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Analytics for Human Information

The ability to understand your information allows you to capture valuable insights, and uncover opportunities that can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Data Protection

Protect your information regardless of where it resides, including on premises, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

Digital Marketing

Marketing to today’s consumers requires the ability to engage them across all channels and devices -- including laptops, smartphones, and tablets -- with offers that are personalized and timely.

Information Governance

Information today must be managed for compliance with a range of guidelines for business, legal, and government regulations.

It’s time to think beyond Symantec and switch to HP Information Archiving

Make the switch to HP.JPGMany of the organizations we talk to today continue to fight an uphill battle against the drastic growth of increasingly diverse data types beyond email and files, end user demand for anytime/anywhere access, and escalating corporate and regulatory policies.


Read more to learn why you should make the switch to HP Information Archiving.

Data Protection: Things I get asked at conferences – Agent vs. agentless backup?

Agent Backup.pngHP Data Protector, our backup and recovery solution, offers the ability use both agent and agentless backup for your virtual machines. For VMware, our hypervisor-based integration uses VAAI and VADP APIs to coordinate VM consistency during the snapshot and backup process. For Hyper-V, we rely on integrations with Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to address virtual machine consistency during the snapshot and backup process.


Continue reading to learn the difference between agent and agentless backup.

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Call us HP WFO Software, please…

HP WFO Software Twitter.jpgOn November 1st, HP entered Fiscal Year 2015 and with it came the opportunity to make a few changes. If you’ve followed along with my blog, you know that I recently took over general management of HP Software’s call center-oriented business group for HP Qfiniti (formerly etalk Qfiniti) and HP Explore. And that I’m aggressively simplifying our team’s focus. I’ve introduced very clear and simple imperatives for the group and am relentlessly obliterating distractions for the entire team.


Read more to learn why the HP Qfiniti and HP Explore team is changing its name...

Transform your customer experience: Join us at the Gilbane Conference

Marketing Optimization.jpgThe future of marketing is all about optimizing and personalizing the customer experience. It’s about providing customers with what they want at the right time and in the right way. Here at HP Marketing Optimization, we’re committed to helping marketers deliver beautiful digital experiences to their customers.


Find out what we have planned for the upcoming 2014 Gilbane Conference in Boston.

An opportunity to maximize your data assets: Join the Big Data team at HP Discover Barcelona

HP Discover Barcelona.jpgWe like to say it a lot, but it’s true: Big Data is changing everything. Every minute, every second, data is exploding. Almost everything we touch produces vast amounts of information, from emails, social media, smart phones, cars, and even refrigerators. In a way, data has become one of the most important resources in the 21st century.


Read more to see what the HP Big Data team has planned for HP Discover Barcelona.

Information Governance: HP leads the way in Enterprise Information Archiving

2014 Gartner MQ for Enterprise Information Archiving.jpgI recall two years ago, having just taken over responsibility for the portfolio that included information archiving, when I received the Gartner MQ and saw that HP (then HP Autonomy) had been dropped from the leader’s quadrant. It was an outcome that no one at HP wanted to see, but everyone committed to change. A year later, with tremendous work and commitment by the entire organization, we returned to the leader’s quadrant, but we were not satisfied. One additional year has now established our leadership position once again, and yet we still see tremendous opportunity to grow.


Read more to see where HP stands in the latest Gartner MQ for Enterprise Information Archiving.

Best Practices for Post-Call Surveys

Call Center Surveys.jpgI often get asked about best practices for Post Call Surveys, and unlike other survey methods and strategies there are definitely some do’s and don’ts. Read this blog to understand what a Post-Call Survey is, how they differ from other survey techniques, and best practices about how to deploy them.


Read more to learn about the three different survey types and Post-Call Best Practices .

Are your apps reaching their full potential?

TCO14.jpgThere is something in common between app developers and parents. Both want to see their ‘babies’ be all that they can be. And with increasing data volume, diversity and richness comes increasing opportunities for your apps to shine.


Read more to get a preview of what the HP IDOL OnDemand team has in store at TopCoder Open 2014.

Digging deeper: A look at Big Data investigative analytics

Sherlock Holmes.pngPost by guest blogger Vance Briggs, Professional Services Delivery Manager – Information Analytics EMEA, HP Big Data


“I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Author of the Sherlock Holmes stories


The bones of this quote are fundamental to human driven analysis. It is very easy to twist the facts to meet your hypothesis. A good analyst also looks for evidence that will disprove his hypotheses, and this type of interactive analytics is fundamental to investigative analytics...


Read more to learn about big data investigative analytics.

