Data Protection: If It Ain’t Broke, FIX IT! – HP Unveils Adaptive Backup & Recovery Initiative

This week HP announced a new strategic initiative to deliver the world’s first adaptive backup & recovery solution. This has the potential to do nothing short of transforming how organizations big and small protect their data and manage their IT infrastructure.  Why is this big news? Because the stakes have never been higher to ensure that businesses not only protect information from data loss but go farther to ensure they are “always on” – tables stakes in the 24/7 world we live and compete in.


Up to now traditional backup and recovery has evolved about as fast as a snail racing a turtle across your backyard patio. For years most vendors pile in feature after feature into their offerings to attempt to address the surge in data and the emergence of new virtual, remote and cloud environments that need data protection. Other vendors have tried to offer a grand vision of unified data management only to bolt on sub-par archiving, non-existent legal hold and eDiscovery that in reality rarely gets implemented. Add to the mix increasingly demanding SLAs driving ever higher levels of business resiliency and you get “broken backup and recovery” that is complex and costly to manage and unpredictable in performance.


We knew there had to be a better way. So we cooked up a shiny new, data-driven, architectural approach, driven by your deployment’s real-time, real-world operational analytics, to get “smart” – a lot smarter about how backup and recovery is delivered.  It’s got four distinct components:

  • Prioritization—enables organizations to set backup strategy and policies based on data and application priority and criticality.
  • Prediction—leverages operational analytics to proactively set backup resource utilization.
  • Recommendation—provides actionable suggestions to the IT manager to reduce potential conflicts and ensure SLA objectives.
  • Automation—this self-learning system enables automated backup and recovery provisioning adjustments based on operational analytics.

Put these four key capabilities together and you get a solution that can intelligently monitor, adapt and optimize how an organization manages its storage infrastructure, resources and data policies. The system will be able to “look ahead” to identify and alert IT managers to future issues that may arise before an organization is at risk.  In short, an architecture that is self-aware, self-monitoring, and self-healing. 


But this ain’t a “smoke and mirror” technology vision of the future.  This week we announced the latest version of our marque enterprise class backup and recovery solution, HP Data Protector 8.1.  This new version, scheduled for general availability in January 2014, is our first generation offering to incorporate Adaptive Backup and Recovery technology focusing primarily on prioritization challenges of optimizing backup and recovery.  We also threw in some other goodies like native SAP Hana support. Check it out and see for yourself what this new thinking in backup and recovery is all about.




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