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HP Cloud is going to Discover. Are you?


The time has finally come! Registration is open for HP Discover. This is your opportunity to see in-person all of the amazing advances in Cloud and IT that we have been working on.


This is my favorite event of the year, and I can’t wait for June 10 to get here. Keep reading to find out how you can connect with the HP Cloud team at the event and what you can experience while there. 

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Software licensing for the cloud; did you forget about that?


Enterprise customers moving software to the cloud are often challenged by the licensing issues involved in running the software in private, public and even hybrid environments. HP offers cloud customers Software Licensing Advisory Services to properly license their software in their new cloud environment.


Learn more about HP's licensing services in this video and audio podcast. 

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You get what you pay for: Cloud pricing races to the bottom


The words “cheap” and “quality” aren’t usually found living happily in the same sentence. This is why it is often said that “you get what you pay for.” There are usually sacrifices made as the cost of any product goes down.


We have found out through discussions, enterprises are looking for value and quality—not simply a lower price. Keep reading to find out how you can distinguish between the price you pay and the value you receive with cloud services

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Next- Generation HP CloudSystem: Your fast track to the Cloud


The next-generation HP Cloudsystem is available today. It is the industry’s most complete, integrated and open solution for building and managing cloud environments. It offers enterprise customers a fast, simple path to the cloud while simultaneously managing existing traditional assets.


Keep reading to learn what is new with HP CloudSystem and how these changes can help you.


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Attending the OpenStack Summit in May? Be Sure to Schedule HP Sessions

openstacklogo.jpgThe OpenStack community meets twice a year at the OpenStack Summit. HP is a proud sponsor and supportor of the community and is pleased to release our schedule of sessions during the event. 


Read more for the complete list of HP sessions at the OpenStack Summit Atlanta.

Operating your Hybrid Cloud with HP


Have you ever heard the saying, “too much of a good thing”? The same is true around cloud. They say knowledge breeds confidence and likely, in the case of cloud adoption, too much knowledge can also have the opposite effect. 


Keep reading to learn how to keep it simple and meet the desires of your customers

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HP Cloud at Cloud Connect and Interop


interop.jpgNext week, HP Cloud heads to Las Vegas for Interop and Cloud Connect at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from March 31 – April 4. HP is supporting the event as a Platinum SDN & Network Virtualization Workshop Sponsor and Mobility & BYOD Workshop Sponsor, and Global Partner.


For a list of sessions from HP, read more

Manage Big Data in the Cloud to Increase Business Agility

Terence Ngai, Director of HP Cloud Solutions Go-to-Market, offers insight into how to manage Big Data in the cloud to increase business agility.  This post focuses on the advantages cloud can deliver for storing, synchronizing and analyzing data.  Read more.


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Running Konect Elite on HP Public Cloud in under 10 Steps

HP Public Cloud 5.pngLast week, I posted a new Podcast  with Kane Micheletti, VP Sales & Marketing for desktopsites, talking about our new partnership around their Konect Elite solution for Cloud.  In this dog food blog, I show you how to enable the solution on HP Public Cloud.


Keep reading to find out how easy it is--in under 10 steps!

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HP Cloud hosts OpenStack TripleO developer meet-up

12913816684_737db3e06f_b.jpgThere is real value in a solid handshake and sitting in a room full of geniuses hashing out a problem over some coffee and pizza.


This is why the OpenStack community hosts developer meet-ups to facilitate project collaboration and solutions. Keep reading to find out what happened when we kicked off the TripleO project meet-up.

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Podcast on Remote Application/Desktop Access for SMB’s with Konect Elite

KAneMit.pngKane Micheletti, VP of Sales & Marketing from desktopsites talks with HP Cloud about thier Konect Elite solution for the SMB market using HP Public Cloud.


Read more for the podcast and information on desktopsites and their new HP Cloud partnership. 

HP Cloud is heading to SCaLE 12x!


The HP Cloud team is getting ready for the twelfth annual Southern California Linux Expo. The event is happening February 21-23 in Los Angeles.


Keep reading to find out where we will be and how you can connect to get all of your cloud questions answered. 

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Configure an Open Source Framework with OpenStack on HP Cloud


Have you attended any of the OpenStack Online Meetups? Your next opportunity is coming up this week, and I know you won’t want to miss it.


Keep reading to find out how you can join and what topics our guest presenters will be discussing. 

HP Cloud at Discover - Making Hybrid Real

Next week, over 10,000 HP customers, partners, and employees are coming together for a week of knowledge sharing and collaboration at HP Discover 2013 Barcelona. The HP Cloud team has put together over 95 sessions, 20 demonstrations, 7 theater sessions, and 6 discussion forums to enhance your understanding of cloud solutions at HP regardless of your stage in the cloud journey.

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A long day’s night

My teenage daughter Margaret is currently very into “The Beatles” music at the moment and both the song “A long day’s night” and the reason behind the song were playing on my mind during my trip from Houston, Texas to Sydney, Australia recently. For any of you that have made that trip, you will know it to be a very long 14 hour flight (LA to Sydney) and it’s a day that you spend mostly in the night, because of all the different times zone you are flying through.

Got your head in the cloud?

If cloud is on your business agenda and you are still undecided about attending HP Discover in June…maybe this will help.  History continues to show that every 7-10 years, technology delivery undergoes a tectonic shift; one that opens up new business and access models.  Today, cloud computing is leading the path of this next technological evolution, offering IT new means of helping organizations accelerate towards solving their business and technology challenges to speed innovation, enhance agility and drive business model transformation

Converging Clouds over HP Discover, Las Vegas

A new style of IT is emerging.  Cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way people live and work. And just like client/server did, the changes will significantly impact Information technology – people, processes and technology.

