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How to debug my App?

What are the debugging approaches and tools I can use when developing my HP Anywhere App?

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Re: How to debug my App?

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A couple of options exist for debugging your application: 1. using the IDE plugin HP Anywhere provide, you can use Chrome dev tools to debug your application like all other web app. you can even use a special appdev=true query parameter and get the non-minified version of your app. 2. for debugging on a real device, I strongly recommend getting acquainted with WeInRe: using it you get all most full dev-tools debugger on your real device (except Javascript code inspection) to use it, add to your descriptor's javascript files list the weinre script, with your computer's IP and port on which weinre is running (remember that the default 8080 port is already taken by HP Anywhere) Hope it helps Nadav

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Re: How to debug my App?

You can use Fiddler as HTTP proxy to examine the resources requested by device; Setting fiddler on PC: 1. Download Fiddler ( 2. Open Fiddler and goto Tools->Fiddler Options-> Connections-> "Allow Remote computers to connect" 3. Restart Fiddler In your device, configure your PC as proxy 1. iPhone device->Settings-> Wifi-> Select the network and click on the arrow icon to configure the Wifi Network settings 2. In screen bottom you will see "HTTP Proxy" section 3. Click on "Manual" 4. Set the "Server" to your PC IP address (where Fiddler was installed) 5. Set port to 8888 (or any other port as defined in Fiddler options) Open HPA App in device and watch Fiddler for the requests being made, watch our for any failures. Thanks, Sami.
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