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Information Analytics

The ability to understand your information allows you to capture valuable insights, and uncover opportunities that can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Information Governance

Information today must be managed for compliance with a range of guidelines for business, legal, and government regulations.

Information Management

Protect your information regardless of where it resides, including on premises, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

Top 5 reasons to consider a different SQL on Hadoop solution like HP Vertica


HP has been working with partners to offer their venerable SQL engine based on the columnar store database Vertica. The partnership allows Vertica to be installed and run on Hadoop, providing all the power of our mature engine to coexist with Hadoop. But with so many SQL on Hadoop solutions in the market is there really a need for such a solution? Let’s take a look at the big reasons why you should consider this solution.

Automated Replication Synchronization: Don’t let disasters steal your data


Most enterprises understand the value of disaster readiness, but don’t have the required processes and technology to rapidly reinstate business operations in case of a disaster. Read more and see how you can be prepared to not let disasters steal your data.  

Backup with Brains - What is it and why is it important?

Backup 3.JPGHP is asking you to think differently, and expect more from backup and recovery, and even your current vendor. Today’s data isn’t really “Big” as much as it is “Deep” and this means that IT is being asked to focus more on the Information than the Technology. Keep reading to learn more about Backup with Brains.

Top 5 game changers of Vertica on Hadoop

SQL Analysis.jpgThere seems to be some confusion in the marketplace about Vertica SQL on Hadoop. This piece will clear the air and discuss the top five game changers of Vertica on Hadoop.


Keep reading to get my unique insight on the topic.

People aren’t the only source of data - a closer look at Earth Insights

Earth Insights_Vertica 1.jpgImagine using the power held within big data to improve the quality of life for wildlife around the world.  HP And Conservation International have teamed up for the Earth Insights project which does precisely this.


Keep reading to learn about the importance of this project and how you can view some of the data (and some animal “selfies”) for yourself.

Uplevel Big Data Analytics with Graph in Vertica – Part 5: Putting graph to work for your business

Like a lot of techies, I think graph is a very interesting technique. But for businesses, interesting doesn’t cut it. It has to deliver some tangible outcome, preferably measurable in your favorite currency.


Keep reading to find out how your enterprise can put graph to work alongside the rest of your data. 

Minimize risk and maximize productivity with the Vertica for SQL on Hortonworks Starter Bundle

hadoop-logo.pngMany organizations are realizing that their data fabric needs need to evolve, and Hadoop is often a part of that thinking. 


Keep reading to find out how you can easily put Hadoop to work for your business with the Vertica for SQL on Hortonworks Starter Bundle.

HP Setting the Pace in Information Governance

racing.jpgIn Formula One racing today, there are hundreds of sensors that provide a constant tidal wave of information that teams must quickly and effectively sift through to get to the valuable performance-enhancing information. Quite often, the difference between winning and losing can be attributed to the ability to collect, analyze, and understand vast volumes of data about the vehicle.

5 Questions with Colin Mahony, HP Big Data Expert

mahoney big data.PNGOn the heels of the HP Big Data Conference earlier this month—and with the buzz around “big data” stronger than ever—we sat down with Big Data expert Colin Mahony to find out what companies are getting data right about Big Data—and where they are going wrong.


Keep reading to find out what insights he has to offer.

ILTACON 2015 Las Vegas: Don’t Gamble with Information Governance

ILTA con.PNGThe key to having a successful Information Governance program is to have a consistent strategy. I also find that consistence pays off in my favorite game in Las Vegas as well.


Keep reading to find out more about the importance of consistent information governance at the ILTACON conference this week in Las Vegas.

Announcing HP eDiscovery 9.0

ediscovery.PNGWe are pleased to announce the upcoming release of HP eDiscovery 9.0! Electronic discovery, as with information generally, is growing at an exponential rate. Even “small” cases are now considered large, and large cases are beyond what conventional discovery tools were designed to handle.


HP’s eDiscovery 9.0, the next generation of HP’s top tier discovery management platform, efficiently breaks down the information – at any scale – and allows for a simpler, more efficient process of document review and production.


