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Information Governance

Information today must be managed for compliance with a range of guidelines for business, legal, and government regulations.

Information Management

Protect your information regardless of where it resides, including on premises, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

Dodd-Frank, information governance, and the regulatory battle

Dodd-Frank, information governance, and the regulatory battle.jpgIt has been almost five years since the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) was passed. With it, the financial services industry has had to deal with sweeping legal, regulatory, and policy changes directly impacting their business. Perhaps most difficult has been the transformation in how they must now manage and access the escalating volume and variety of enterprise information in order to meet compliance obligations.


Continue reading to see how Dodd-Frank has created a regulatory nightmare for financial institutions and how information governance helps address those issues. 

A closer look at HP Connected MX

HP Connected MX.jpgHP recently announced the release of HP Connected MX, the next generation of its end-point protection solution, HP Connected. The growing demand of features and ease-of-use from end users is constantly shifting. Our customers’ growing demand for a solution that can complement both end user functionality with business control was the driving factor behind HP Connected MX.


Continue reading to learn more about the vision behind HP Connected MX and its key business and end user features.

The Goldilocks Scenario: Finding Big Data technologies which are “just right” for business

Walt Maguire.jpgGuest blog post by Walt Maguire, HP Software Big Data Chief Field Technologist


This week I had the pleasure of reading an interview with Dr. Michael Stonebraker by Barron’s.  I’ve met him several times, and am always impressed by what a truly sharp guy he is.  His commentary in the interview crystallized something about big data technologies that’s been on my mind for a while.  Goldilocks was onto something with the “just right” porridge. 


Let’s recap Dr. Stonebraker’s points and frame them up in “Goldi-speak”.


Continue reading to learn what big data technologies are "too hot," "too cold," and "just right" for business.

The Big Data shift in a data-driven world

Colin Mahony.jpgBlog post by Colin Mahony, SVP/General Manager of HP Software Big Data Group


The simplest things can have the greatest impact.  What if a single word could drive the most successful email fundraising campaign for a national presidential election.  That’s exactly what happened with the word “Hey” in the 2012 Obama campaign.  It proved to be the most effective subject line to drive recipients to open and act on email.  That insight came from data … a lot of data!


We’ve always had data.  We’ve always used data. We’ve produced countless reports from that data.  So what really has changed?  Yes, there’s more data.  A lot more data.  But that’s a small part of a much bigger story.


Continue reading to see how a shift in big data analytics is transforming the data-driven world.

Structured data archiving – What’s all the buzz about?

Structured Data Archiving and Big Data buzz.jpgBig Data seems to be the new “buzz” word and for many good reasons. Data is growing exponentially daily, and while having this big data offers new opportunities to us, it also poses real problems.  The growth of structured data is especially a concern as enterprises are being forced to look at data archiving and try to separate out useful data from the non-essential. In short, Big Data is actually accelerating the adoption of structured data archiving.


Continue reading to learn why structured data archiving matters in today's world of growing data and IT.

How does Big Data change physical security?

Safe City - How can Big Data change physical security.JPGImagine an emergency scenario where several power lines have just been knocked down by a falling tree during a severe storm. A concerned citizen takes a picture and tweets about it. That tweet is picked up immediately by a command center, which automatically analyzes the situation based upon the social media data and any other applicable data from sources such as surveillance cameras to assess overall risk. It then triggers alerts and issues appropriate recommendations for action based upon historical data of similar events...


Continue reading to learn how HP Haven, our Big Data platform, can help you navigate the fast-paced world of surveillance and physical security. 

Welcome to a new dimension: Introducing HP Vertica Dimension

Happy April Fools.jpgHP Vertica announced this morning they will be releasing their newest version later this year. Taking the column store architecture, this version combines traditional row store for a more intelligent platform.


This new row and column hybrid architecture is being code named “Dimension.” It represents the platform’s ability to now store data in two dimensions, storing more bits in each sub-micrometer magnetic region of storage devices. With this technology, real-time OLATP processing (online analytical transaction processing) is possible...


Continue reading to learn more about HP Vertica Dimension.

Can your healthcare data change your balance sheet?

HP Healthcare Analytics.jpgA recent report estimates the volume of healthcare data at 153 exabytes in 2013, and expects it to grow to 2314 exabytes by 2020 at an annual rate of 48%! This kind of growth further exacerbates the already intense pains of managing storage, compliance, security, and so on in an increasingly taxing environment of tough mandates on patient outcome and cost control.


