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The ability to understand your information allows you to capture valuable insights, and uncover opportunities that can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Data Protection

Protect your information regardless of where it resides, including on premises, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

Digital Marketing

Marketing to today’s consumers requires the ability to engage them across all channels and devices -- including laptops, smartphones, and tablets -- with offers that are personalized and timely.

Information Governance

Information today must be managed for compliance with a range of guidelines for business, legal, and government regulations.

Data Protection: The Latest Ovum Report: HP Data Protector Takes a Market Leader Spot

Ovum_Report_HP.pngThe recently published 2014/15 report by Ovum, “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Enterprise Backup and Recovery solution,” names HP a Market Leader. If you haven’t had a chance to read the report, you can get your copy here.


Scalability. Performance. Analytics. Read on to see why HP was rated a leader and get information on an upcoming webinar!

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Promise #2: Focus on Performance

Performance_2.JPGWe’re just a week and a half away from our very first HP Engage customer conference.  If you’re interested in a last minute registration – don’t forget you’ll get a free HP Slate 7! I’d love to meet up with you in Phoenix September 21-23.  You can review the agenda and register here.


As you know, my leadership team recently established guiding imperatives (aka our promises to you, our customers.)...


Keep reading to learn about HP Qfiniti's leadership team's second guiding imperative: a focus on performance.



Promise #1: Focus on the Customer

JeffW FO Customer.jpgHowdy from Texas. We’ve entered September, but the temperature here is still threatening 100 degrees!


I’ve now been on the job for a robust ten days and I’m already encouraged by the things we’re accomplishing. Focus has emerged as a clear governing mantra for us...


Keep reading to learn more about our focus on the customer and what that means for you.

Analytics for Human Information: Safe Cities Security Trends, is your Government Agency Ready?

GlobalSafeCitiesSecurityWhitepaper150x193.jpgThere are almost 40 countries (including the United States) with over 80% of their populations expected to live in urban environments by 2015.


Why is this a growing concern to government agencies? Inevitably, as population increases in cities, the risk to public safety also increases.


Keep reading to learn why big cities are turning to big data, plus download a new Frost and Sullivan report on global safe cities security trends.

HP Qfiniti: Contact Center Workforce Optimization [Video]

Don’t know much about Workforce Optimization or HP Qfiniti (or HP Explore)? Watch this video to learn what Workforce Optimization means and how it can make a difference in your contact center. 


The talking heads you’ll see are all really famous, highly paid actors… <grin>

Analytics for Human Information: Webcast – “Under the Hood” of HP IDOL

UndertheHood_Webcast.pngWant to learn how to maximize your Hadoop investment with HP IDOL? Register for one of our upcoming free webinars. Our “Under the Hood” of HP IDOL webcast series continues, where we’ll take a deeper look at HP IDOL for Hadoop.


Keep reading to find out what you'll learn at one of our informative webinars.

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Be a proud HP customer

LivingProgressImage2.JPGHave you checked out HP’s Living Progress Report? 


I’ve been with HP for almost three years now and continue to be impressed with their (our) continued investment in doing the right thing.  HP has been reporting their Global Citizenship results since 2001 – you can see that it’s been an ongoing source of pride for the company for many years.  You can read any, some or all of these reports here


Keep reading to learn what global citizenship, creative thinking and technology can accomplish...

HP Qfiniti customers said what?

Last week, I shared our plan to better connect / reconnect with our HP Qfiniti customer base.  Well, we’re already making progress!  We’ve surveyed our customer base for high level feedback on the product line and already have some results…


Read what customers had to say...


Digital Marketing: The contact center belongs at the center of your Voice of Customer program

Contact_Center_Image.JPGSo why do you think we call it the contact center, anyway?


One reason is because the contact center, which handles the frequent and direct interactions with customers, is uniquely positioned to serve as the central hub for enterprise-wide Voice of Customer (VoC) initiatives.


Read on to learn why big data impacts everything...even in the contact center.

Information Governance: Enter the Era of “Pre-Discovery”

iStock_000011253446Small.jpgWhy proactively preparing for discovery using information governance strategies is here to stay and why that’s a good thing.


Tell a room full of lawyers that proactively governing information leads to downstream eDiscovery time and cost savings for them, and you will likely get a lot of blank stares (and probably hear crickets chirping). I mean, Information governance is an “IT thing”, isn’t it? ....

