Grounded in the Cloud
HP Helion brings together all the speed, agility and cost benefits of cloud computing, and with all the possibilities and interoperability of open source. Providing the cloud practitioner in you, the flexibility, reliability and security that enterprises need to move forward with confidence.

In this blog, we will explore the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise cloud deployment and usage. And in so doing, help you on your way to design, build and manage enterprise-grade infrastructure, platform and application services for the Cloud. Come join us now on this journey….

Case Study: Fashion-Forward Looks, Technology-Driven Results with HP CloudSystem

aca.pngEvery industry needs a technology champion. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes support or an immersive end-user experience, retailers rely on technology more than the average shopper might think. In Europe, if you’re a fashion retailer, designer, manufacturer or customer, chances are you have encountered one of the many technology solutions of ACA Fashion Software.


In this case study, learn why ACA Fashion Software chose HP Helion for their infrastructure.

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HP Helion Blog Series: professional services is the key to success

480579007.jpgHave you considered your next steps in the move to cloud? Are you thinking that shadow IT is the way to go? Before you act, learn more about the HP Helion OpenStack Professional Services team and their services built to meet your needs.


Continue reading to learn how to connect with this amazing team.

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Hybrid Cloud Washing – What’s Real, What’s Not?

hybridimage.pngBobby Patrick, Chief Marketing Officer, HP Helion provides insight into the concept known as "hybrid cloud washing." His insight into the reality of hybrid cloud and its role in the future of cloud infrastructure is a core part of the HP Helion cloud strategy.


Keep reading to see how you can decipher when hybrid cloud is real or not.

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Webinar: Install HP Helion OpenStack Community Edition in a virtual cloud environment

webinarslide.pngAre you interested in seeing how to install the HP Helion OpenStack Community Edition cloud for yourself? This webinar is a perfect opportunity to learn first hand from an HP Helion technical evangelist on the process of deploying a 100 percent community-built, open source cloud.


Continue reading to find out how you can join us at this event.

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Clap along to increase your return of happiness with cloud management

Happy Cover.jpgIn IT, a significant number of tasks are done repetitively and manually. Would you consider this type of repetitive work very fulfilling for your workforce?


By embracing a holistic cloud management approach, CIOs could see direct and indirect benefits that would save millions of dollars in cost to their company. They can also increase workforce return on happiness.


Guest post by Alain Decartes Strategic Software Initiatives Lead, Cloud and Service Providers, HP Software Marketing


Image courtesy of Columbia Records

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Join HP Helion Team at OpenStack Silicon Valley 2014

openstack-sv-white.pngNext month, join OpenStack community leaders at the 2nd OpenStack Silicon Valley event in Mountain View, CA. HP is proud to sponsor this Mirantis-led evenet and is sending our top OpenStack leaders and cloud executives to meet with you.


Continue reading to find out why you can't miss this event and how you can connect with the HP Helion team while you are there.


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HP Helion Workshop at LinuxCon/CloudOpen in Chicago

chocago_small.jpgJoin the HP Helion team next week for an OpenStack technical workshop at LinuxCon in Chicago, IL.


Keep reading to find out how you can join us!

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Podcast: Behind the Scenes Running OpenStack at Scale

openstacktall.jpgI recorded a podcast with Dermot Tynon, HP Helion OpenStack Professional Services about the realities of managing a massive OpenStack cloud and the technical challenges involved.


You can listen to our discussion here.

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Podcast: Behind the scenes of HP CloudSystem 8.1

495238003d.jpgI know that you have all been anxiously awaiting more information about HP CloudSystem 8.1.


Today is your lucky day because, here are more details on the release of HP CloudSystem 8.1 with a Podcast discussion on the new features with Barbara Pei.

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5 keys to a secure cloud—but no guarantees

By looking at five key areas when choosing a cloud provider, you can improve the odds that your cloud won't fall prey to a malicious attack or an infrastructure failure.

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3 mistakes that will get you fired as you move to cloud

You are fired.jpgMany enterprises know they need to move to the cloud, but they don’t have a sense of how to get there. While you hear a lot about the advantages of cloud, there’s risk associated with doing it wrong or going in without a plan. You may want the faster time-to-market and increased agility that cloud can deliver, but how do you navigate the pitfalls and get to that desired state?

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Case Study: CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud powered by HP Helion

cadfem.jpgCADFEM, a leading provider of CAE simluation software, consulting, and support has chosen HP Helion and our HPC cloud offerings to enhance the value and capabilities of their simulation software.


Continue reading to find out how HP Helion is helping CADFEM.

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Showing some open source love at OSCON

oscon2014_logo.pngNext week, the open source community gathers in Portland, OR for OSCON, a fantastic gaterhing for developers and technologists sharing ideas and solutions in the open source community. Of course, HP Helion is there with plenty to offer.


Keep reading to find out how to join us at the event.

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What the Tour de France teaches us about OpenStack

Tour de France.jpgThe Tour de France – the world’s premier bicycle race – is racing across the French countryside. And while most Americans think of bicycle racing as a battle between individual riders, I see it as the greatest example of open-source collaboration on the planet.


Keep reading to find out what insipired me to make this analogy and why I am so excited for the Tour de France to start.


Guest Post by Warren Volkmann
PSO Cloud Writer

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OpenStack .NET SDK Released

openstack-cloud-software-vertical-small.pngBreak out the trumpets!

The OpenStack .NET SDK team has just released its first public release with the 0.9.1 version which includes support for the Swift storage service.


Keep reading to find out how you can utilize the SDK within your environment. 