More and more healthcare IT executives are beginning to explore how to transform this massive amount of data into an asset by unlocking the value within. So, it is not surprising to see that 54 % of healthcare IT executives rated analytics as their highest IT priority in a recent healthcare industry survey...


Continue reading to learn how HP Haven can help healthcare organizations maximize data value. 

Happy World Backup Day! Don’t let this backup mishap happen to you

Happy World Backup Day.jpgThis is a story about how I ended up with my palm on my face. We all have probably been in the predicament where you look at your remaining hard drive space and realize either: 1. You need to buy a bigger hard drive, or 2. You need to delete files to free up space.


Indeed, I was faced with this scenario just the other day. However, in anticipation, I had set up a small network-attached storage (NAS) device to hold some important work files that I needed to retain and use...


Happy World Backup Day! Continue reading to hear Luigi's backup mishap. 

Taking information governance to the top

Taking information governance to the boardroom.jpgDue to a number of high profile incidents such as the Snowden revelations, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and security breaches at SONY, NSA, Target, and numerous others, information governance is now a topic escalated to the boardroom. Too many corporations have either felt the results of being exposed, or are scared to death that it might happen to them. Gone are the days where data was managed reactively and in silos...


Continue reading to see why information governance has become such a hot topic in boardrooms around the world. 

Up in the clouds: HP Data Protector is now Helion Ready

HP Data Protector is now Helion Ready.jpgThe HP Helion Ready Program for Solution Providers enables ISVs and SaaS application provider vendors to test and certify their products to deliver the New Style of IT to enterprise customers.


HP Helion uniquely combines OpenStack® and Cloud Foundry to deliver a cloud platform based on open standards, and enterprise-grade security, reliability and manageability. HP Helion helps customers build and manage hybrid cloud services at enterprise scale...


Continue reading to learn more about HP Data Protector's native integration with HP Helion OpenStack. 

Don’t end up on the couch: Syncing files is not the same as backup

Syncing data vs backing up data.jpgThe ability to sync and share your files is available everywhere, and there are a variety of vendors out there that offer this ability for businesses and consumers. Users want their data on all their devices now, and syncing files has become the norm. But it has also brought new challenges for businesses. Businesses need to offer the convenience of files anywhere while maintaining control over the data...


Continue reading to learn more about the challenges business face and why syncing your files isn't the same as backing them up. 

Top trends in information governance and archiving

Many legacy archiving systems can't handle the volume of today's information.jpgThere are forces of change impacting almost every organization today. Some are related to the current political climate, the economy, and other global events that we have less control over. Others, such as Big Data, the cloud, and the demand for anytime anywhere information access, are having just as significant if not a greater effect on businesses around the world. These forces, however, are sometimes dismissed as also being uncontrollable or overwhelming. By better understanding these information forces, it’s possible for companies to not only control them, but actually take advantage of them with the right information governance and archiving strategy...


Continue reading to learn more about how top trends are impacting information governance and archiving. 

Big need in Big Data & Government: Forge stronger links between Federal & the best minds in business

Dr. DJ Patil at Strata Hadoop World 2015.jpgPost by guest blogger Lewis Carr, Senior Director, HP World-Wide Software Industry Marketing


The keynote by Federal Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil at Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose was inspiring, but more must be done to bring together business experts and Federal employees to discuss in detail how big data analytics can be used in government, and explore what some thought leaders in government are already doing. Here are some thoughts about the role HP wants to play.

Inside HP Haven: Full life cycle development in HP Vertica

HP Vertica Development Cycles (Initial & Incremental).pngRecently, on several customer visits, I was asked questions like: What is it like to do database development in HP Vertica? What is the development methodology for HP Vertica?


First and foremost, Vertica is a relational database management system (RDBMS). As such, from a process point of view, there is nothing special about implementing a database design in Vertica.


Continue reading to learn more about full life cycle development in HP Vertica. 


You’ve got HP Data Protector friends to turn to – and books too

Planning, Deploying and Installing Data Protector 9.jpgPost by guest blogger Greg Baker, leading independent expert in Asia and the Pacific on HP Data Protector. 


Here's one way you can tell if a product is something you can trust. Look at the amount of documentation you can that isn’t written by the vendor. A quick check on Amazon shows me that there are hundreds of books on Oracle and thousands on Microsoft's SQL Server, mostly written by outside consultants and practitioners. Windows: check. Linux: check. If it is good, someone will have written about it. This tells you that there's a real community of users and experts that you can turn to. You can find out what works and what doesn't. 


