Grounded in the Cloud
HP Helion brings together all the speed, agility and cost benefits of cloud computing, and with all the possibilities and interoperability of open source. Providing the cloud practitioner in you, the flexibility, reliability and security that enterprises need to move forward with confidence.

In this blog, we will explore the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise cloud deployment and usage. And in so doing, help you on your way to design, build and manage enterprise-grade infrastructure, platform and application services for the Cloud. Come join us now on this journey….

Continuing the conversation: Amazon is right about the cloud…mostly

cloud from sky.jpgGetting an application for a mobile device is as easy as “click, pay and use.” Your business users enjoy this experience on their personal devices and now they are demanding that you give it to them within the business as well.


If you deny the existence of this undercurrent of discontent, you risk becoming irrelevant.  If you don’t meet the users’ requests, they will look outside your organization for the services and experience they desire.


Keep reading to find out how you can achieve customer satisfaction while maintaining your IT presence and control.

Best practices for decommissioning cloud service resources

HP - Cloud - Reister - decommissioning graphic3.pngManaging the resources that create cloud services is important for maintaining a properly functioning cloud environment. Here is how what to do when decommissioning services so no resource is left behind.


Guest post by

By Sebastien Reister, HP Senior Cloud Architect

Are you looking to stay in your comfort zone or do you have a desire for change?

comfort zone.jpgImagine what life would be like if you never tackled any adventures or pushed yourself beyond your limits.  You would never know what you could accomplish or how brave you truly are.


The same applies to your business. If your business constantly remains in the “safe zone” you may miss out on opportunities for growth. Keep reading to find out how you can reach for the stars and step outside of your comfort zone.


Do you know how to pick innovative partners with clarity for cloud?

clarity.jpgAs we look to the future of Cloud, how will your needs be met. According to research performed by Gartner, it is predicted that at least 20 percent of all cloud services will be consumed via internal or external cloud service brokerages, rather than directly.


Meeting the demands of these upcoming Cloud demands is going to require innovation now. Keep reading to find out what we are doing today to prepare you for the future.

You can’t hit a target you can’t see!

CESphoto_280.jpgI spent last week watching all of the news and gadgets that came out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I am excited to see what the next year will bring in technology.


But the announcements also got me thinking about how we can dream big and then focus on the target to make our dreams a reality. Keep reading to find out how HP Cloud can help you attain your goals.

The unexpected joy of shock treatment and the cloud experience

The hobbit Desolation of Smaug.jpgOver Christmas break I found myself experiencing shock treatment. (No, I am not talking about that kind of shock treatment.)


I recently viewed “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and experienced it in High Frame Rate (HFR) 3D. At first I wasn’t sure I what I thought about this new view of movies, but after experiencing it firsthand—I can honestly say that I love it.


The same can be said about business culture, it often takes a shock to introduce a new innovation. Keep reading to find out how you can learn how to “embrace the shock”.


Empowering users and the new face of cloud

Empowering users is one of primary reasons that organizations are adopting the cloud.  The cloud allows the focus to shift away from the underlying restrictions of infrastructure and applications. It empowers users to be much more productive, as they work with a new service- oriented platform.


Graphic1 in Teaser.pngHP wanted to help users exploit the power of the cloud, so we are introducing “the new face of cloud” in the new release of HP CloudSystem we are announcing. It features a consumer-inspired interface that is designed to make each user more productive: consumers, cloud architects and cloud administrators.  CloudSystem is a single, open platform that manages a wide range of environments and cloud services.



The new face of cloud makes the process of creating and consuming services much easier and far more efficient. Read on to learn more.


Written by Ken Spear, Senior Marketing Manager (HP CloudSystem and OneView)

Learn how HP is addressing your toughest virtualization and cloud needs @ VMworld 2013

How are you meeting the needs of your customers and users as the world of computing evolves? Are you being left in the dust simply because you can’t keep pace with the changes?


Keep reading to find out how you can learn to boost your data center with virtualization and cloud computing at VMworld this week in San Francisco.

Should Cloud Service Providers and Resellers Tap into the Telemedicine Cloud Market?