Keep reading to find out more about the new release and how you can experience it for yourself.

Loyalty retail programs: Do they promote a real connection or the desire for a restraining order?

retail rewards.PNGA few years ago, shopping was considered a cultural experience. People would plan to spend an entire day at the mall, wandering from store to store while browsing.


Now, shoppers are more likely to have a digital interaction with a retailer. The digital trail of interactions that occur before, during and after a purchase is staggering. Often retailers feel they know their customers simply by the data they create. But where is the line between using this amount of data for good or for nefarious purposes.


Keep reading to find out how retailers can best keep customer trust and utilize this amount of information for good.


Guest post by Jim Hardin, Director Retail Industry

Bringing eDiscovery In-house: How to Get Started

start+line.jpgIn my final blog post of this three-part series based on a set of briefs written by 451 Research that discuss bringing eDiscovery in-house, I’ll be discussing how to get started with do-it-yourself eDiscovery.

Tags: eDiscovery

Uplevel Big Data Analytics with Graph in Vertica – Part 4: It’s not your dad’s graph engine

Vertica developer.PNGGraph analytics has come a long way since the seven bridges problem, and it is starting to pop up in industries from advertising to communications to logistics and more. And we’re finding that HP Vertica is the best kept secret in graph analytics!

The Path to Mitigating Risk in Financial Services

compass on path.jpgBy proactively controlling and better understanding your information with the right information governance approach, it’s possible to mitigate your risk, and confidently support your business decisions while improving efficiency and profitability.

Internet of Things: Move beyond the hype and make it real

People working.pngThe market presents Internet of Things (IoT) as a transformational opportunity—but most papers don’t move beyond the hype so that executives can understand what’s in it for them and what the implications are. 


For these reasons, HP has published a new white paper that provides original perspectives on IoT that moves beyond the hype and makes it real and actionable.

Catch up on what you missed from the HP Big Data Conference 2015 in Boston

HP Big Data Conference 2015 - Boston.jpgThe HP Big Data Conference 2015 has come and gone, but don’t despair about missing great content from the event. Videos and articles from the event are now live online and are ready for you to access.


Keep reading to find out how you can see everything you might have missed.


Guest post by Big Data Editor

Bring home the excitement from the Big Data Conference with video on-demand

On-Demand videos.PNGSpending time wisely in our wild world means making choices. But sometimes you can have it all! That’s the case if you missed the HP Big Data Conference – check out the videos on demand.


Guest blog post by Joy King, VP, Communications & Enablement, HP Software Big Data

Bringing eDiscovery In-house: Beware Common Pitfalls

pitfall.pngThe second brief in the series, “How to Avoid Common Pitfalls with Do-It-Yourself eDiscovery,” outlines how to prepare for bringing eDiscovery in-house while avoiding common pitfalls along the way.

Tags: eDiscovery

The latest from the summer interns 2015 project fair

Interns 15  1.pngEvery summer, HP Vertica hires interns for all the technical teams, including Analytics, Client, Data Management, Distributed Infrastructure, Execution Engine, Management Console (User Interface), Optimizer, Partner Engineering, Information Development, and Quality Assurance.


Keep reading to find out more about the projects the interns developed.


Guest post by Priyanka Manchanda

Big Data, brave people: a review of the HP Big Data Conference

BDC onstage.PNGI have just returned home from the HP Big Data Conference in Boston. Now that I have had time to reflect on the week a few moments truly stand out to me.


Keep reading to find out what had the biggest impact on me and what I hope will inspire you.


Guest blog post by Joy King, VP, Communications & Enablement, HP Software Big Data

HP Big Data Conference Recap – Day Two. Separating the Signal from the Noise

Analytics and big data enthusiasts took over Boston this week in a gathering of some of the most brilliant big data scientists, analytics practitioners and solution providers for big data analytics. Day two of the conference offered a huge amount of valuable information on HP Vertica and the Haven platform.

