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HP Discover 2015 ExpertOne Training Catalog

HP provides an unprecedented level of IT training, included in the cost of attendees passes, and fully integrated into the HP Discover event. HP ExpertOne is delivering certification training, enabling you to get the technical training you need to be successful in your career and certification exams to become certified.


Disclaimer:  Some of these classes may not be available to all audiences. 

After registering for the full Discover pass, you will be able to select from courses available.

How HP ExpertOne Master ASEs Make it Matter in the insurance industry

In this episode of “Around The Storage Block”, Calvin Zito (@hpstorageguy) talks with Dean Colpitts (an HP channel partner) about the challenges insurance providers face and how he helps them with HP Storage solutions

What does technology, tapas, and HP ETSS have in common?

The answer is BARCELONA. 


HP ExpertOne Technology and Solutions Summit (ETSS) will be hosted in the Spanish city of Barcelona, also known for FC Barcelona football team, good tapas and the Gaudi architecture. 


HP ETSS is training opportunity for HP Partners and the HP EG EMEA Presales & Pursuit community that cannot be missed.  In 2014, register to attend the event from 4-7 February and learn more about the latest technology updates in Converged Infrastructure, Converged Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, Security, Risk Management and much more.   

Why Attend the HP ExpertOne Technology & Solutions Summit (ETSS)?

Before trying to convince your boss think about what is going on in your company now, and where your company is heading in the future?


Twice a year HP holds ETSS. These central European training conferences are becoming increasingly important for the HP Channel. The pressure is also high on other IT vendors to regularly train the engineers as well as sales and marketing teams of their distributors & resellers as technologies and the IT market are undergoing a tremendous transformation in the past few years. (CRN Germany, 2014)

Before trying to convince your boss think about what is going on in your company now, and where your company is heading in the future?



Don't miss out on this MUST ATTEND technology event - HP ETSS

We all face the same challenges with technology. Being a master of all requires an investment of time, energy and sometimes money to keep up with the rapid pace of new technology. According to Moore's law, processor power will double every two years. In my opinion, it's every year. One of my favorite ways of staying current is to roll up my sleeves, get out and talk with my peers and industry experts as well as get my hands on the technology. Most people wouldn't buy a car without taking it for a test drive. The same can be said for the IT industry.


Twice a year, HP ExpertOne hosts the HP ExpertOne Technology & Solutions Summit (ETSS) where more than 1,000 of your peers and industy experts from around Europe will gather to exchange ideas, information and best practices. Attending ETSS is one of the best ways to keep ahead of the Moore's law curve. 


HP ExpertOne Master ASEs Make it Matter

HP ExpertOne-Make It Matter-Certification-Master ASE-ASE.jpg

At HP, our channel partner strategy is all about helping partners move their customers to the New Style of IT.

In ExpertOne, our HP Master ASEs form an elite group of professionals at our channel partner organizations. To build brand awareness for our Master ASE partners who embody the spirit of the New Style of IT, we are launching a new ExpertOne Master ASE Make it Matter campaign.


"We all have one thing in common: World-class customer support and solutions based on a unique understanding of customer needs" 


Dean Colpitts, MITG, JoAnne Catcott, M2 Technology, and Jaro Simek, Entisys all have stories featured on hp.com/expertone. Dean, JoAnn and Jaro each have interesting stories to tell in their very different vertical industries, but one thing is common to all of them: World-class customer support and solutions based on a unique understanding of their customer’s needs. Their advanced certification training status allows them to earn the trust of their customers, and take the solution to a whole new level. Dean, JoAnn and Jaro’s stories aren’t about products, but instead about solutions to real customer problems. Their stories are relatable because they focus on the benefits to their end customers. Whether it’s speeding up the process of insurance claims or enabling students at a community college to connect anywhere and anytime, these stories are about earning the trust of customers as they transition to a new era of IT.


Guest blog – Q&A MASEs Make it Matter 

A beginners’ guide to HP certifications: Why an HP ExpertOne Master ASE Matters

4 questions with Dean Colpitts, HP channel partner, MITG, Canada


Q1: Tell me about your organization.

MeHP_Discover2014_Dean Colpitts_HP ExpertOne_Cropped.jpgmbers IT Group (MITG) is a privately-owned, customer-oriented technology solution provider. We have deep experience with small, medium and enterprise companies across Canada- so we have a strong local presence within an expanding national scope. We specialize in enterprise-level solutions practically adapted for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). Our hardware, software and managed solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers. We help businesses run more efficiently while making the best use critical IT budget dollars.


