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HP Helion brings together all the speed, agility and cost benefits of cloud computing, and with all the possibilities and interoperability of open source. Providing the cloud practitioner in you, the flexibility, reliability and security that enterprises need to move forward with confidence.

In this blog, we will explore the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise cloud deployment and usage. And in so doing, help you on your way to design, build and manage enterprise-grade infrastructure, platform and application services for the Cloud. Come join us now on this journey….

HP CloudSystem Matrix is the cheese—it stands alone

Cloud-Computing_marq.jpgFor the past few posts, we’ve taken a deep dive into HP CloudSystem and HP CloudSystem Matrix Software with Brad Kirby and Andy Schneider. Along the way, we’ve discovered why the journey to the cloud is unique, and how HP can help make the transition to the New Style of IT both efficient and cost-effective.


To conclude our series, we asked HP CloudSystem product manager Andy Schneider to offer his insight into what makes HP’s software solution unique. 

The why, what, how, and who of HP CloudSystem Matrix

cloudbuilding.jpgFor the past few posts, we’ve covered HP CloudSystem from a high-level view. To gain even more insight into how HP CloudSystem Matrix works, we asked Andy Schneider, the Product Manager in charge of planning for HP CloudSystem Matrix to give us some examples of how CloudSystem Matrix works, and what makes it unique.


Andy not only gave us a broad understanding of the common software set, but also a view of the roles involved with HP CloudSystem Matrix, who is involved and what they do to make sure the system is deployed easily, runs smoothly and recovers quickly from failovers. 

Growing into an HP CloudSystem solution

Cloud_tile.jpgFrom HP CloudSystem Matrix Software to a full-blown Anything-as-a-Service offering, HP CloudSystem delivers what enterprises need to complete their journey to the New Style of IT. But with a completely customizable solution, how do you know what’s the best way to meet your needs?


That’s the question we asked Brad Kirby, an HP CloudSystem expert. In his answer, he breaks the solution down into three easy-to-understand components that help enterprises get started. Read his views on how to start small and grow tall with an HP CloudSystem solution. 

HP CloudSystems stand apart

Cloud1.jpgYou know the saying “Every cloud has a silver lining”? Well, in the New Style of IT every vendor has a cloud solution. A critial part of every journey to the Cloud involved choosing the right partner, with the right solution to meet your specific needs. For a better perspective on what set’s HP Cloud offerings apart from the rest, we asked HP expert Brian Kirby for insight.

HP CloudSystem—A seamless transition to the New Style of IT

Written by Grant Byington


As enterprises take that first critical step on the path to the New Style of IT, it’s critical that they know their journey will be unique. Their path to the Cloud will look different based on workloads, performance and security requirements, not to mention their appetite for change. But the benefits of cloud computing are clear enough that the migration is a matter of when, not if. To gain a better understanding of how HP views the path to the Cloud, we asked HP expert Brad Kirby to share his insight about HP CloudSystem and how that solution can help enterprise customers on their way to Cloud adoption.  

Cloud leadership that makes a difference

Written by guest blogger Ken Spear


Forrester Research, a prominent industry analyst firm, has recognized HP as the sole leader in their Forrester Wave™ Private Cloud Solutions, Q4 2013. The HP CloudSystem was compared with private cloud solutions offered by nine other vendors. Forrester conducted a very thorough analysis that included 61 criteria for the evaluation. It rated HP CloudSystem among the highest in 8 of 15 categories. After a thorough review, this independent authority declared that “HP leads the pack” for private cloud solutions.

HP CloudSystem, HP’s flagship for building cloud!! Check us out at HP Discover in Barcelona

At HP Discover Barcelona you will be to see the latest on CloudSystem technologies both within the product showcase and in the business and technical breakout sessions. Remember to bring you questions, as there are not too many opportunities within the year to have immediate access to all this intellectual HP Cloud knowledge under one roof. 

Heading to VMworld 2013?

If your sights are set on VWworld 2013 in San Francisco next week and you have an interest in the cloud, this article might be of interest to you. Earlier this year in June, HP announced new innovations to HP Converged Cloud portfolio. HP Cloud OS is an open and extensible cloud technology platform that leverages the power of OpenStack technology to enable workload portability, simplified installation and enhanced life cycle management across hybrid clouds.

The 2 HP cloud solution demos for SAP you can’t miss at SAP Sapphire 2013!

Are you attending SAP Sapphire 2013? If you are, we have a few suggestions for cloud solution demos you will not want to miss.

These demos have been specifically designed for SAP landscapes, and will demonstrate what is possible when the power of HP and SAP come together. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from this partnership.

Are you interested in deploying OpenStack-based KVM in a HP CloudSystem environment?

Earlier today, HP announced the technical preview of HP CloudSystem support for OpenStack-based Red Hat KVM resource pools. What does this mean and why is it important?


Some of our existing customers focus primarily use a single hypervisor today. This hypervisor is often a full feature virtualization platform that provides a robust infrastructure that works well for traditional enterprise applications. However, many, if not most, of those customers are already deploying or considering moving to a multi-hypervisor model.

The whole enchilada - How to Take Advantage of the Cloud

This is the third post summarizing the major lessons of the new eBook, “How to Take Advantage of the Cloud: Your Guide to Achieving Value and Performance,” by HP and Latisys (one of HP’s first bursting partners). Previously, we addressed “Cloud basics” using the phrase “how to harness the cloud as part of your IT strategy and “Cloud essentials” using the phrase “disaster recovery, storage, security, and compliance. In this post we’ll examine challenges to making the cloud work and challenges that should not be taken lightly.