HP Big Data Conference Recap – Day One. Understanding the analytics of it all.

vertica excavator.PNGAnalytics and big data enthusiasts took over Boston this week in a gathering of some of the most brilliant big data scientists, analytics practitioners and solution providers for big data analytics.


Keep reading to learn about the latest from the HP Big Data Conference.


Guest post by Steve Sarsfield, Product Marketing Manager, HP Vertica

Bringing eDiscovery In-house: Easy as 1-2-3

Bringing eDiscovery in house isn't always as easy as 1-2-3; however, there are 3 things you should consider when deciding to do it yourself!  Read this blog post to learn more. 

Tags: eDiscovery

The Haven Startup Accelerator – Empowering Early-Stage Big Data Developers

Today at the HP Big Data Conference we announced the HP Haven Startup Accelerator - a program designed to empower and enable early-stage developers aspiring to build enterprise-class Big Data solutions.

Can Big Data deliver on its potential?

Big Data comes with big opportunities and, quite often, big headaches. When 89 percent of respondents in a recent study by Accenture, say that companies that do not adopt a Big Data analytics strategy in the next year risk losing market share and momentum, there is not much time to waste. 

HP Data Protector 9.04 Release Announcement

The HP Data Protector team is pleased to announce the general availability of Data Protector 9.04. Read this blog post to see the new features and advancements! 

How well do you understand Rich Media? Take a fresh look!

Register for the HP Big Data Conference 2015.jpgNo one should have to take the unnecessary risk of making decisions based upon incomplete information. So I am off to the HP Big Data Conference (BDC) in Boston next week with my colleagues to evangelize on how Rich Media can help complete the big picture.


Keep reading to find out why you should stop by and learn how to complete your view of Rich Media.


Guest post by David Humphrey, CTO video, HP Big Data

Know before you go: Last-minute details for HP Big Data Conference 2015

Westin.jpgAs we ramp up for HP Big Data Conference 2015 next week, we wanted to share some last-minute details for travelers visiting Boston for the event. Haven’t registered yet? Get in on the Big Data action now before it’s too late!


Keep reading to get the travel details for your time in Boston.

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  • Dominic Brown is VP of Information Governance HP Big Data. At HP, Mr. Brown employs his 15 years of legal and IT experience, along with HP Big Data’s unique technology, to help organizations address challenges with eDiscovery, compliance, and records management.
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  • Joe Garber is Vice President of Information Governance at HP Autonomy. In this role, he leads product messaging and go-to-market efforts for the organization’s eDiscovery, information archiving, and ECM market offerings. Garber has more than 10 years of experience in information governance and eDiscovery.
  • Joe has over 13 years of experience in technology marketing and is currently focused on the analytics solution portfolio. Prior to this role, he was responsible for product marketing of the enterprise application data management solution.
  • Delivering subject matter expertise in the area of financial services compliance and product marketing for HP’s eDiscovery and Supervision/Surveillance products. John has been a legal and compliance professional in the financial services industry for over 12 years. Prior to joining HP Autonomy, John was a compliance officer, auditor, and consultant for major banks, broker-dealers, investment banks, hedge funds, and asset management firms.
  • Luis Romero is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at HP Autonomy, where he leads product marketing for HP’s Information Archiving solutions. Luis has over 12 years of experience in enterprise software and information archiving.
  • For years I've been doing video and music production back and forth between Boston MA and New Orleans LA. Starting in 2010, I've began working with Vertica (now HP Vertica) in the marketing team, doing customer testimonials, product release videos, and website management. I'm fascinated by Big Data and the amazing things my badass team at HP Vertica has done and continues to do in the industry every day.
  • Michelle is the Global Product Marketing Manager for HP Records Manager and HP ControlPoint within the Information Governance portfolio. Responsible for solution messaging, positioning and GTM strategy, Michelle works closely with the product, sales, marketing and channel organisations within HP to develop these. Michelle has 13+ years experience in the Information Management space having worked closely with customers, industry and business partners over this time.
  • Po Hong, PhD, is a senior solutions architect in HP Big Data Platform Corporate Presales specializing in HP Vertica performance tuning and workload management.
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