Q2: Why does having a Master ASE certification matter to you and your customers?

It helps me have a different kind of conversation with my customer: one that is more about starting with their challenges and goals, and then designing and implementing a full solution to meet their needs. It instills more trust and confidence in my customers to listen to that advice from the very beginning of the conversation.


Q3: What is the single biggest thing that changed for you after you became a master ASE?

A more consultative approach to working with my customers. 


Q4: Tell me about a specific customer experience where your advanced certification played a key role in business impact of your customer.

For one particular insurance company, we created a service that very quickly and easily connected the company’s brokers with critical information they needed to speed up insurance claims and policy renewals for end users. First, we implemented an HP converged infrastructure. Then we acted as a one-stop, full-service help desk IT department for the customer. In the end, our customer’s insurance brokers were selling more policies than ever because we had increased their customer service to such a high degree. Ultimately, end-users had their insurance claims settled must faster than before we implemented this infrastructure and service.


To learn more about the ExpertOne Make it Matter partner stories, visit hp.com/expertone. Get in touch with us and get noticed for the work you are doing as a Master ASE! Contact michelle.doss@hp.com to schedule an interview.


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6 Reasons to Attend Vivit’s Mobility Virtual Summit

Give me your phone…your mobile device…hand it over. Watch me as I make it disappear…gone, forever. Now, what will you do?

Love technology? Love football? – Then join ExpertOne at HP ETSS!

Here’s why - Once again, HP ExpertOne Technology and Solutions Summit (ETSS) finds it home in the Spanish city of Barcelona, also known for FC Barcelona football team, good tapas and the Gaudi architecture. HP is looking forward to welcome 1,000 IT professionals and HP Experts for the biggest technical knowledge transfer event in the region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).  

Be a Security Professional Superhero - Register for Discover Enterprise Security Training Sessions Today!

 “The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards.”

~ Gene “Spaf” Spafford - professor of computer science at Purdue University and a leading computer security expert.

29 HP ExpertOne Training Classes to choose from at HP Discover

For partners looking to meet PartnerOne requirements or customers wanting to learn more about products and solutions they're installed or have already installed, HP ExpertOne is delivering a full suite of technical training classes at HP Discover. They include Big Data, cloud, Converged Infrastructure, networking, security, servers, software and storage.

Pearson exams will be available on-site again this year during HP Discover. You can register for 2 free HP0 exams and receive a 50% discount off the 3rd exam. Register for HP Discover exams is completed through the Pearson exam website. 


Register now for HP Discover to secure your seat. Remember to use the promo code "EXPERT" when registering to receive a $300 registration discount.


What's new with HP ExpertOne - From the HP Global Partner Conference 2014

This is an important event for our partners to interact and learn more about how HP is creating new programs and enhancements to make it easy to do business with us, and for our partners to sell and win in the marketplace.


This week we introduced to our partners several new sales tools, services and updates to the HP PartnerOne program that will help partners accelerate growth.

4 ExpertOne partner sales training sessions you don't want to miss: HP Discover

HP ExpertOne will be offering Sales certification training to all attendees affiliated to our value channel partners. After you register for Discover, select the session below you wish to attend and register within the Discover catalog. We have more technical and sales sessions, just for partners! All to drive revenue for your organization.



INDC and HP ExpertOne Webinar: Converged Infrastructure and Cloud as Steps in Data Center Transformation

As data centers have evolved over the past decades, new technologies and architectures have emerged improving the efficiency, effectiveness and ITSM requirements of the data center. Marketing has used terms such as Standardization, Consolidation, Virtualization, Automation, Converged Infrastructure, and most recently Cloud to describe these new technologies. But what is really involved in this new evolution? Not all IT data centers are ready for the Cloud, yet all could reap the benefits of this transformational technology.

7 Reasons to Attend HP Discover

HP Discover is the must attend technical event of the year. From IT administrators and enterprise pre-sales architects to CEOs, we have something for everyone. 

This year we’re delivering training to over 1,000 attendees. This is a ten-fold increase from last year! In addition to the sales and technical (hands-on lab) training, we have our Pearson test center, more technical and sales sessions just for partners, all to drive revenue to your organization. You will meet all your PartnerOne training requirements at HP Discover and have access to HP subject matter experts with deep technical knowledge.