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Calling all “User Landians” to lead OpenStack above the cloud

super user.jpgI recently attended the OpenStack Summit and came away feeling that power-users like me are a bit under-defined and under-represented.  I felt that I didn’t really fit into OpenStack’s current notion of ‘superusers’, and I think it is time to change.


Continue reading to see where the ultimate superusers are in the OpenStack story. 


Guest post by

Evan Scheessele
HP Printing & Personal Systems

with Warren Volkmann

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4 Business imperatives driving the cloud revolution

dinner-table.jpgI am having a dinner party and you are invited! The focus of our discussion will be around Cloud and what it means for Fortune 500 businesses.


The problem is that everyone has a different definition of what the cloud is.  So we start at the beginning and discuss what this third great revolution in computing infrastructure means to them. Keep reading to find out how I picture the discussion going.


Guest post by

William L. Franklin

Vice President, OpenStack and Technology Enablement, HP Cloud

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Uncover insights from all angles

Do you view uncovered insights within your business as a “diamond in the rough”? These insights truly are a treasure, and now you can easily uncover them.


Keep reading to find out how you can easily mine and find this insight. I will also help you understand how you can not only find the information, but transform it into an easily consumable format.

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HP Helion at GigaOM Structure, The Cloud is the Computer

GigaOMStructure.pngThis week, the HP Helion team attends GigaOM Structure 2014, a leading industry event focused on cloud computing.  HP has several sessions, a table in the exhibit hall and an evening reception to highlight our cloud solutions.  We look forward to seeing you at GigaOM Structure 2014.


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New HP Helion Self-Service HPC Solution Makes High Performance Computing Easier to Access

P6140171.JPGThis week at Discover 2014 we announced the availability of a new HP Helion solution aimed at making high performance computing (HPC) resources more accessible for a broader group of engineers, scientists, designers and analysts. 


Read this blog for complete details.


Guest post by  Deborah Martin, HP Helion Marketing

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Object Storage and HP ProLiant SL4540: Supporting OpenStack® Swift

swift_solutionbrief.pngEnterprise customers are rapidly adopting unstructured storage infrastrcutre for big data and private clouds. HP innovation has delivered the HP ProLiant SL4540 which is the perfect hardware choice for running an OpenStack Swift object storage solution.


Read the blog for more details.

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Behind the Scenes with SwiftStack Gurus on Global Object Storage

swiftstack.pngThe HP internal IT global OpenStack cloud provides object storage services from SwiftStack. I recently recorded a podcast with two leaders of SwiftStack and the Swift project for the OpenStack community.

Read more to learn the details of how this solution worked for HP employees to get an idea of what it can do for you. 

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CloudFoundry and HP: What does the future hold?


While an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) such as OpenStack provides basic "building blocks" such as hypervisor-contained virtual computers, VLAN-contained networks, and various abstractions of data storiage, a PaaS such as CloudFoundry provides the APIs needed by web application developers, in a way that is on-demand and scalable.


Find out how HP is working with CloudFoundry as a significant component of HP Helion.


Guest Post by Mark Atwood,

Director of Open Source Engagement, Hewlett-Packard

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HP Helion and the CliQr Public App Store: IT as a Service is here

cliqrlogo.jpgCliQr and HP Helion are delivering IT as a Service today wtih the newly launched CliQr Public Application Store. In this blog, I provide details on the CliQr solution running on the HP Helion Public Cloud for customers as well as our internal HP OpenStack clouds. Keep reading to find out what it can do for you! 

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Vision, strategy, open source and cloud: HP Helion executives at HP Discover


The HP Helion executive team has finalized their sessions for HP Discover. Our industry leading cloud executives will highlight the HP Helion vision and strategy in three key sessions that should be an automatic attend on your HP Discover session schedule. 



Read more to learn more about these three sessions, you won't want to miss them!

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Why an open and modular approach to cloud is best

Lego blocks3.jpgWhen I was a kid, I loved to build things with Lego blocks. Different colors, different shapes, different sizes, they all plugged into each other with the same reusable components. I see a parallel in the evolution of cloud computing to the open, modular system of the OpenStack-based HP Helion—our expansive portfolio of private, public, and hybrid IT solutions incorporating hardware, software, and services.


Keep reading to find out how to build your cloud with an open, modular approach.

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Secure File Sync and Share with Gladinet on HP Helion

Logo_Gladinet_trans512_vertical.pngThe HP Helion partner ecosystem provides value-add solutions for enterprise customers. One such partner, Gladinet, recently recorded a video and blogged about a new opportunity in secure file sync and share.


Read more to see how this partnership can help you...

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HP Helion is Everywhere at OpenStack® Summit in Atlanta

linuxcon2013.pngLast week, the HP Helion team participated at the OpenStack® Summit in Atlanta, GA. There was plenty for the team to do at the event with sessions, developer meetings, an exhibit hall, evening parties, and of course community interaction.


Read more for all the content including session videos, interviews, and various social media highlights. 

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Bethany Mayer named one of the Top 10 women in Cloud

CloudNow.gifI am pleased to announce that Bethany Mayer, SR VP and GM, HP was just announced as a finalist in the top 10 women in cloud by CloudNOW. Continue reading this blog to learn more about this award as well as the live pitch-style event on June 17 where Bethany and nine other industry leaders will complete for the #1 ranking. 

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Not everything that happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas!

Las Vegas.jpgYou know how the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” When you experience HP Discover, you won’t want to leave this information in Nevada.


Keep reading to find out what is happening in the Automation, Orchestration and Cloud management space. I promise that you won’t want to miss these sessions.


Guest Post by Andy Mackay,

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, HP Automation and Cloud Management

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