Enterprises have been steadily embracing private and managed cloud environments and are increasingly finding use cases for the public cloud. We are past the point of the cloud being limited to shadow IT and startups.

Interested in joining a virtual Converged Cloud Tech Day in Puerto Rico?

I know, joining a virtual meeting that is being hosted in San Juan, Puerto Rico is probably not your first choice, as I am sure you would prefer to be there is person. But if you are interested in taking a technology tour of HP’s Converged Cloud, this will be of interest to you. If you have been following me, you will know that every 6 months or so HP invites a group of industry bloggers to come into HP to gain a very deep product view of our technology. For instance, we have run tech days spotlighting HP 3Par storage and late last year we ran an event that focused around the new Gen 8 Proliant servers amongst others.

Interested in what happened at Mobile world Congress 2013? Here’s an insider’s view

I have not been to this event before and was looking forward to attending - Mobile is even more pervasive than ever before and soon nearly everything around us, people and things, will be connected. Mobile has forever changed the way we communicate, the way we conduct business, the way we manage our lives, and the way we are entertained. The possibilities for future innovations are nearly endless. Easy to say the words, but after attending this show it become very clear how far mobility has come in such a short period of time. Who would have thought that 5 years ago 70,000 plus people would be attending the event in Barcelona!!

Check out the HP Transformation Workshops if you are heading to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Every time I talk to customers, regardless where they are in their cloud transition, the conversation typically comes back to the start. Be it clients beginning their journey or once started wanting to do things differently…all agree that getting off to the right start, with the right cloud blueprint is key.

For HP Discover in Frankfurt 2012 – We continue to keep the Cloud lights on for you

I think everyone who attended the HP Discover event in Frankfurt in early December 2012 would agree it was a great technology show…in my opinion I think it was the best Discover show I have attended to date. Granted it was extremely busy for me, but to all the customers I spoke to, I received a strong sense that they all felt it was a great investment of their time.

Heading to HP Discover Frankfurt? We have a great show exclusive for you if you are

HP recognizes the significance of cloud for business and is committed to helping you on your cloud journey. To help reduce risk, improve success and simplify your cloud journey experience, HP is providing an exclusive opportunity. The HP Converged Cloud Accelerator Pack is available for a limited time, exclusively to participants who attend HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt. 

Creating the recipe for the perfect Cloud Map

Written by Gary Stevens – HP Cloud Maps Global Business Development Manager


Have you ever wanted put on your chef’s hat and whip up a special meal to celebrate a special occasion? You read through a few of the latest food magazines to see what ’jumps’ out at you. In addition you ask a few friends what they’ve recently had to see if one of those meals connects with what you have in mind.

Cut the response time for new apps from months to minutes: HP Cloud Maps

Written by: Deepak Belani – Product Manager, HP Cloud Maps


Building application services that will be provisioned in the cloud has traditionally involved many steps. It’s a process that is long, convoluted, cumbersome, complex, error-prone, and typically non-repeatable. It requires multiple IT planning meetings, coordination across teams, design reviews and architecture that can often take several weeks to complete.

The whole enchilada - How to Take Advantage of the Cloud

This is the third post summarizing the major lessons of the new eBook, “How to Take Advantage of the Cloud: Your Guide to Achieving Value and Performance,” by HP and Latisys (one of HP’s first bursting partners). Previously, we addressed “Cloud basics” using the phrase “how to harness the cloud as part of your IT strategy and “Cloud essentials” using the phrase “disaster recovery, storage, security, and compliance. In this post we’ll examine challenges to making the cloud work and challenges that should not be taken lightly.

At last, the proper IT tool for all sizes and all occasions: HP CloudSystem Auto Flexing Capability

Written by Gary Stevens – HP Global Business Development Manager


Have you ever planned a dinner party and found, usually at the last minute, that the pan you intend to use for the main course... (you know the course! it's the one you have been making for smaller groups of friends for the past month) but the pan just isn’t big enough. You do a quick check of your memory banks and are convinced that you had the “do I need a bigger pan conversation” with yourself.

Six reasons to sign up for HP Converged Cloud Workshop, while attending VMworld 2012

I think VMworld is one of the top "must attend" technology shows in the US. I remember attending about 4 years ago and started to see the promise of cloud computing creeping into several of the keynotes at the show. Now, only 4 years later, the cloud is well entrenched within a lot of businesses and with many more companies looking to make the transition. This can be a very challenging chasm to cross and so ensuring you have the right set of plans suited to your business is key.

The last thing that enterprises want is the cloud to reintroduce silos into their IT

Business’ are now demanding a lot from their clouds. They want a solution that doesn't lock them into single vendors or single delivery models. For example, they want the flexibility to be able to develop applications in the public cloud and bring them back into private clouds when the applications are in full production. They also want the flexibility to be able to burst applications and workloads to public or hybrid clouds during peak transaction times.

For Cloud sessions at HP Discover – We left the lights on for you

I read an interesting article just after HP Discover in Las Vegas titled Turn out the lights HP Discover is over, written by a friend and HP colleague of mine called Calvin Zito. If you follow Calvin, you will find he is a very pervasive writer that lives and breathes anything storage. His article came up for discussion yesterday during a meeting, which triggered a reminder to me that even though HP Discover was over, from the Cloud perspective, we left the lights on for you.

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