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The ability to understand your information allows you to capture valuable insights, and uncover opportunities that can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Information Governance

Information today must be managed for compliance with a range of guidelines for business, legal, and government regulations.

Information Management

Protect your information regardless of where it resides, including on premises, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

Plan your HP Big Data Conference 2015 schedule now with our Session Catalog

HP Big Data Conference 2015 - Session Catalog.jpgHP Big Data Conference 2015 in Boston is right around the corner – have you registered yet? The event gives you the opportunity to participate in dozens of Big Data sessions, network with your peers, and learn from our experts and partners about how you can maximize your Big Data analytics outcomes.


Save time once you’re at the conference and familiarize yourself with our session lineup now, using our Session Catalog feature on the #HPBigData2015 website.

No Summer Camp for HP Information Management & Governance: 5 Proof Points of Solid Business Momentum

No summer camp for HP Information Management and Governance.jpgOftentimes, the summer is a bit of a dead period for technology companies.  Many employees take time off to travel with family, and other distractions crop up that can stall business momentum for a few months.  It’s almost like technology vendors go to summer camp for a period of time. 


Not so for HP’s Information Management & Governance portfolio.  We have been hard at work investing in infrastructure and analytics. Here are a few highlights from the last few months that clearly demonstrate the business is on a positive trajectory, even through the summer lull.

What would the Six Million Dollar Man look like if he was file analysis software?

The Six Million Dollar Man.jpgWonder no more. HP has released HP ControlPoint 4.6.


Compared with its predecessor (v4.5), HP ControlPoint 4.6 is a new and improved version – we made it better, faster stronger… "What was the main driver for this release?" you might ask… Our customers!


Continue reading to learn more about the latest enhancements in HP ControlPoint 4.6.


Big Data - It Takes (H)a(ve)n Ecosystem

BDC - TW.jpgAs we prepare for our third annual HP Big Data Conference in just a few short weeks - it keeps getting clearer that our partner ecosystem is critical to our customers' success - which is why we're so thrilled to have so many of them joining us in Boston!


Continue reading to learn more about the role our partners are playing #HPBigData2015. 

Uplevel Big Data Analytics with Graph in Vertica – Part 3: Yes, you can make it go even faster

Uplevel Big Data Analytics with Graph in Vertica - ICON.jpgSo far in this blog series, I’ve discussed the concept of graph analysis and provided an example of how we implemented and benchmarked one common algorithm – single source shortest path – comparing HP Vertica to several common graph engines.  In this post, I’ll discuss the observed performance characteristics in more detail and provide some insights as to how we can further optimize performance of graph analytics in the Vertica engine.


Continue reading to see how you can make graph analysis go even faster. 

Optimizing Vertica query workloads: A real-world use case

Optimizing Vertica query workloads - ICON.jpgIn this blog, I will discuss an HP internal use case that consists of many concurrent queries of diffent complexities.  The challenge is designing a HP Vertica workload solution to optimize this complex query workload.  These queries were generated by a front-end BI tool and their syntax could not be changed.  To perform the tests, the HP team has extracted 5,636 queries of varying complexity (from the simple one table selects to extremely complex types having 10+ table joins and 50+ GBY columns).  


Continue reading to hear more about this Vertica workload performance tuning exercise. 

Why move storage optimization to the top of your list?

Why move storage optimization to the top of your list - ICON.jpgI am sure that there are a lot of projects on your list to improve IT operations just as there are a lot of challenges you are facing right now. So how do you prioritize what goes to the top of your list? We developed a graphic to show you just a few of the reasons why and specifically how HP Storage Optimizer can help. A picture is worth a thousand words!


Continue reading to see why you should move storage optimization to the top of your list. 


Is your data cloud-ready?

File Analysis for the Cloud.pngIf you have considered adopting cloud, have you given any thought to which data should go to which cloud? 


