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ILO3 & ILO4, fence_ipmilan(RH Cluster Suite) behaviour

Simo had an iLO question when using Red Hat OS.




Previously only the user with Admin rights has been able to power down or reset the server, but RH added –L option to fence_ipmilan to allow fencing with user session privileges.

Customer installed the latest packages as per -L option works now, but the user fenceagent cannot power off the server, even with “virtual power and reset” privileges has been set to it on ILO4. Has anyone else tested this? The following statement clearly explains that with leatest updates you should be able to use user privileges with fence_ipmilan.




Reply from Jonathan:




I believe you need to have the “operator” ipmi level, user was insufficient in my testing.


</>hpiLO-> show /map1/accounts1/fence 




Mon Sep 10 14:41:41 2012










    cd version exit show create delete set



<fencedevice agent="fence_ipmilan" ipaddr="mgmt1-ilo" lanplus="1" login="fence" name="mgmt1-ilo" passwd="************" power_wait="4" privlvl="operator"/>




Any other comments or suggestions?

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Re: ILO3 & ILO4, fence_ipmilan(RH Cluster Suite) behaviour

Although redhata claims that user level is enoug, operator seems to be requirement (at least in RHEL5).

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Re: ILO3 & ILO4, fence_ipmilan(RH Cluster Suite) behaviour

I can also confirm that this is the case with ILO4 and RHEL6 ( RHEL 6.4 with latest patches)


You need to give the user Virtual Console, Power Reset and Virtual Media permissions at the  ILO4 level


also specify privlvl=operator in the fence string in the cluster.conf



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