Drupalgeddon – A cautionary tale

drupal_logo.jpgA storm has been building over the past week—a situation which has been charmingly christened 'Drupalgeddon'. If you're not up to speed, here's the short version: on October 15th, Drupal announced and released a patch for a significant vulnerability in its system. The problem—and the reason it's blowing up right now—is that administrators only had seven hours from the patch dropping before the large-scale, automated attacks started.


Read more to see the biggest issues with Drupalgeddon and what admins need to avoid a future catastrophe...

Information Governance: Get 360° compliance and control with HP at ARMA 2014 (Part 3: The wrap up!)

ARMA2014-HPBooth.jpgWell ARMA 2014 has come and gone for another year, and for my first time at ARMA I found it very interesting and busy. Information Governance was a theme broadly promoted by vendors at their booths and across most sessions.


Read more for highlights and insights on legacy data clean-up, records management, and big data.

Information Governance: Ready for kick off at the ACC Annual Meeting

HPatACCAnnualMeeting2014.jpgThe Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Annual Meeting is kicking off in New Orleans today. This year’s Annual Meeting will be the world’s largest gathering of in-house counsel where attendees can enhance their corporate legal education by learning from leaders in the profession, fulfilling CLE/CPD requirements and meeting with thousands of their peers and legal service providers.


Read more to see what our information governance team has planned for the event.

Winning awards: Yes, HP Qfiniti and HP Explore do that too

HPQfinitiInnovation.jpgHP Qfiniti has a long history of innovation. It started back in 1983 as Teknekron Infoswitch when we sold and implemented some of the industry’s first standalone ACDs in the market. Then in 2000 when etalk – the next iteration of the company – changed the call recording industry by introducing the technology behind today's oft heard “Your call may be recorded for quality purposes.” etalk received 21 patents for its technology in the '90s and offered the first post-call-IVR survey to the market.


Read more to discover how HP Qfiniti and HP Explore have continued to innovate.

My first 60 days: Onward and upward!

First60Days.jpgI’m writing this blog from an American Airlines flight on my way to Lexington, Kentucky for a business unit management meeting. Today marks my 61st day on the job and this flight has given me 90 uninterrupted minutes to reflect on the business (no WiFi on this Embraer ERJ 140 puddle jumper!) and what I’ve learned.


Read more to see what Jeff has to say about his first two months managing HP Qfiniti and HP Explore.

Data Protection: Newly Released - HP Data Protector Quick Tip Tutorials

HPDPQuickTips.pngNew to blogging, so I’m expecting some interesting (if any!) feedback. Feels a little like shouting out at the abyss. Though I’m used to that - my kids don’t listen to me. Why would anyone else?


Although I do like banter. Heckling is allowed. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Hmm… someone should tell my pee-wee league coach that.


Read more to learn about our new HP Data Protector Quick Tip Tutorials.

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Information Governance: Get 360° compliance and control with HP at ARMA 2014 (Part 2)

20140911_HP_Arma_Join_HP_525x525.jpgIn my last blog I touched on the theme we have adopted for ARMA 2014. In this blog I’ll be telling you about the activities the HP Information Governance team will be involved in and encouraging you to participate where possible.


Read more to get the details on what our team has planned for ARMA 2014.

HP claims victory in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

Gartner names HP a Leader in Web Content Management.jpgOver the past few years HP TeamSite WCM platform has had its share of compliments and criticism around capabilities, technology and vision. But as Oscar Wilde once said, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Well, the tides are changing, and HP TeamSite is at the helm.


Continue reading to see how HP TeamSite ranked in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

Information Governance: Get 360° compliance and control with HP at ARMA 2014 (Part 1)

sandiego.jpgI’m sure many of you are familiar with ARMA International and their annual conference. Having worked behind the scenes in the past, this year I am very excited about traveling to San Diego and experiencing this wonderful event first hand. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to meet with many of our customers, partners and potential customers to learn more about their information governance challenges and how we can help address them.


Read more to see what the information governance team has planned for ARMA 2014.

Big Data is changing everything

AndrewJoiner.jpgBlog post by guest blogger, Andrew Joiner, SVP & General Manager of Marketing Optimization, HP Software


It was exciting to be back in Orlando this week for Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, the biggest IT event of the year. For those of you who could not join us at the event, I’d like to share two key takeaways from my keynote session on HP’s approach to Big Data.


Continue reading to see how technology and Big Data can drive big opportunity.

Data Protection: How to manage your Connected Backup accounts from an iOS device

AppScreenshot1.jpgWhile Connected Backup isn‘t a product I’m primarily focused on, I am deeply passionate about it having started with Connected Corporation back in 2004, way before HP acquired the technology. One of the things I love about the product is its extreme flexibility and configurability.