At last, the proper IT tool for all sizes and all occasions: HP CloudSystem Auto Flexing Capability

Written by Gary Stevens – HP Global Business Development Manager


Have you ever planned a dinner party and found, usually at the last minute, that the pan you intend to use for the main course... (you know the course! it's the one you have been making for smaller groups of friends for the past month) but the pan just isn’t big enough. You do a quick check of your memory banks and are convinced that you had the “do I need a bigger pan conversation” with yourself.

NNIT develops the first GxP Cloud powered by HP CloudSystem


It's exciting to see customers moving from a virtualized environment towards a hybrid cloud environment.  With HP CloudSystem customers are creating test and development environments, building and managing core applications in the cloud, providing cloud services to others, and creating new lines of business. 


NNIT, a subsidiary of the healthcare supplier Novo Nordisk, a Danish IT service provider has approximately 1,500 employees in five countries.  They were looking to move to a cloud environment to lower operating costs, automate processes and create new value-added services.




Digital Planet ROI on HP Cloud Platform

This makes some interesting reading if you have time, on a company called Digital Planet. I am always interested to hear about companies like this that are transitioning to the Cloud. We talked about it a lot at HP Discover this year and even had some interesting guest speakers from Latisys and Mckesson Health Care that were there sharing their experiences with Cloud.


Digital Planet who is based in Ireland, has been working with many clients during the past 12 months, moving to a new cloud environment. Leveraging HP’s CloudSystem, they have been able to optimize their business offering; increasing revenue while reducing costs and achieving a 96% ROI over the ten months of operation. It’s an interesting article that is worth a read.




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You can test drive HP CloudSystem Matrix Software

At HP, we believe that customers will all have a unique journey to their cloud environment. The first steps often include standardization, consolidation, virtualization and automation and then building to an internal IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering.


One of the other key things we have learned from working with thousands of customers is that cloud implementations often have a bigger impact on the people and process of IT than on the technology of IT. Therefore, it is often good to start with a small project - often internal IT focused - to understand how cloud will impact the unique processes and the people in that specific organization before growing to a larger implementation. In other words, many organizations will want to start small and grow tall.

Chargeback and Showback - Choosing the right solution for your cloud

As a business owner, would you open a store without any process to charge back your merchandise? As a user, would you buy a service without knowing the cost upfront? This kind of cost management requirements applies to cloud computing. While cloud computing promises many opportunities for IT cost savings, its diverse and dynamic nature also makes it difficult to reap the expected financial benefits.

Got a question? Get your cloud-related technical questions answered from Cloud Experts

At HP Discover 2012 you’ll get direct access to all the leading Cloud subject matter experts from HP, HP Partners and peers, to help answer and address the most challenging technical questions related to Converged Cloud security, application and cloud services, HP CloudSystem,  application lifecycle management, cloud virtualization, networking, etc. 

Take Advantage of Cloud Implementation Best Known Methods (BKMs)

Leverage thousands of HP and customer hours of experience and best known methods for building and managing cloud services with HP cloud solutions and services at HP Discover Las Vegas 2012.

Cool videos from the Master the Cloud roadshow in Montreal, Canada

As you can probably tell I am kicking myself for having been delayed catching my connection and ultimately missing my flight up to Montreal to participate in the cloud roadshow. Oh well, I get another chance this Tuesday when the third venue pulls into Toronto, Canada.


If you are interested in watching cloud videos, here is a collection of 3 that were filmed at the event (2 more to follow). Two were filmed with HP’s Cloud Advisors that were filmed with our cloud advisors that were present at the event, and the other with Raffal Los, chief security evangelist with HP software.

The cloud is booming in Asia

If you have been keeping up with the cloud news this week you will have heard that on Oct 18th, HP announced new cloud programs and services to assist customers in making the transition to the Cloud easier and faster with HP CloudSystem. The announcement and press event was hosted out of Singapore in the APJ region.

What’s powering your cloud services? Is it reliable?

I think we get caught up some times thinking that as reliable as cloud computing has started to become, and that because it’s “in the cloud”, the separation of hardware reliability, from users processing work in the cloud has truly happened. Less attention is being paid to the actual hardware running the cloud.

New HP Cloud Reference Architecture for Mission Critical CloudSystem

To demonstrate reliable private cloud implementations for mission critical computing, HP and Intel jointly announced a new HP Cloud Reference Architecture, featuring new Integrity blades I2 servers with Intel® Itanium® 9300 Series. Acting as the HP EMEA Cloud Center of Excellence, the HP Intel CME Solution Center from Grenoble France has implemented a new Cloud Infrastructure for mission-critical environments.

A new, cool cloud app for your Smart Phone

Cloud is becoming top of mind for a lot of CIO’s and business managers alike, as they start to chart their journey into the cloud. But like all new technology introductions, it starts to become a little overwhelming to understand the all the new terminology associated with this topic. Things like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS to name a few…what do they mean and what are the real differences between them?

Building a Private Cloud in Zero to 90 Days

If you are getting a chance to go to HP Discover, here’s an interesting session to look out for. It's about a company called FICO that successfully implemented a 90 day transition into the Cloud using HP CloudSystem Matrix.

How does Red Hat’s software provide you value within HP CloudSystem?

 As early as 2009, customers choosing KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) have relied on HP BladeSystem and ProLiant servers to provide the foundation of their virtualization infrastructure, (which is the precursor of cloud computing.) For example, ByteMark, a hosting provider in the UK, could improve their SLA from three 9s to four 9s by running KVM on BL495 servers with Virtual Connect Flex-10 modules

HP CloudSystem at the Red Hat Summit 2011

It hard to believe it has been a full year since I was last posting blog updates on the Red Hat Summit. Last year the big news for HP was all around our recently announced scale-up server - HP ProLiant DL980. It was big news and it attracted a lot of attention.

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