How the Right Training Can Change Everything

If you are like most football fans who were watching the NFL wild card playoff games leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII, you likely expected the Eagles to trounce all over the sixth seed Saints, who had an abysmal road record and who struggle when playing outside in the frigid temperatures. You were likely surprised at how well prepared the Saints were, for both the freezing weather and the crushing Eagles defense. You were probably stunned at the unlikely last-minute win via a field goal.

What do football, tapas, and HP ETSS have in common?

The answer is BARCELONA!


HP ExpertOne Technology and Solutions Summit (ETSS) will be hosted in the Spanish city of Barcelona, also known for FC Barcelona football team, good tapas and the Gaudi architecture. 


HP ETSS is training opportunity for HP Partners and the HP EG EMEA Presales & Pursuit community that cannot be missed.  In 2014, register to attend the event from 3-7 February and learn more about the latest technology updates in Converged Infrastructure, Converged Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, Security, Risk Management and much more.    

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Be Exam-prepared Strong! 5-steps to being prepared to pass your certification exams and win!

In the words of Paul Bear Bryant, the legendary head coach of the University of Alabama football team, “It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.”  Follow these words and prepare to win and pass your certification exams. 

The HP ExpertOne certification blog provides insights on ExpertOne certification for those who want to develop and maintain their IT skills and expertise.

Learn how to streamline the management of your network with HP Intelligent Management Center

I often have to explain what BYOD really means to friends who aren’t in the technical world so the best way I can describe it is to imagine you’re a wedding planner at an event for 300 people who’ve traveled from all across the world for this one day.  Everyone brings their own luggage, languages, and customs and it’s your job to make sure everyone has a safe, happy and unified experience

5 Reasons to Attend Vivit Virtual Summits on Game Changers: Big Data & Security on November 20 & 21

Does your IT infrastructure possess the horsepower to take advantage of big data and are you employing all the safeguards to keep it all safe, secure & private?  With the world’s appetite for digital communication expanding by the hour, you don’t want to miss Vivit’s Virtual Summits on Big Data & Security.

Boost your career with HP ExpertOne TeamSite Web management system certification

Enterprise company websites are usually sprawling and complex, and so are their content management processes. HP TeamSite helps companies tame the content beast. This powerful Web content management system empowers various teams and business users to collaborate efficiently on high-performance commercial websites.


Now, HP ATP - TeamSite System Administrator V1 certification is available to help IT professionals increase their bottom-line value to employers.

6 Reasons to Attend Vivit Virtual Summits on Game Changers: Mobility & Cloud November 6 - 7 and Big Data & Security November 20 - 21

No matter where your organization is on its journey toward implementing the big four game changers, the complimentary Virtual Summits, hosted by Vivit, your independent HP Software community, are the best destinations for exploring technologies, learning the strategies and preparing an environment that evolves with your business.

Dump the Dumps! Here’s a Better Way to Prepare for an HP ExpertOne Exam

We at HP stand behind our ExpertOne certified professionals by ensuring we are doing everything we can to make their certifications matter.  Our ExpertOne community appreciates the time and talent that goes into creation of the ExpertOne exams. Subject matter experts from around the world participate in the exam development and review process.

A question we are often asked is: “How do to I find sample exams and test preparation sites for HP ExpertOne certifications?” We want to clear the air about how HP feels about the Exam Dump and Cheat Sites that disguise themselves as test preparation and training sites.  (Spoiler alert… we are NOT in favor!)

HP TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall + HP ExpertOne ATP or ASE Certification = Powerful Protection for Your Network Infrastructure

Balancing network security and availability is a fact of life for network and data center managers. HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall lets you take control of your organization’s security without compromising network availability.


Based on the proven HP TippingPoint NGIPS engine, this powerful new product line addresses today’s advanced threats by delivering reliability, ease-of-use, security effectiveness, and superior application visibility and control. And because network security is irrelevant if your network doesn’t meet user demand, HP TippingPoint network security devices deliver well beyond 99 percent network uptime nearly continuously.


New training and certification opportunities

Having the most advanced security solution available anywhere is one thing, but getting the most out of it for your network or data center requires specialized skills. That’s why HP offers two new professional certifications, HP ATP - TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall Security Products V1 and HP ASE - TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall Security Products V1. These certifications give you the tools you need to install, configure, manage, and administer this powerful solution. An upgrade certification, HP ASE - TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall Security Products V1- upgrade from HP ASE - TippingPoint Security V1, is also available. 