Digital Marketing: Upgrade to HP MediaBin 8 Webinar – August 25th

Capture.JPGAre you a current HP MediaBin customer and interested in upgrading to HP MediaBin 8? Join us on Monday, August 25th for a free, informative webinar. If you’re currently on an earlier version of HP MediaBin, you won’t want to miss this webinar.


Roger Kapul, Senior HP MediaBin product expert will walk you through just what you need to know.

Reconnect with HP Qfiniti and HP Explore... and Our Promises

20140702_HP_Awareness_Workforce_300x250.gifI wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share with you how excited I am to be here!  My name is Jeff Westover and I’m stepping into the role of Vice President and General Manager of HP’s Customer Interaction Solutions business group—the home of HP Qfiniti (formerly etalk Qfiniti) and HP Explore, part of the Marketing Optimization unit within HP Software. 



High School Interns at HP? Yep, we do that too!

Juan Mendoza Mayors Conference 1.jpgIn late Spring I ran into a colleague at HP’s Plano, TX campus.  She asked if I’d be available to work with our incoming interns.  I said, “Sure!  I’d love to!”


Little did I know that the interns she was talking about were a group of nine very impressive high school sophomores, juniors and seniors from the Dallas area.  That’s right… HIGH SCHOOL INTERNS...



Analytics for Human Information: How this Leading Ad Agency in China Delivers Actionable Insights

Capture.JPGWith a strong focus on helping clients achieve higher return on their investments, CCTV future-ad, an advertising agency wholly owned by China Central Television (China’s preeminent broadcaster), has taken on a breakthrough approach

to increase the value of their client services, and improve their own operational efficiency...


Keep reading to learn how this ad agency in China delivers actionable insights to increase clients’ ROI.



Information Governance: Key Takeaways from Information Governance Initiative’s 2014 Annual Report

iStock_000020856359Small.jpgThe Information Governance Initiative (IGI) released its 2014 Annual Report last week, which was billed as the industry’s first ever comprehensive analysis of the Information Governance (IG) industry.


Take a closer look at what the future holds for Information Governance, as David Brown shares findings from the latest IGI annual report.



Why you should attend #HPEngage14.

20140731_HP_Engage_525x200_why.jpgHP Engage is not another boondoggle in Arizona.  HP has quietly put together a tremendous portfolio of customer engagement capabilities, and the HP Engage (#HPEngage14) event will be something of a coming out party for this customer engagement platform...


Conversion optimization, customer service interactions, augmented reality... Keep reading to learn more, and access a helpful toolkit for the event!

Information Governance: Upgrading to HP Records Manager 8.1 Webinar – August 14th

webcastrecordmgr.JPGAre you interested in upgrading to HP Records Manager 8.1? Join us on Thursday, August 14th at 9 a.m. , PST for a free informative webinar. If you’re a current customer of Autonomy Records Manager or Meridio, this is a session you won’t want to miss. You'll learn ...


 Keep reading to learn how you can register for this informative session.

Information Governance: Can you Imagine Information Management and Governance in the Cloud?

banner_ILTA2014_440x220.jpgIt’s that time again! Approximately 1,600 legal technology professionals will be meeting at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee for the International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) 37th Annual Educational Conference, starting August 17th.


Learn more about  our ECM and Cloud solutions that we'll be showing at ILTA on the blog.

My Favorite Session Planned for #HPEngage14

20140731_Engage_309x200_why3.jpgI was working with the team this week on the agenda for HP Engage 14, and came away from the discussion especially excited about the HP Qfiniti / HP Explore track (called Customer Interaction).  The flow of the sessions is outstandingwith a combination of best practices in using the technology to solve real call center problemsto new capabilities to expand the value of the HP Qfiniti platform.  


Keep reading to find out what's planned for HP Qfiniti and HP Explore customers at HP Engage14.

Customer Lineup Emerges for #HPEngage14

engage_banner_655x260.jpgMore from the HP Engage 14 front!  In a previous blog post, I mentioned that the conference agenda is “jam-packed with great speakers, customer case studies, technical tracks…”  I’m happy to be able to share clarity around the customer speakers signed up...


From Nikon to Verizon, read on to find out what other customers are on the HP Engage14 agenda!

Information Governance: The Essentials of Cloud-based Archiving - Streamlined Data Access

iStock_000017160455_NEW.jpgNavigating the path to determine the provider that is best suited to archive your data in the cloud is proving to be more complex, especially where security, cost, scalability, data access, and other factors play a crucial role in properly supporting your organization...