Read more to learn how to manage your Connected Backup accounts from an iOS device.

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Digital Marketing: Getting social at #HPEngage14 with HP Explore

voiceofthecustomerinsights.pngJust back from a three-day customer event aptly named Engage. It’s always good to be in front of customers and be able to listen to their wants, needs, and aspirations. In particular, during the event we ran some social media posts with the hashtag, #HPEngage14, and then displayed them using HP Explore, our Voice of the Customer insight tool...


Read on to find out what insights were gleaned during HP Engage.

Promise #5: Focus on Trust

FocusonTrust_Westover.jpgHowdy again from Plano Texas.  It’s finally beginning to look like autumn here.  And we’re all quite ready for the cooler weather. Here’s the fifth and final installment in my series on our promises to you, our customers...


Read more to learn about the HP Qfiniti team's fifth promise, a focus on trust.

Data Protection: Join us for HP Data Protection seminars in Los Angeles, New York, & Dallas

dp9focusdays.jpgIn my last blog post, I highlighted two core capabilities of HP backup solution that positioned HP a Market Leader in Ovum Decision Matrix. Join us next week for one of our data protection seminars and learn more from our subject matter experts about HP Adaptive Backup and Recovery solution, built for today’s dynamic, diverse, and always-on data centers.

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Information Governance: HP Structured Data Manager 7.2 & Big Data at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

HPatOracleOpenWorld.jpgFall is officially here and so is Oracle OpenWorld 2014. Every year I look forward to HP’s participation in this event due to the increasing interest in structured data archiving and application retirement. This year is even more exciting as Structured Data Manager 7.2 offers greater flexibility to organizations that want to better govern structured information.


Read more to see how SDM 7.2 delivers on the Big Data Promise & get details about our OOW 2014 speaking sessions.

Promise #4: Focus on Engagement

HPWorkforceOptimizationPromises_AT.jpgHere’s the fourth installment in my series of our promises to you, our customers.  These promises are our imperatives as an HP business group and stand as guiding targets for our employees.  We’re aligning the entire organization around these imperatives.


Read more to learn about the HP Qfiniti leadership team's promise to focus on engagement.

Information Governance: Transforming records management for information governance

TransformingRMtoIG.jpgSince this in my first blog, I thought I should probably tell you a little bit about myself before going much further. Currently I am the global product marketing manager for HP Records Manager and HP ControlPoint based out of Sydney, Australia and have enjoyed almost 15 years in the information management space. Over this time I have seen huge changes to this industry and the technology available for both creating and managing documents and records...


Read more to see find out why it's time to transform records management for information governance.

Data Protection: Things I Get Asked at Conferences - Staged vs Non-Staged Recovery?

NonStagedvStagedRecovery.pngI attend a lot of conferences, and now that I work for HP, I’m pulling booth babe duty now. While working in the booth, I get asked various questions on a multitude of topics. Recently I came up with a good analogy to explain the difference between Staged and Non-Staged Recovery capabilities that are included in HP Data Protector software...


Read more to learn about the difference between Staged and Non-Staged Recovery.

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Only thing left to do is party at #HPEngage14

TimetoParty.JPGI’ll keep this brief.  I want to get to our final activity, our end of conference party. 


These past few days I’ve learned a ton.  Been impressed by things HP is doing in the area of customer engagement that I didn’t know about...


Read more to see what we've learned and to get a quick re-cap of everything HP Engage 2014.

HP Customers celebrated at #HPEngage14

CelebratingCustomers.JPG#HPEngage14 is winding down and it seems appropriate to feature the reason why we're all here. Our customers.


Last night, we celebrated our customers’ successes by formally passing out a handful of awards.  Congratulations to all the winners...


Read more to see who won at Engage 2014 Visionary Awards Gala.

General session, day 2 at #HPEngage14: What we learned

GenSession2_Realise.jpgCongratulations to Tony Murphy and Realise.  It was really encouraging to hear how effective a dedicated partner can be when the technology they are aligned to is robust and scalable.  It’s easy to “drink the cool-aid” when you work at the company...


Read more to see what else went on during Tuesday's General Session at HP Engage 2014.