Engaging older adults with chronic conditions through the use of cloud services has the potential to:

  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Improve patient health and independence

So what is holding adoption back?

Improve the administration of your cloud services

With written contribution from Andrew Wahl and Sathya Sastry


Imagine what you could do with the power of HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA).  You could evolve your existing infrastructure and virtualized environments into scalable cloud services. You could respond to changing business demands quickly and economically while realizing faster time-to-value. 


Now your dreams can be a reality with CSA. To take your first steps as an Enterprise-Grade Cloud Service Broker to IT and Line of Business Users, continue reading to uncover how to harness the power of CSA. In the coming weeks, we will provide a practitioner’s view of the key factors you need to consider, as you plan your journey to be a cloud service broker.


For now, learn how you can use HP CSA to improve the administration of your cloud services.

Cloud Computing at HP Discover Frankfurt 2012

Written by Frances Guida


Last week, more than 9,000 people gathered in Frankfurt for HP Discover 2012 to learn the latest about industry trends and how they can leverage HP solutions to drive their business objectives.  Cloud computing is one of the most important trends.  It’s enabling organizations to transform their business, using a mix of private, public, and managed clouds, alongside traditional IT.  For those who couldn’t join us in Frankfurt, HP’s Frances Guida shares her perspective on the key takeaways Discover attendees had about cloud in this short video


For more insights from HP and how we can help your organization take full advantage of the opportunities that cloud computing brings, visit us at




For more information on HP Converged Cloud visit

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Join the Cloud Advisors discussions on LinkedIn

For Cloud sessions at HP Discover – We left the lights on for you

I read an interesting article just after HP Discover in Las Vegas titled Turn out the lights HP Discover is over, written by a friend and HP colleague of mine called Calvin Zito. If you follow Calvin, you will find he is a very pervasive writer that lives and breathes anything storage. His article came up for discussion yesterday during a meeting, which triggered a reminder to me that even though HP Discover was over, from the Cloud perspective, we left the lights on for you.

Got cloud innovation in your business? If so we would like to hear about it

HP Discover 2012 call for papers is now open. The Discover show is our most popular annual event and HP is gearing up again for Las Vegas June 4-7 2012.  Of those of you that attended last year, you would have seen that HP brings together the power of people, technology and ideas to solve your toughest enterprise IT challenges. Cloud was a big theme at the event last year and will continue to be so this year – and with your help, sharing your insight, we can help others on their journey to the cloud.


HP Discover provides a tremendous opportunity to explore the latest technologies, to network with HP's Cloud Advisors and your industry peers, and to share ideas and best practices.  By providing insights of your own cloud experiences, you too could play a part this year making this a truly unique and informative conference.


The HP Discover 2012 call for papers is now open. We look forward to hearing how you are using cloud technology to drive innovation and success in your organizations. Submit your case study, technology or best practices as a breakout session.  If you are selected to be a presenter, the rewards for doing so are many including: 

  • Gain industry recognition for your team’s innovative use of technology
  • Share your expertise with a wide audience of IT professionals
  • Increase your relationships with HP experts, our partners and customers
  • Get one free full pass to the conference

The deadline for submittals is 20 February, 2012 so don’t delay!

Click here to submit



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Cloud Computing gets its first technical standard – SOCCI from The Open Group

Written by: E.G.Nadhan, Distinguished Technologist, HP

Cloud computing standards, like other standards go through a series of evolutionary phases similar to the ones I outlined in the Top 5 phases of IaaS standards evolution. IaaS standards in particular take longer than their SaaS and PaaS counterparts because a balance is required between the service-orientation of the core infrastructure components in cloud computing.

Labels: cloud computing

5 easy steps to building cloud success

man on stairs.jpgHaven’t dipped your toe into cloud computing yet? Even an organization starting from zero can start moving toward the cloud today. With a comprehensive plan, modular building blocks and a step-by-step approach, you can have a successful cloud project—one that is provisioned and operational in the shortest time. Just follow these five steps.


Labels: cloud computing

Cloud and email: It's all about physical evidence

Are you running your business email in the cloud? Have you thought about the legal aspects? What happened as a result of LulzSec shows us what may happen, and what we need to keep in mind. Our world is increasingly going virtual, but the legal system still needs physical evidence and the two do not always go along very well. Why? 