Chances are you have considered cloud. A recent research report by ESG Lab indicates Cloud appears twice in the top 10 IT priorities for 2015. However, you may not have thought much about the type of data you have and its suitability.


Continue reading to learn why it's crucial that you analyze what files you're storing in the cloud. 

Six signs that your Big Data expert, isn’t

Asking big data questions.jpgI’ve recently read a number of articles on the phenomenon we’re all calling “Big Data,” and I’ve uncovered a disturbing, yet totally predictable, trend in this latest tech bubble.  Because Big Data is hot, trendy, sexy and superficially interesting, everybody is weighing in as if they were an expert.  It’s not an accident that this is starting to feel like an intellectual discourse on international politics on Facebook.  There’s about as much expertise and experience being demonstrated in these Big Data discussions as there is in those Facebook rants.


What makes a Big Data expert an expert? Continue reading to learn more. 

“Make the best of” with HP Storage Optimizer

HP Storage Optimizer Screenshot.pngAs I sat and pondered this weekend over this blog introducing HP Storage Optimizer, my creative juices just were not working. Usually when I develop a blog, I already have an idea in my mind and it just starts to flow. I decided to do a little research so I searched online for a definition of optimize.


Continue reading to learn more about HP Storage Optimizer. 

No boot device – No problem with HP Connected MX

HP Connected MX KeyView.pngA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with HP Partners in NY at a Big Data Summit. The focus of the event was to introduce our partners to our products, use-cases, roadmaps and successes as it relates to data protection (backup, recovery, archive and analytics).


Read more to see how HP Connected MX saved the day.

New Informatica PWX connector for HP Vertica

Informatica has released a new version of the HP Vertica Power Exchange (PWX) connector that features some outstanding updates for Power Exchange users.  

#TBT to HP Big Data Conference 2014

HP Big Data Conference 2014 video.pngTime for a Throwback Thursday: Last year I attended the HP Big Data Conference for the first time. The conference delivered on its promise to feature the brilliant minds behind HP’s big data platform and executive keynotes on how big data changes everything. The pre-conference hackathon was highly collaborative and rewarding. There was value in all the track sessions for anyone, from developers to the C-level, involved in big data. And thanks to the details shared so far, this year’s event looks to be even better.


Continue reading for a look back at HP Big Data Conference 2014 .

Uplevel Big Data Analytics with Graph in Vertica – Part 2: Yes, you can write that in SQL

SQL Analysis.jpgIn my prior blog post on graph, I described a very basic form of graph analysis and how one of our customers applied this technique in the HP Vertica big data analytics database to significantly improve their business.  What I’ll do in this entry is review how a common graph algorithm – single-source shortest path – is set up and executed in Vertica.  I’ll also provide performance results comparing the performance of shortest path between Vertica and two popular graph engines.


Continue reading to see how you can write graph analysis in SQL. 

Get it right the first time with big data analytics

Amazon offer - Get it right the first time with big data analytics.jpgImagine my surprise when, as a very frequent Amazon buyer, I logged in and found this personalized offer waiting just for me. As the mom of a 25-year-old daughter who is long past the diaper stage, I laughed out loud.  And then I thought about all the offers that pop up in my browser windows, my Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds, and in every other online engagement I choose.  There’s only a split second chance to get it right.


Continue reading to learn how Amazon could be using big data analytics to better understand their customers. 

Postcards from Thailand: HP Data Protector highlights from the HP APJ Tech Symposium

Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok.jpgLast month I attended the HP APJ Tech Symposium (Asia, Pacific and Japan). The week-long conference was held at the Shangri-La hotel on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s always great to be back in Asia; the level of participation and enthusiasm is often imitated, seldom duplicated. HP really pulled out the stops in the delivery of enablement training to our field representatives and partners.  


Continue reading to learn more about the latest enhancements to HP Data Protector and HP Backup Navigator. 

