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HP Helion brings together all the speed, agility and cost benefits of cloud computing, and with all the possibilities and interoperability of open source. Providing the cloud practitioner in you, the flexibility, reliability and security that enterprises need to move forward with confidence.

In this blog, we will explore the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise cloud deployment and usage. And in so doing, help you on your way to design, build and manage enterprise-grade infrastructure, platform and application services for the Cloud. Come join us now on this journey….

Week in Review: The road to hybrid cloud starts with private cloud

newspaper.jpgLatest news from HP Helion for the past week and next week's meetups and events related to OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.


Image - Wall Street Journal HP Helion Ad

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Discover how to transform your business – at HP Discover 2015

Don’t just look for ways to incrementally improve your datacenter efficiency, or tips to make your existing legacy applications run a little faster. Look for the BIG WINs – discover what are the pragmatic ways to transform your business and how you deliver IT and business services!! There is no better place to go for the BIG WIN than in Las Vegas, at HP’s premier event HP Discover from June 2 -4, 2015.

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Simplify scale without the complexity

Moonshot.pngOne of the biggest challenges I hear about from service providers who are scaling up services is how to keep infrastructure costs and complexity from scaling up with them. This is especially true if you’re delivering web services or web hosting. As your business grows in these workload-intensive areas, how are you going to support the increasing demand on your data center infrastructure?


Read on to find out the key to accomplish this challenge.


Guest post by Derek Howard, Worldwide Service Provider Marketing Manager, HP Enterprise Group

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Join us next week for HP Cloud Amplification Week

Jim Fanella.jpgDo you have any burning questions about cloud? Make sure you bring them to our cloud webinar next week where you can ask Jim Fanella, Vice President of Cloud Services, HP Enterprise Services anything.


Keep reading to find out how to join us.

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MyCloud gets a new business model to deliver cloud services with HP CloudSystem

myCloud.PNGMyCloud, a brand of Gemini Technology, provides enterprise cloud solutions to businesses throughout Europe. The company offers public, private and hybrid cloud services along with disaster recovery and back-up services.


The company was looking for flexible cloud that could support a lean and more efficient services delivery operation. Keep reading to find out how they solved their dilemma.

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Get to know the OpenStack Projects

openstack.pngJay Jamison, VP of Product Marketing, HP Helion has recorded a series of videos with HP engineers who are leading vairous OpenStack projects. This video series provides insight into each of the projects as well the HP engineers leading the efforts.

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Look your best: Demonstrate the ROI of your IT operations

Operations Orchestration Dashboard.PNGIT Operations professionals often face challenges explaining the value of their accomplishments to people that can help their career. As seamless as automation can be, don’t let it—and you—become invisible! This post looks at how HP Operations Orchestration provides a way to track the ROI of the automated flows that you monitor and maintain within your environment.

Week in Review: OpenStack enters its second epoch, HP leader in cloud infrastructure

devs.pngLatest news from HP Helion for the past week and next week's meetups and events related to OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

Image - Some participants in the Great Indian HP Code Off @ GIDS

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Key steps for successful cloud services—reflections of the hybrid service delivery model

Louise Ng.PNGCustomers often start their IT infrastructure projects by building a scalable resource pool. Once they master that, they often don’t know what to do next. 


Keep reading to find out what the next steps are when building a hybrid service delivery model.


Guest post by Morgan Aitken-Young,

HP Software Services Marketing

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Public or Private Cloud? Nope, Go Hybrid Cloud Instead

image.pngThe benefits of a hybrid cloud solution are detailed in a new report from Wikibon Premoum. Learn how the results of that research fit perfectly with the HP Helion hybrid cloud solution. 

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(Re)Introducing CloudSlang

download (1).pngThe CloudSlang team has just undergone an intense few weeks of rebranding and are now excited to reintroduce our open-source orchestration solution, formerly known as Score, under its new name, CloudSlang.


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Podcast: Maintainability in OpenStack Deployments

harrysutton.jpgIn this week’s podcast, I speak with Harry Sutton, HP Distinguished Technologist on his work with the OpenStack community related to maintainability. Harry focuses on the impact of OpenStack running in an enterprise and the various issues that could cause significant problems for an IT department.

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Your questions about HP Helion Rack answered

HP_Helion_Rack_RGB_white.pngWhen we launched HP Helion Rack last month, we knew you’d have questions. To help you, we hosted a CrowdChat and Online Meetup to answer your questions. 


Keep reading to find out more about the conversation.

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OpenStack is E-Commerce software for DataCenter Resources

datacenter.jpgRick Evans, Sr Evangelism Technologist, HP Helion demonstrates the concept of Public vs Private clouds via a well understood concept, E-Commerce. 


Keep reading to find out more about this concept.

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Uncover the secrets to interactively control Docker Compose services with Operations Orchestration

cloud-orchestration.jpgYou might be already familiar with Docker—the new and emerging tool that is getting a lot of attention in the DevOps space.


But have you met the newest tools that support the tool?


Keep reading to learn more about these supports and the role that HP Operations Orchestration.