Dispelling 5 common myths of cloud computing

As vendors race for mindshare, the haze and the hype around cloud computing has moved faster than the reality.  As a result, there more definitions, and more myths, around cloud than nearly any IT concept I can remember in the 20-some years that I have been writing about technology.  One need only look at the cloud computing article and the corresponding talk page on Wikipedia to see the various points of view, definitions and misconceptions out there regarding the evolutionary transformation that has become known as cloud computing. 

So let’s look at five of the most common mistaken beliefs and shed some light on them. 

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Which to buy? A new car or a new cloud?

Worried what your family would say if you added another car to your collection? There are good reasons why you’re a multi-car owner, just as there are good reasons why you should have multiple cloud delivery models. 

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Paul McCartney’s artistic legacy is now preserved in the cloud

digital library.jpgAs a child, I was mesmerized by Paul McCartney. There was no doubt among my peers that McCartney was an extraordinary genius ahead of his time. And certainly, McCartney‘s success and innovation brought about major changes in the music industry with hundreds (perhaps thousands) of other musicians emulating his style in an attempt to mimic his success and his creative touch.  Through the years I have collected the artist’s music on vinyl, then cassette and now on CD.  I have since shared his musical genius with my 20-something children who rank several of his songs among their all-time music favorites.


Now thanks to a unique partnership between HP and entertainment legend Paul McCartney, the extraordinary artistic legacy of the superstar will be preserved.

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IT event season, HP Labs and the cloud - Around the HP Cloud (week of May 13, 2011)

It’s event season for IT!  We’re busy with lots of events around here and I have all your recaps and highlights in your weekly round up Around the HP Cloud.

Around the HP Cloud (Week ending April 22, 2011)

What a wild week for cloud news! Here is your weekly round up Around the HP Cloud.

3 reasons SMBs are adopting cloud computing

As the small and medium businesses that power the world’s economy begin to climb out of the recent global recession, the cloud is taking on more and more importance.  In fact, the recession itself is one of the main drivers for SaaS and cloud adoption.  According to three recent research reports, other reasons for increased cloud adoption are cost-savings, improved flexibility, growth and profitability.  How do you compare to those surveyed?

Labels: cloud computing

Transparent clouds in forecast says HP CEO Léo Apotheker

Leo.jpgIf you had a few minutes with Hewlett-Packard CEO Léo Apotheker what would you ask him?  Shortly after he outlined his strategic vision for HP, Apotheker talked with IDG’s John Gallant and InfoWorld’s Eric Knorr.  The three discussed HP’s new vision, the cloud, connectivity and WebOs.  Here's a brief recap of the interview highlights, specifically focusing on HP’s cloud vision.

Labels: cloud computing survey says: Cloud computing has come of age

New and IDG Research indicates IT departments are active in cloud today and they expect to be even more involved in the future. Read this blog to see how your IT department stacks up against other companies in the cloud computing realm.

Labels: cloud computing

Putting HP cloud solutions to the InformationWeek test--5 key criteria to consider with cloud

InformationWeek ran an interesting article recently that listed five key criteria that businesses should consider when assessing whether or not a cloud-based offering is right for them. I decided to put HP’s cloud offerings to the InformationWeek test to see how well they stack up.

Labels: cloud computing

Out of sprawl comes order

How do you embrace the benefits of cloud while effectively managing and controlling the multi-sourced IT world of today?  Hybrid delivery models that are incorrectly managed can increase complexity, risk and costs, negating the potential benefits of cloud computing.  You need a solution to turn IT sprawl into order and regain control of the technology your organization needs to meet its business objectives.

Unlocking the full potential of cloud and hybrid delivery

How do you solve the puzzle of cloud computing?  What you need is a way to crack the code, put the pieces together, and automate and control services so that the right service is delivered from the right cloud at the right time based on the SLA.  

Labels: cloud computing

HP experts provide sunny forecast for cloud computing in 2011

With the start of a new year, we put our most knowledgeable cloud computing experts on the spot and asked them to predict what’s next for cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service in 2011.

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