Chasing the dream or trying to change the world? Insights and opinion on Hackathons

LA Hack Pano.jpg

For many, the term “hackathon” immediately conjures up thoughts of a bunch of mischievous or malicious coders hiding in a basement in some far off land, conspiring to do no good. From Silicon Valley, to Silicon Beach and Silicon Alley, these events are taking place just about every weekend somewhere in the US. Enterprise companies are embracing hackathons as a way to reintroduce innovation, collaboration, and a sense of agility back into their organizations. 

Born in a data-driven world

Millennial companies in a data-driven world.png

Can Boomers adapt to a world where text messages have replaced phone conversations, and social media is the foundation of relationships?   How do the Gen X’ers, known as the generational “middle child,” manage the change?  Are the Millennials so focused on their mobile devices, expectations of real time everything, and innate multitasking that they will struggle to form lasting human connections? 


Continue reading to see how these characterizations can be applied to businesses in today's data-driven world. 

Uplevel Big Data analytics with HP Vertica - Part 1: Graph in a relational database? Seriously?

Graph Analysis TW.jpgOne of the most interesting ways in which the world has changed in the last twenty years is that there are now many aspects of our life which are “machine-readable.”  By that I mean, twenty years ago, if we wanted to say something to a friend we might pick up the phone or maybe write a letter. 


As we’ve introduced the computer as an intermediary, we now create information about our relationships (among other things) which can be read and analyzed in very powerful ways.


Continue reading to see how game company Zynga used HP Vertica to perform graph analysis. 


Seize the Data! Registration for HP Big Data Conference 2015 is now open

Register for the HP Big Data Conference 2015.jpgREGISTER TODAY - It’s that time of year again. Registration for the HP Big Data Conference 2015 is now open, and you’re invited.


There’s a lot of buzz around Big Data. So what makes this Big Data event a “can’t miss” event? What makes this conference different from all other events is that we make it real. Zero, nada, null “marketing-ish” presentations that you find at some many other vendor events. Every technical, business and strategic Big Data session is delivered by real-world engineers, developers and data-scientists so you get the real unvarnished insight about what is happening in Big Data today.


Continue reading to learn more about the HP Big Data Conference 2015. 

Couchbase and HP Haven for Customer Analytics

Customer analytics is vital for just about any industry or market segment. By understanding how your customers behave and interact, you can improve how you learn and act from the dialogue. To fully understand your customers, you need to consider web, finance, CRM, and even geospatial and sentiment data.


Continue reading to learn more about HP Haven's partnership with Couchbase. 

What does HP Discover in Las Vegas have in common with sorting laundry in Australia?

Laundry vs. File Analysis.jpgMore than you think!


While I was sorting the laundry over the weekend (yes, I live in Australia), I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that could sort it for me and save some time?’ I started to think about the different categories I could put my laundry into: my clothes, my husband’s, my son’s and my daughter’s, school clothes, work clothes, going out clothes, old clothes, new clothes, clothes that no longer fit that should be thrown out (so I don’t keep washing them), or those that could be donated to charity. You get the point.


Continue reading to see how sorting laundry has to do with file analysis and HP Discover Las Vegas.

Challenging the status quo with big data analytics

Michael Stonebraker.jpgGuest blog post by Joy King, VP, Communications & Enablement, HP Software Big Data

I was very proud when Michael Stonebraker, co-founder of Vertica, was named the winner of the Turing Award, granted annually to "an individual selected for contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community." More simply, the Turing Award is recognized as the Nobel Prize of computer science. But to me, the Turing Award is a testimony to the power of vision, innovation, and most of all, determination...


Continue reading to how innovators like Stonebraker disrupt the status quo. 

#HPDiscover 2015: Building resilient IT? Think adaptive backup first

Meet HP Data Protection experts at HP Discover 2015.jpgIf you pick up the latest datacenter trends reports from ESG, Gartner, and IDC, you will notice that improving backup and recovery appears among the top IT priorities for organizations. The reason for that is simple: as the velocity, variety and complexity of data continue to accelerate, so do the risks of not being able to speedily restore critical systems and applications in case of disaster or data loss.