Not many backup products have that sort of community. But HP Data Protector does, and I've just finished writing another two books...


Continue reading to learn more about Greg Baker's books on HP Data Protector 9.

Three simple reasons Morgan County chose HP LiveVault for their disaster recovery requirements

Why Morgan County chose HP LiveVault.pngMore than 10,000 customers rely on HP LiveVault to protect their critical application data across virtual and physical environments in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud; Morgan County is one of them.


Continue reading to see the three reasons why Morgan County chose HP LiveVault for their disaster recovery requirements. 

Global Information Governance Day: Helpful hints on how to celebrate

Global Information Governance Day 2015.jpgWhen I was asked this week what HP Software was planning for Global Information Governance Day (GIGD), I was taken aback. I mean, we just celebrated Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and Mardi Gras. Why does Information Governance need its own day?


Keep reading to see why information governance deserves its own day and how you can celebrate. 

Trends in eDiscovery – What’s old is new again

HP Info Gov Booth at LegalTech 2015.jpgLast week I attended LegalTech New York for the eleventh time. The first time I attended LegalTech in 2004, the New England Patriots had just won another Super Bowl, and I was working in the litigation support department of a large Boston law firm. There were far fewer eDiscovery vendors exhibiting back then, but eDiscovery was still a main theme of the LegalTech show as it is today. However, the focus of many law firms at the time was in finding eDiscovery companies to which they could outsource much of their work while they were working on staffing and beefing up their own in-house eDiscovery team...


Continue reading to see how eDiscovery has changed over the years.

Inside HP Haven: HP Vertica concurrency and workload management

HP Vertica Concurrency and Workload Management.JPGEditor’s note: Last fall, the HP IDOL and HP Vertica teams joined forces to form the HP Big Data unit, centered on HP Haven. We’ve invited a group of HP Big Data experts to share their expertise on the blog. Po Hong, PhD, is a senior solutions architect at HP Big Data Platform Corporate Presales. He has a broad range of experience in various relational databases such as HP Vertica, Neoview, Teradata, and Oracle.


Analytic databases, such as HP Vertica, often need to process different types of workloads. These workloads can range from the simplest primary-key lookups to analytical queries that include several large tables and joins between them. Different types of load jobs (such as batch ETL and near real-time trickle load) must keep the data up to date in an enterprise data warehouse (EDW)...


Continue reading for a preview of our latest technical white paper, HP Vertica Concurrency and Workload Management. 

Data Protection: Don’t just report on your backup environment, analyze it!

The Value of Analytics in Backup Environments.pngIs the ever-growing data that your organization has to back up seen as anything more than just ‘something to deal with’? What if it could be leveraged as an asset which adds value to the business? In this post, I’m going to show you the value behind analyzing your backups and about the HP Adaptive Backup and Recovery solution that helps organizations.


Continue reading to learn more about the importance of backup analysis and get a re-cap of last week's webcast with Gartner analyst Dave Russell. 

Inside HP Haven: Copying data between Vertica clusters

Copying Data Between Vertica Clusters.JPGEditor’s note: Last fall, the HP IDOL and HP Vertica teams joined forces to form the HP Big Data unit, centered on HP Haven. We’ve invited a group of HP Big Data developers to share their expertise. Norbert is a HP Accredited Solutions Expert for the HP Big Data Platform team.


The HP Vertica Analytics Platform supports different methods for copying data between Vertica Clusters. The most holistic method, using the vbr.py utility, allows the entire database to be copied between environments. However, this approach may not be suitable for use cases in which more granular control over what is copied is needed or if the topology of the clusters differs.


Continue reading to learn the different ways you can copy data between clusters. 

Step into the age of the new attorney

Legal IT for the Modern Attorney.jpgWelcome to 2015, alternatively classified as the year of Big Data, the year of the Internet of Things (IoT), the year of the app, the year of the cloud, the year of the drone, or the year of predictive analytics… depending upon which media outlet you happen to follow. While it's hard to say which of these predictions will prove most accurate collectively they demonstrate how quickly our world is changing around us.


Keep reading to see how the world of legal IT and information governance is changing for today's attorney. 