Want to go beyond the 'archive it and forget it' mentality? Read more on our blog to understand why the need for data access in cloud archiving is growing.


Our investment in #HPEngage14 is an investment in you.

oprah.jpgIn the last few weeks, you’ve likely seen a bunch of communication/“advertising” for HP’s newest customer conference called HP Engage.  It’ll be held in the sunny Phoenix/Scottsdale area September 21-23.  This conference is a clear investment in our customer community for our core marketing and call center products...


If you aren't already excited for HPEngage14, you should be! Keep reading to get an exclusive look at what we have planned for you.

Information Governance: The Latest ‘Do-it-Yourself’ (DIY) Trend: Per-Matter, OnDemand Environments

iStock_000016524157Small.jpgThis is the second post in an Information Governance blog series where we will “Ask the Experts” about emerging eDiscovery trends and topics...


Keep reading for an insightful Q&A session about HP OnDemand, the application's latest deployment offering with  HP eDiscovery expert, Jeff Friedman.

Information Governance: HP DSmail 9.0 Now Available

HPDigitalSafe_DSMAIL.JPGTo help address these challenges we are excited to release HP DSmail 9.0.  DSmail is an integrated module within our cloud-based archiving  solution, HP Digital Safe, which allows end users to access their email and other content within the archive...


Learn how mobile users will benefit from the latest enhancements. Plus, download our latest datasheet on HP DSmail 9.0.




Analytics for Human Information: HP Named a Leader in Enterprise Search by Market Research Firm

Smallimage_gartner.JPGThe 2014 Enterprise Search Magic Quadrant from Gartner Research was released last week, and HP Autonomy fared extremely well among the 17 vendors that were evaluated. We placed in the Leader’s Quadrant, validating our commitment to delivering search-based, mission-critical applications....


Keep reading to access a complimentary copy of the full report.

Digital Marketing: Leveraging the HP MediaBin APIs: Part 4 – Asset Metadata

mediabin part 4.jpgIn this post, we’ll explore the MediaBin APIs used to retrieve metadata on assets.  These will form the basis of any code you will write for the following: to extract metadata from assets in MediaBin, to display to a user, to become part of a report or to feed into another process. 


This is the fourth post in a blog series on Leveraging the HP MediaBin APIs.

Information Governance: Looking Beneath the Surface: The Hidden Cost of Managing Legacy Data

white paper.JPGI read with great interest the results of an AIIM survey that was released last week, the highlights of which were nicely captured in a blog by John Mancini who is CEO of that organization.  A couple of specific data points that I took away from the survey responses were...


Keep reading  as expert Joe Garber takes a closer look at the hidden cost of managing legacy data. Plus download a white paper and view a video on Legacy Data Management.

Information Governance: What is “Good Information Governance”?

goodinfogov.JPGInformation governance is becoming an integral part of every business now and in the future, and it is something that is critically important for all organizations to understand holistically.  Unfortunately in some cases, information governance has been misunderstood and simplified...


Keep reading to learn what "Good Information Governance" means to your organization, and how to get started.

Information Governance: Not All Search Intent is Created Equal in e-Discovery

Graphic1.pngI am excited to share the news that EDRM, the leading standards organization for the e-Discovery market, just announced the release of the EDRM Search Intent Framework, a collaborative effort in which I led...


Keep reading for more information on the EDRM Search Intent Framework and what it entails.

Information Governance: Upcoming 2015 FRCP Amendments (Part 3) - Rule 37 and Records Retention

iStock_000010398178Small.jpgOf the coming changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), those amendments proposed to Rule 37 are perhaps the most controversial, and farthest reaching. Rule 37 provides guidance to attorneys on how to manage the process of discovering evidence in the possession of another and responding to requests for such discovery by opposing counsel. 


Keep reading to learn what these amendments mean for you and your business.