Written by Andrei Truta, HP Software CAT team 



Week in Review: Follow your hybrid cloud manifesto, hybrid adoption to triple

CCwprJ5VEAE4gMj.jpgLatest news from HP Helion for the past week and next week's meetups and events related to OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

Image - Action shot from SF Bay Area OpenStack Meetup 

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EUCALYPTUS – PRIVATE without boundaries

Eucalyptus Cloud Platform.JPGHoria Pitulescu, Cloud Delivery Strategic Initiatives, HP, highlights the benefits of the HP Helion Eucalyptus open-source cloud solution that enables a bridge from private clouds to AWS.

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Podcast: Cloud and the IT Department

louiseng.jpgIn this week’s podcast, I speak with Louise Ng, HP Worldwide Cloud and Automation CTO, about how enterprise IT departments are handling the transition to cloud and the impact on the IT teams. Louise provides recent examples of how companies are learning to adjust and the common mistakes that are commonly seen.

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NEW! Server Operations made easy with HP Data Center Automation Appliance

20130128_THEATER_CONCRETE_TABLET_MAN_020.jpgManaging organizational groups with competing priorities, running IT as a Service and moving to the cloud are enough to keep any IT department busy. But it’s almost impossible for IT to keep up with the demands of the business when the mounting pressure to deliver new applications faster as well as unexpected requests are added to the mix.


Server operations must be automated to help IT meet demands and improve the speed of service. The average data center can have more than 100 changes per month — this constant stream of changes can result in unintended consequences. These consequences include creating a huge increase in IT incidents and lower quality of services. Keep reading to learn how server operations is now made easy with the new HP Data Center Automation Appliance.


Written by Andy Mackay, HPSW Product Marketing

Get your team registered for the Great Indian HP Code Off @ GIDS

GIDCS.jpgHP and Intel are pleased to announce the Great Indian HP Code Off @ GIDS from April 21 – 24 as part of the Great Indian Developer Summit.

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How to create a roadmap for automating and orchestrating your datacenter

Journey to value orchestrated datacenter.pngEmbracing a new style of IT requires fundamental changes that are built on IT process automation and orchestration. But where do you start? What should you automate first?


This blog post introduces you to a comprehensive and agile model that ensures the steps you take will deliver immediate benefits. We call this model “Journey to Value” and it begins by building a roadmap that guides you through small increments of change toward an orchestrated datacenter.


Learn what goes into building this kind of roadmap and how having it can help you develop a successful long-term plan.

No debate: Procrastinating on protecting your data will harm your brand, business, and customers

running.jpgBusinesses are no longer debating the fact that to operate effectively access to digital information and business systems is critical. Learn more from Alex Froyo, Director Continuity Services, HP.

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HP Helion Strategy to Deliver Hybrid IT Continues Strong


In May 2014, HP unveiled the vision and strategy behind our new global cloud portfolio, HP Helion. At that time we outlined a strategy committed to open source technology and hybrid delivery – spanning traditional IT, public, private and managed clouds – and introduced a portfolio of cloud offerings that enable organizations to build, manage, and consume cloud services helping deliver greater agility, lowers costs and managing risk while leveraging the advantages of cloud computing.


Keep reading to get a complete vision of the Helion line today and where we see it in the future.


Guest Post by Bill Hilf, SVP Helion Product Management

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Putting the Ops back in DevOps

devopsmagnifyingglass-150x150.jpgDevOps is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in IT. It is an agile development and application release management methodology that is gaining momentum both for traditional application development as well as for the development of cloud services.


Today I take a closer look at the “Ops” aspect of DevOps? Keep reading to find out how to facilitate the Ops side of DevOps.


Written by Stéphane H. Maes, PhD, CTO and Chief Architect of HP Software Cloud Product Unit

Week in Review: U.S. Army expands use of cloud computing, HP partners to help public sector

Cloud_LV-e4286445-a77e-47d2-a3ce-7680d24b7bd8-1057011431_p.jpgLatest news from HP Helion for the past week and next week's meetups and events related to OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

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Visit Las Vegas for Fantastic Cloud Content at HP Discover in June

discover.jpgJoin the HP Helion team June 2 - 4 in Las Vegas for our HP Discover 2015 event. Visit wiht our developers, product managers, executives, partners and customers to learn more about how you can leverage our cloud technology in your company.


Keep reading to find out why you won't want to miss this exciting event!

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Podcast: Big Data Servers for the Cloud

JosephGeorge.jpgIn this podcast, I discuss server solutions from HP built specifically for big data cloud solutions with Joseph George, Director of Big Data Servers and Soutions, HP.

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OpenStack Swift is for files. OpenStack Cinder is for disks.

187219101b.jpgRick Evans, Sr Evangelism Technologist, HP Helion provides a detailed comparison between OpenStack® Swift and OpenStack Cinder; the two main storage technologies in the project.


Keep reading to find out how these two differ.

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Join us for the EMEA HP Software Automation and Cloud Management Customer Forum 2015

Prague_image1.gifJoin us for the 2015 Automation and Cloud Management (ACM) Customer Forum on June 10 -11 in Prague. The ACM Customer Forum will provide an opportunity for our customers to come together to share successes and discuss challenges with other ACM customers, as well as HP executives and product experts. Read on to find out how HP Customers and HP Partners can attend for free!



Written by Andy Mackay, HPSW Product Marketing

Week in Review: HP Helion among top cloud providers for government

crowdchat.jpgLatest news from HP Helion for the past week and next week's meetups and events related to OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

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