Find out how you can benefit. Read our recent blog post about how the HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall solution and training and certification can help protect your company’s data and maximize network availability

Upgrade Your Career: Get HP ExpertOne Certified on NNMi v9

You already know that HP Network Node Manager i (NNMi) software gives your network operations team powerful capabilities for managing networks of any size. Many of you reading this may already be certified on HP Network Management Center Software. So why upgrade to NNMi v9?


NNMi v9 is a major upgrade, with powerful new tools to help you manage your network. Gone are the days when consoles were bombarded with huge event streams of meaningless and disconnected events. NNMi v9 analyzes incoming events in real time through RCA and correlates them on a massive scale. Instead of having thousands of events visible in the browser, NNMi can generate a single root-cause-based incident with the events being correlated under the parent incident.

Data Scientist: Rebekah Harvey talks Big Data and career opportunities

I recently had the pleasure of talking with John Furriier and Dave Vellante on The Cube.  My interview with them came at the end of a great week at HP Discover talking with HP customers, partners and certified professionals about the future skills that are critical for the new style of IT.  

HP Discover and ExpertOne: New Storage certifications and HP Press releases

HP Discover is always the place to connect with industry peers, learn about the latest HP technologies and solutions, get your hands on the products, and talk to the engineers. Meg Whitman’s keynote address emphasized HP’s strong portfolio and our customers who use HP technology in innovative and disruptive ways. The key takeaway was how HP has moved the entire HP.com website to HP Moonshot servers. The total power consumption used is the equivalent of twelve 60-watt light bulbs.

Top 3 reasons to take advantage of software pre-event training at HP Discover

You already know about the value of attending HP Discover. Great news: This June, just before HP Discover 2013 kicks off in Las Vegas, you can take advantage of free HP ExpertOne software training and exams, and discounted Vivit Advanced Training courses. Boost your career! Come to Discover 2013 a few days early and reap the benefits of advanced HP Software training.


Here are the top 3 reasons to enhance your HP Discover experience by taking advantage of pre-event training:

  1. Save money: Condensed HP ExpertOne courses are free, and Vivit Advanced courses are heavily discounted (only $99). Plus, you can take your certification exam for free, either at the event or with a free exam voucher if you prefer to take it later.
  2. Get certified: Take the HP ExpertOne courses to prepare for the free certification exams. It’s a great way to meet your partner requirements or advance your career.
  3. Acquire new, career-enhancing skills: HP ExpertOne and Vivit training courses are packed with valuable information, including best practices and real world experience, to keep your IT skills up-to-date.


Don’t gamble on your career (save that for the casinos)—register for HP ExpertOne or Vivit courses today!

7 Reasons Why You Need to Attend HP’s Technology and Solutions Summit: HP ExpertOne

This year, HP ETSS (HP ExpertOne Technology and Solutions Summit) will be in Copenhagen from June 25 -28. If you haven’t heard of ETSS before, it’s the EMEA region’s biggest technical conference filled with over 200 breakout sessions, hands-on and demo labs, keynote sessions and exclusive access to the on-site certification testing center.  The event covers the entire HP Enterprise Group portfolio of products, services and solutions. 

HP LoadRunner 11.00 Certifications: HP ExpertOne

We get a lot of questions around performance testing certifications, specifically HP LoadRunner. I hope you find this article informative and answers most if not all of your questions. Why all the attention? HP LoadRunner is a popular load testing software suite and many employers are looking for people with HP LoadRunner experience – it is a great resume or CV enhancer. Even companies that don’t utilize HP LoadRunner use the skill set as a competency gauge.

If your virtual servers had feelings, would they be hurt?

What does “virtualization” really mean?  According to my Merriam-Webster dictionary mobile app, “virtualization” doesn’t even exist as a word, which I thought was odd.  Granted, the word does exist via more techie reference guides such as Wikipedia or dictionary.com.   But staying true to my mobile appendage’s inventory of words, I went to the heart of the word virtualization, “virtual”, which has the core meaning of “being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted”.  Could we then define IT “virtualization” as not yet ‘formally recognized or admitted’ – especially for the entire data center of IT resources?

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