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  • With over 15 years’ experience in product marketing and sales with enterprise software companies, Becky brings considerable expertise to HP’s Information Archiving product marketing team. In her role, she is responsible for cultivating go-to-market strategy, messaging, and content. Becky enjoys working with clients, partners, and prospects to gain a better understanding of the information archiving needs, priorities, and issues affecting enterprises
  • Beth Demirjian leads HP Autonomy's digital strategy including search, social, mobile and email and has 15 years experience in enterprise software. She resides in San Diego, CA.
  • Chris Surdak is a Subject Matter Expert on Information Governance, analytics and eDiscovery for HP Autonomy. He has over 20 years of consulting and technology experience, and holds a Juris Doctor from Taft University, an MS from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a CISSP Master's Certificate from Villanova and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State. Chris is author of the Big Data strategy book, "Data Crush," which was recently nominated as International Book of the Year for 2014, by GetAbstract. Chris is also contributing editor and columnist for European Business Review magazine.
  • Claire Dominy is a Digital Marketing Manager at HP Autonomy and is currently based in Houston, TX.
  • Da Hye Huh serves as the Director of Product Marketing for Autonomy IDOL.
  • Dan Burke serves as a vice president of HP Software. He is in SME within Power and Emerging technologies, focused on HP Autonomy Explore and IDOL based solutions, such as multi-channel analytics and knowledge management.
  • David Brown is a Product Marketing Manager at HP Autonomy, where he leads product marketing for several of HP’s Information Governance solutions.
  • David Humphrey, CTO of Video Surveillance for HP Autonomy oversees operations for Video, pioneering intelligent video-analytic technologies for international installations. Mr Humphrey has over twenty years experience in advanced video-analytics, with seventeeen years on security applications, as a leading provider of security and surveillance solutions to defense agencies, governments and major corporations around the globe.
  • David Roy has over 27 years of experience in Software Engineering, with expertise in the areas of Digital Asset Management, Image Science and Image Processing. David led the HP MediaBin Development Team for over 15 years and now works in the HP Autonomy Professional Services group.
  • Dominic Brown is Vice President, Meaning Based Governance at Autonomy, Inc. At Autonomy, Brown employs his 15 years of legal and IT experience, along with Autonomy’s unique technology, to help organizations address challenges with eDiscovery, compliance, and records management.
  • Fernando Lucini has been with Autonomy since 2000 and serves as Chief Technology Officer. As Chief Technology Officer, based at Autonomy’s headquarters in Cambridge, UK, Mr Lucini is responsible for defining the overall technology vision and strategy for HP Autonomy including the long term product roadmap and evangelising to customers and to the rest of HP, overseeing and sponsoring some of the world’s largest and most complex information systems across a range of industries.
  • Gagan Bhatia serves as WW product marketing manager for Enterprise Data Protection software within HP Autonomy business unit. He has over 15 years of experience in developing and marketing enterprise software including archiving, data protection, and information management solutions. He is based in San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Gabriele Di Piazza is Vice President of Marketing Optimization for HP Autonomy. In this role, Gabriele leads a team responsible for the product marketing strategy and execution for a set of advanced marketing solutions. These include, digital experience management, web optimization, search engine marketing, rich media management, contact center management and marketing analytics.
  • George Tziahanas leads product management and strategy for HP Autonomy’s Legal and Compliance Portfolio, including its Compliant Archiving, eDiscovery, Legal Hold, and Supervision/Surveillance solutions. George also works closely with HP Autonomy financial services clients, overseeing deployment and ongoing management of solutions designed to meet regulatory requirements.
  • This account is for guest bloggers. The blog post will identify the blogger.
  • Henry Eakland joined HP Autonomy in April 2012 and currently works as Director Product Marketing for HP WFO Software, which provides workforce optimization solutions for enterprise contact centers. He works out of our San Francisco, CA, office.
  • Ilan Gendellman serves as Director of Professional Services and leads the HP Autonomy’s Web Content Management Professional Services team in the Americas. Ilan and his team are working closely with HP customers to implement complex Digital Marketing solutions to drive Customers’ business goals. He is based in Atlanta, GA.
  • Jeff Veis is Vice President of Solution Marketing for HP Autonomy responsible globally for product, partner and field marketing initiatives. Jeff has been in the enterprise software industry for more than 20 years and has experience in marketing, strategy, sales, and partnerships. During his time at HP Autonomy, Jeff has founded the Liberty Alliance Project, a first-in-class standards organization with a global membership that provides a holistic approach to identity.
  • Jenny Ryan is a Director of Product Marketing at HP Autonomy. She’s devoted to helping brands learn to love their data, understand their audience, and effectively engage with audiences across all touchpoints.