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  • Jeff Westover is VP & GM of HP WFO Software for contact centers. He blogs about HP Qfiniti & HP Explore.
  • Jeff Veis is Vice President of Solution Marketing for HP Autonomy responsible globally for product, partner and field marketing initiatives. Jeff has been in the enterprise software industry for more than 20 years and has experience in marketing, strategy, sales, and partnerships. During his time at HP Autonomy, Jeff has founded the Liberty Alliance Project, a first-in-class standards organization with a global membership that provides a holistic approach to identity.
  • Joe Garber is Vice President of Information Governance at HP Autonomy. In this role, he leads product messaging and go-to-market efforts for the organization’s eDiscovery, information archiving, and ECM market offerings. Garber has more than 10 years of experience in information governance and eDiscovery.
  • Joe has over 13 years of experience in technology marketing and is currently focused on the analytics solution portfolio. Prior to this role, he was responsible for product marketing of the enterprise application data management solution.
  • Delivering subject matter expertise in the area of financial services compliance and product marketing for HP’s eDiscovery and Supervision/Surveillance products. John has been a legal and compliance professional in the financial services industry for over 12 years. Prior to joining HP Autonomy, John was a compliance officer, auditor, and consultant for major banks, broker-dealers, investment banks, hedge funds, and asset management firms.
  • Luis Romero is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at HP Autonomy, where he leads product marketing for HP’s Information Archiving solutions. Luis has over 12 years of experience in enterprise software and information archiving.
  • Martin Cuéllar, Director of Product Marketing for HP Software, is a Subject Matter Expert within HP Autonomy Emerging Technologies. Martin’s career includes work with public sector, private sector, government, and non-profits implementing new analytics, CRM, ECM, and search solutions. He works with existing and new HP customers using Autonomy Explore Cloud for multi-channel analytics and social engagement.
  • Michelle is the Global Product Marketing Manager for HP Records Manager and HP ControlPoint within the Information Governance portfolio. Responsible for solution messaging, positioning and GTM strategy, Michelle works closely with the product, sales, marketing and channel organisations within HP to develop these. Michelle has 13+ years experience in the Information Management space having worked closely with customers, industry and business partners over this time.
  • Randy manages worldwide public relations, analyst relations, social media, and employee communications for HP Autonomy.
  • Robert Brennan is a senior client director at HP Autonomy with seven years’ experience in marketing optimization. He specializes in A/B and multivariate (MVT) testing with HP Optimost, working directly with key clients on strategy, execution, and analysis. Robert also serves as a valued thought leader for HP by educating new employees, streamlining departmental processes, and developing highly effective client deliverables.
  • Scott speaks, blogs, writes articles and specializes in driving competitively differentiated integrations for storage and virtualization. VMware Certified Professional, recognized as a vExpert, VMWorld speaker, VMUG keynote speaker, and a contributing author of the book Virtualization Changes Everything.
  • Shabih Syed is a seasoned technologist possessing 9+ years in technology leading SaaS, mobile and consumer web development teams. He is currently serving as a Product Manager within the HP Autonomy Marketing Optimization organization and is the Agile Product Owner for the ongoing development of TeamSite.
  • Responsible for Cloud Server Data Protection products, including LiveVault and Data Protector. Based in Boston, MA. Twitter: @sraldous
  • Stephen Spellicy is known as a virtualization and data protection subject matter expert with 17+ years of experience in the technology industry. As the Director of Product Management for Data Protection within HP Software's Division, he manages a portfolio of software products that over 60k customers leverage worldwide. His expertise within the backup/recovery, storage, virtualization, and cloud technology areas have also gained him recognition with HP internally and externally, with many contributed articles published technology focused magazines & periodicals.
  • As chief technical architect for HP Autonomy’s Contact Center Management solution, I drive the overall strategic direction and product management for the HP Qfiniti product suite. In this capacity, I collaborates closely with research and development, sales, and the senior management team to plan and implement the product roadmap as well as HP Qfiniti’s integration into the overall portfolio of related customer experience management products. I am considered by my peers to be a pioneer in the quality monitoring market with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, and my unique expertise comes from having installed and supported many Call Center products such as ACD, CTI, VRU and AutoDialers. I began my career in 1983 as a service engineer for New York-based Datapoint Corporation, which was eventually spun off as Teknekron Infoswitch. In 1993, I launched an internal entrepreneurial group to create the first quality monitoring product – an industry changing and evolutionary technology. I then became the general manager of the quality monitoring group which developed the AutoQuality product line, Teknekron’s core product offering. With the acquisition of Teknekron Infoswitch by HP Autonomy in 2006, and its further development as the Autonomy etalk product, I have continued to pursue my entrepreneurial drive through the management and development of internal business units.
  • Sunil Menon is CTO and heads up Product Management for Marketing Optimization at HP Autonomy. Sunil has over 17 years of technical and business experience in the areas of Digital Marketing, Content Management, Marketing Automation and Marketing Optimization. In his current role, Sunil leads Product Management and Strategy for HP Autonomy's Marketing Optimization portfolio covering web experience management, digital marketing, optimization, marketing analytics and contact center solutions.
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