Grounded in the Cloud
HP Helion brings together all the speed, agility and cost benefits of cloud computing, and with all the possibilities and interoperability of open source. Providing the cloud practitioner in you, the flexibility, reliability and security that enterprises need to move forward with confidence.

In this blog, we will explore the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise cloud deployment and usage. And in so doing, help you on your way to design, build and manage enterprise-grade infrastructure, platform and application services for the Cloud. Come join us now on this journey….

Shadow IT—the good, the bad, and the ugly. How to deal with it?

The debate over shadow IT is like a three-man standoff in a spaghetti Western. On one side you have the business leaders and developers, who view external cloud resources as a quick and inexpensive way to get a project up and running. On the other you have IT, who feels it’s losing control when the business turns to external service providers. And in the middle you have the CIO, who faces pressure to meet the needs of the business, but who also has to weigh the risks involved with using an external service provider.