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A short while ago, I attended a customer meeting concerning marketing in the media industry.  In this consumer oriented space, one of the big ticket marketing budget items is advertising. This is especially true for companies intending to reach their target markets through network television.


Millions of dollars are being spent on media initiatives aimed at driving reach and frequency, which can be measured by Target Ratings Points (TRP). The question this traditional TRP, which is a traditional measuring system, sufficient to gauge effectiveness, when it only indicates how many times an advertisement is seen by only a fraction of the target audience?


During this meeting, other common questions came up such as “How did the audience react to big budget TV advertisement? Did we generate the right level of buzz within the broadcast community (e.g. movies) or user community (consumer goods)?”  In other words, there is an increasingly loud cry for better demonstration of ROI with consumer engagement and broadcast intelligence.  The good news is that it is now possible to do both with HP.   


HP Explore can monitor and analyze chatter on social media and news sites, while HP Broadcast Monitoring can monitor and analyze broadcast content around the globe.  This product pair is powered by HP IDOL which forms the core data layer across both social and broadcast data, allowing the correlation of data between the social media and broadcast domains.  For example, imagine trying to time-correlate changes in a certain movie’s tweet volume with the exact placement and broadcast of its movie trailer on network television. HP IDOL can identify types of content from the broadcast delivered before and after the trailer, allowing further insights into audience attention and reaction. This brings unprecedented insight for media placement strategy.


Another topic of high interest to this customer was how to enrich the consumer experience by overcoming the static nature of traditional content marketing.  An example could be movie posters at a bus stop or magazine advertisements.  Currently, this type of content, no matter how brilliantly designed, becomes stale immediately after the first viewing.   With HP Aurasma, static content comes to life through the innovation of augmented reality.  


The HP Aurasma team partnered with Marvel to transform a 2D Iron Man poster into a moving, dynamic 3D hero who springs into action when viewed through a mobile device.  HP’s underlying Cloud based content management and delivery system provides a dynamically optimized and compelling customer experience.  Just imagine putting the bus riders on a “journey” of fresh new content right at the bus stop every day!  Let’s convert these compelling interactions into sales by adding a link to, for example, Fandango.  The views and click-through’s can all be tracked and analyzed, so the ROI calculation is simple.




Undeniably, there are tremendous opportunities that lie within the data from all these customer touch points.  The winners will likely be the ones who unlock these opportunities with breakthrough intelligence and outshine their competitors with game changing customer experiences.







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