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Network connection 465C blade server

I am setting up a C3000 using 465C blads servers.  Vsphere 5.1 will run on it.   There will be 5 blades 2 2gb2 L3 interconnects.      I am looking at the  NC364m Quad Port Mess card,  but I recall being told that only 2 of the 4ports on this mess would function on the a half height blade.  


Can anyone confirm wether all 4 port will work on a half height blade. 


If he 4 ports on this mess card and the 2 integrated into blade server would leave me 6 uplinks to each of my 2 ethernet interconnects.  However, are some of the blade able to communicate via a connect accross the backplane that would not require and uplink.   HP docs state "This lets you connect optional storage or I/O devices to a server   blade through the midplane".    However, I am not clear if that path can be used for VMotion.  



Can anyone confirm if the path between the blades can be used for Vmotion - I understand it is disabled by default, but I trust it can easily be enabled



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Re: Network connection 465C blade server

The section "Ethernet Mezzanine Options" listed in the BL465c server blade's QuickSpecs, states that if the NC364m is installed in mezzanine slot 1 of a half-height server, connectivity will be provided on only 2 of the 4 ports. Link for the QuickSpecs:



To connect between blades in the same enclosure, at the least, two Ethernet interconnect switch modules needs to be installed in the enclosure and be cross connected.


As stated above, if NC364m is installed in mezzanine slot of half-height blade, and if it is planned to be so installed in the blade, only four ports are available, including the embedded ones.


Communication through mid-plane happens only between a blade server and storage blade or an expansion blade, when the latter is installed adjacent to the former. Ethernet traffic needs a switch for switching packets from the NICs, which is not embedded in the mid-plane!!





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