Digital Marketing: Forrester Customer Experience Forum - Getting to Know You

2013-06-26 11.54.37.jpgI had the pleasure of speaking at Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum about a topic near and dear every marketer’s heart – driving conversions.


Every day, I hear from CMOs about what is keeping them up at night. The customer journey is becoming more complex. User-generated content is prolific and hard to process. Touchpoints are scattered across time and devices. They understand that conversion is all about relevancy – right content to the right customer at the right time – and they know that the answer lies in their data, yet they still struggle with knowing their customer.


We begin to know our customers by watching their behavior and learning from it. We can glean location, time of day, device and OS, referral site, clickstream behavior, sentiment, segmentation, demographics, touchpoint history, purchase history and more just through observation. They key is to use what you have to learn more. Relationships take work. But in the digital world at least, you have tools to help.


If you were in my speaking session, you would have heard me introduce Ray. Ray is an example of your average, savvy, highly connected individual with multiple devices he uses in his professional and personal life. Ray is just the type of customer you’d like to have. But how to do you secure him?


Every relationship begins with attraction. Ray searches for event spaces in Portland, Oregon from his tablet. Even at this early point, you know the location, time of day, device and the referral site. Using this, you can deliver a targeted search ad and he’s interested and heading your way.


Good relationships are based on listening and also responding in the appropriate manner.  Once he’s on the site, Ray clicks on a link for wedding spaces. By observing his clickstream behavior you see he needs a medium-sized space with a gazebo. Using A/B or multivariate testing, you can learn about Ray and segment him with more accuracy and tailor the content on your site to engage Ray further. As you listen and respond to what you are learning about Ray, his experience gets more engaging. From here Ray’s conversion is highly likely. But let’s keep him coming back for more.


Relationships are a two-way street. You know Ray is interested in you. You know he is engaged with your site.

He’s at the point where you can ask him some questions about himself. Ask him to fill out a form to   register for your site to develop a full profile on Ray. Offer him an incentive to do so.


By using these steps you are able to build out a more complete picture of Ray and better able to target products that are more specific to his needs. You end up with a win-win scenario – your conversions increase and Ray gets what he needs.



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