Continue reading to see why IT organizations need to adopt an adaptive approach to backup and recovery. Plus, get a preview of what the team has planned for HP Discover Las Vegas. 

Join the HP Discover 2015 roundtable: Big Data in financial services

HP Discover - Financial Roundtable.jpgIt’s about that time of year again where we get together with our worldwide customers and partners at HP Discover in Las Vegas to talk about the topics, trends, and issues that are impacting all of our organizations. In particular, the financial services industry continues to deal with greater regulatory scrutiny, increased risk exposure, and a continuous threat of financial penalties which all are directly affected by its most value asset—enterprise information...


Continue reading to learn more about the information governance challenges faced by financial organizations. Plus, see what the HP Big Data team has planned for HP Discover Las Vegas. 

Gartner 2015 eDiscovery Magic Quadrant: The keys to longevity in an ever-changing market

Gartner eDiscovery Magic Quadrant 2015 - HP named a leader.jpgGartner has recently published its 2015 Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software, and HP has been named a Leader – AGAIN! In fact, HP is the ONLY company to have been named a leader in this MQ every year since its inception in 2011. In an ever-changing eDiscovery market, this is quite an accomplishment!  HP’s ability to maintain its leadership status in such a competitive, evolving market has gotten me to thinking about the keys to longevity in business for any company...


Continue reading to see how HP has managed to remain a leader in the eDiscovery market and download a copy of the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Everything is BIG in Vegas – Including Big Data and HP Discover 2015!

Welcome to Las Vegas.jpgOne of the reasons that I like Las Vegas so much is that everything is huge. The hotels, the hotel rooms, the casinos, the city blocks, the glitz, the glamor – huge! And since I am from Texas where everything is “big,” it takes a lot to impress me! I also like Vegas because every time I go out there I find something new that I have never experienced before. Based just on those two reasons, the perfect time for my next visit to Las Vegas is for HP Discover 2015 from June 2-4.


Continue reading to see what the HP Information Governance team has planned for HP Discover 2015.

On the road to Big Data - Harnessing analytics to create disruption

The road to big data.jpgIf you’ve been following HP recently, you may have noticed that we’re “all in” with our bet on Big Data. Every day we see our clients and ourselves being transformed by the power of massive amounts of data being analyzed in new ways, leading to entirely new insights about the world around us. A recent ebook, On the road to Big Data 20/20, discusses how HP IT is using Big Data tools and techniques to create new and disruptive business outcomes.


Much of this discussion comes from Saum Mathur, former CIO of HP Software. Mathur makes three key points in his summary of the work performed by HP IT. Let’s review each in turn and put them in context of our increasingly datafied world... 


Continue reading for more on big data disruption, predictive analytics, and security. 

Modernizing SAP HANA environments? Think adaptive backup first

Holger Meyer.jpgPost by guest blogger Holger Meyer, Master Solutions Architect for HP Big Data


SAP HANA administrators, I feel your pain!


You face many challenges when it comes to protecting the database: Backing up massive databases quickly to meet strict service level objectives. Maintaining low recovery time objectives (RTO) and a zero recovery point objective (RPO) in case of disaster. The list goes on. You have to address it all… without increasing IT costs or impacting the efficiency and performance of the database.


Continue reading to learn why you need an adaptive approach to backup and recovery in your SAP HANA environment. 

Dodd-Frank, information governance, and the regulatory battle

Dodd-Frank, information governance, and the regulatory battle.jpgIt has been almost five years since the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) was passed. With it, the financial services industry has had to deal with sweeping legal, regulatory, and policy changes directly impacting their business. Perhaps most difficult has been the transformation in how they must now manage and access the escalating volume and variety of enterprise information in order to meet compliance obligations.


Continue reading to see how Dodd-Frank has created a regulatory nightmare for financial institutions and how information governance helps address those issues. 

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