertOne Storage Career

HP ExpertOne introduces the Fast Track for Storage certification program, enabling eligible EMC and NetApp certified professionals to achieve HP Storage certifications with less than 50% instructor-led training when compared to a new candidate training curriculum.

Upon passing four exams, the EMC and NetApp candidate receives two HP ExpertOne certifications: HP Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS) and HP Accredited Systems Expert (ASE) in StorageWorks Integration.

How does Converged Infrastructure accelerate IT to make your business faster?

How does Converged Infrastructure accelerate IT to make your business faster?  Patrick Eitenbichler has some great answers!

When someone asks for a new service, application or website do you answer “yes, I have a bunch of people sitting on the bench ready to jump on that request” or do you answer “we have a backlog of requests, it’s in the queue”?

One of the first Master ASE Converged Infrastructure Architects on certification

This week at HP DISCOVER, we’re honoring our first “class” of HP Master ASE – Converged Infrastructure Architects. But before the certification officially existed, we had a beta program in which we tested the training, the proctored exam, and the board review exam. HP presales consultant Russ Wagner was one of our beta testers, and I caught up with him the other day to ask him about his experience in trying out the new certification.


Russ is part of the Solutions Architect team for HP in North America. His job is to talk to the executive ranks of HP customers about their enterprise architecture and how HP can help them transform their IT operations toward cloud computing. He has held his current position for about two years, but he has more than 25 years of experience in the IT field.


Given his role and his experience level, he is an ideal candidate for the Converged Infrastructure Architect certification—and that’s precisely why we asked him to beta test our new Architect level certification process. You see, this is the first time HP has used a board review process to evaluate a candidate’s expertise, and we wanted to make sure we have it right.


Russ told me there were two reasons why he was personally interested in the Converged Infrastructure Architect certification. First, he wanted to solidify his professional pedigree—to show that he has proven himself in a program that recognizes quality skills and knowledge. He says the “master” word in the certification’s title is very important in the technology field. His customers can see he has reached the pinnacle of his profession.


The second reason he wanted to earn the certification was to keep his HP training current and accurate and aligned with where the company is going. As a presales consultant representing Hewlett-Packard, Russ says it’s important that he show channel partners that HP employees value this certification. He is leading by example.


You may have heard about the HP Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model. We call it CI MM. It’s a model that helps a company assess its current and desired future state of its data center. Russ helped develop some of the training for this maturity model. When he attended his annual sales conference last year and saw that the ExpertONE team was beta testing the training for the Converged Infrastructure Architect certification, he thought he’d audit the course and see what value it has to offer. Turns out he got a lot out of sitting in on that course. He told me it was “essential for his professional development.”  This comes from a guy that helped develop CI training for others. If he found the ExpertONE course to be so valuable, that tells me we packed some really good stuff into our certification training.


To prepare for the CI Architect board review exam, Russ reviewed the materials from our course as well as materials he had used with customers when he was doing CI MM engagements. This little bit of preparation – combined with his actual field experience – gave him the confidence to head into the board review exam.


Here are his exact words about the board review: “It replicated the customer experience so well that I actually got lost in the experience, feeling like I was actually standing in front of customers giving a customer briefing. I had to remind myself that these people were my peers and associates and not real customers.” Now, it makes my heart soar to hear that. It tells me that those of us who built the certification process really got it right.


I asked Russ what advice he might offer to future candidates for the Master ASE – Converged Infrastructure Architect certification and he offered up a few tips:


  • Come into the board review process with the perspective of offering a business solution for the customer and not a product pitch or roadmap. You need to analyze the case study to understand the challenge the customer is facing and how this can be addressed with a comprehensive solution.


  • Understand that the members of the review board aren’t going to interact with you like a real customer would. The review process has to be standard for every candidate that goes through the process, so the judges aren’t going to guide the candidate toward a right answer. The judges’ stoicism is different from a real customer environment, but it’s a necessary part of the judgment process.


Russ now carries the title of Master ASE – Converged Infrastructure Architect. Modest guy that he is, he has just started promoting himself with that title. He said it’s important that customers know the caliber of his expertise when he begins an engagement with them.


Wouldn’t you, too, like to hold this title to prove your professional pedigree? Learn more about it at http://www.hp.com/certification/data_card/HP_MASE_Converged_Infrastructure_Architect_2011.html


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