  • Joe Garber is Vice President of Information Governance at HP Autonomy. In this role, he leads product messaging and go-to-market efforts for the organization’s eDiscovery, information archiving, and ECM market offerings. Garber has more than 10 years of experience in information governance and eDiscovery.
  • Joe has over 13 years of experience in technology marketing and is currently focused on the analytics solution portfolio. Prior to this role, he was responsible for product marketing of the enterprise application data management solution.
  • Delivering subject matter expertise in the area of financial services compliance and product marketing for HP’s eDiscovery and Supervision/Surveillance products. John has been a legal and compliance professional in the financial services industry for over 12 years. Prior to joining HP Autonomy, John was a compliance officer, auditor, and consultant for major banks, broker-dealers, investment banks, hedge funds, and asset management firms.
  • Kam has over 15 years' experience in marketing and technology, primarily involved in the marketing software industry. Prior to joining HP Autonomy, Kam worked at Yesmail Interactive, a leading email marketing technology provider, where he was responsible for product marketing, lead generation, and digital marketing. Kam also has extensive experience in WCM and Campaign Management & Analytics, having worked at Alterian (now part of SDL) on those product lines.
  • Luis Romero is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at HP Autonomy, where he leads product marketing for HP’s Information Archiving solutions. Luis has over 12 years of experience in enterprise software and information archiving.
  • Martin Cuéllar, Director of Product Marketing for HP Software, is a Subject Matter Expert within HP Autonomy Emerging Technologies. Martin’s career includes work with public sector, private sector, government, and non-profits implementing new analytics, CRM, ECM, and search solutions. He works with existing and new HP customers using Autonomy Explore Cloud for multi-channel analytics and social engagement.
  • Michelle is the Global Product Marketing Manager for HP Records Manager and HP ControlPoint within the Information Governance portfolio. Responsible for solution messaging, positioning and GTM strategy, Michelle works closely with the product, sales, marketing and channel organisations within HP to develop these. Michelle has 13+ years experience in the Information Management space having worked closely with customers, industry and business partners over this time.
  • Randy manages worldwide public relations, analyst relations, social media, and employee communications for HP Autonomy.
  • Robert Brennan is a senior client director at HP Autonomy with seven years’ experience in marketing optimization. He specializes in A/B and multivariate (MVT) testing with HP Optimost, working directly with key clients on strategy, execution, and analysis. Robert also serves as a valued thought leader for HP by educating new employees, streamlining departmental processes, and developing highly effective client deliverables.
  • Scott speaks, blogs, writes articles and specializes in driving competitively differentiated integrations for storage and virtualization. VMware Certified Professional, recognized as a vExpert, VMWorld speaker, VMUG keynote speaker, and a contributing author of the book Virtualization Changes Everything.
  • Shabih Syed is a seasoned technologist possessing 9+ years in technology leading SaaS, mobile and consumer web development teams. He is currently serving as a Product Manager within the HP Autonomy Marketing Optimization organization and is the Agile Product Owner for the ongoing development of TeamSite.
  • Responsible for Cloud Server Data Protection products, including LiveVault and Data Protector. Based in Boston, MA. Twitter: @sraldous
  • Stephen Spellicy is known as a virtualization and data protection subject matter expert with 17+ years of experience in the technology industry. As the Director of Product Management for Data Protection within HP Software's Division, he manages a portfolio of software products that over 60k customers leverage worldwide. His expertise within the backup/recovery, storage, virtualization, and cloud technology areas have also gained him recognition with HP internally and externally, with many contributed articles published technology focused magazines & periodicals.
  • As chief technical architect for HP Autonomy’s Contact Center Management solution, I drive the overall strategic direction and product management for the HP Qfiniti product suite. In this capacity, I collaborates closely with research and development, sales, and the senior management team to plan and implement the product roadmap as well as HP Qfiniti’s integration into the overall portfolio of related customer experience management products. I am considered by my peers to be a pioneer in the quality monitoring market with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, and my unique expertise comes from having installed and supported many Call Center products such as ACD, CTI, VRU and AutoDialers. I began my career in 1983 as a service engineer for New York-based Datapoint Corporation, which was eventually spun off as Teknekron Infoswitch. In 1993, I launched an internal entrepreneurial group to create the first quality monitoring product – an industry changing and evolutionary technology. I then became the general manager of the quality monitoring group which developed the AutoQuality product line, Teknekron’s core product offering. With the acquisition of Teknekron Infoswitch by HP Autonomy in 2006, and its further development as the Autonomy etalk product, I have continued to pursue my entrepreneurial drive through the management and development of internal business units.
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