There's an App for that: How the Digital Trinity is shaking up eDiscovery

eDiscovery in the Cloud.jpgFor the legal profession, February means it's that time of year again: LegalTech 2015 is about to begin and along with it will come new insights, old friends, and no small amount of hyperbole about this earth-shattering new technology or that ground-breaking case. The eDiscovery industry continues to grow, continues to mature, and continues to respond to external changes at a pace far greater than the legal profession is accustomed. Indeed, compared to the normal pace of life as a litigator, judge or regulator eDiscovery moves like a heavily-caffeinated road runner!


Keep reading to see how mobility, cloud, and analytics is shaking up the world of eDiscovery.

Prepare for eDiscovery through better Information Governance

HP at LegalTech New York 2015.pngIt’s that time of year again! Many people are getting ready for the big event. No, I don’t mean the Super Bowl, although I’m sure the Seahawks and Patriots are in full prep mode (Go Pats!). The big event I’m talking about is LegalTech New York 2015


Over 100 exhibitors and thousands of attendees are preparing to converge on New York for what should be an exciting show focusing on technology for the legal industry. (Hopefully they’ll get all the snow cleaned up by then!) Exhibitors have been busy preparing their booths, messaging, and demos while attendees have been reviewing the show guide to decide which educational sessions to attend and which vendors to meet with in the exhibit hall... 


Keep reading to see what the HP Information Governance team has planned for #LTNY15. 

Data Protection: Training the team on HP Backup Navigator 9.0 in Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia.jpgMany of HP Data Protector team were in Slovenia last week for a Train the Trainers tech session. A beautiful country, Slovenia remains a hidden treasure of Europe (though more and more people are becoming aware). I’d highly recommend planning a trip within the next couple years before the word spreads. There is no bad time to visit. Ljubljana, easier to pronounce than it looks (loob-ul-jana), is a breathtaking quaint European city surrounding a small mountain where the castle overlooks the town.


Keep reading to learn more about the beautiful Ljubljana and get a sneak peek at the new features of HP Backup Navigator 9.0. 

Accelerate 2015: Go under the hood of the HP Haven Big Data Platform

Under the Hood of HP's Big Data Platform.JPGBlog post by guest blogger, Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing, HP Software Big Data Unit


It’s a new year, and there’s plenty of buzz around data. Machine data. Business data. Human data. Structured. Unstructured. Even semi-structured data. It’s a lot of data… and it continues to grow and is ripe with potential business value. 


With all that data out there, it can be hard to manage and understand it, let alone derive insights from it. Fortunately, HP’s Haven Big Data Platform is at the front of the pack with powerful analytics...


Keep reading to learn more about our "Under the Hood" of HP's Big Data Platform webcast series.

Data Protection: HP Backup Navigator vs. Backup Related Information Collector and Keeper (BRICK)

HP Backup Navigator vs. BRICK.jpgIn May 2014, HP released HP Backup Navigator, an integrated web-based solution for analyzing, trending, troubleshooting and reporting on HP Data Protector backup and recovery for both physical and virtual infrastructures. 


Prior to this, a non-HP and independently created tool called Backup Related Information Collector and Keeper (BRICK) was available, which statically collected information using a command line interface and presented the information graphically.


Keep reading to see how HP Backup Navigator and BRICK compare. 

Twice as nice: See how HP Structured Data Manager customers increased data access & lowered costs

MKK Case Study.JPGThe New Year has arrived, and of course everyone is talking about their resolutions. But I want to start 2015 talking about one of my goals from 2014. That goal was to showcase more customer stories about why they chose HP Structured Data Manager (HP SDM). I was elated to blog about the HP IT Case Study in September, but I knew we had many more use cases to share. Today I am so excited to announce not one, but TWO customer case studies that emphasize increasing data access and lowering costs!


Keep reading to find out more about HP SDM's two new case studies.

Continuous innovation and integration key to evolving ECM

Nucleus Research Report - ECM Value Matrix 2H2014.JPGAll organizations need to continuously innovate in order to evolve and stay relevant. This can be especially true in the enterprise content management (ECM) market. As the amount and types of content grow, technology must grow and change with it. Recognizing this rapidly evolving ECM market, Nucleus Research, Inc. recently published its ECM Technology Value Matrix for the Second Half of 2014. HP was positioned as a clear market leader based on usability, functionality, and innovation.


Read more to see why HP was positioned as a market leader in Nucleus Research, Inc.'s latest report. 

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