Are you looking to stay in your comfort zone or do you have a desire for change?

Are you someone who stays in your comfort zone?  Do you have any idea of why you restrict yourself within that zone and not venture out?  According to PandaWhale, the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. I totally agree with this. Don’t you want to know what lies just outside “your wall of safety”?


When you stretch and expand you learn what you are capable of. It’s a great feeling when you overcome a challenge or expection that you initially didn’t think you could conquer.  You can have this victory professionally with your enterprises too.


Desire for change.jpgWhen I looked at the PandaWhale image I thought of startups, established IT and business executives. It is amazing that organizations at different maturity levels can all face the same dilemma when it comes to comfort vs. the desire for change.


Our fear of change in business sometimes causes us to hesitate in our actions.  This hesitation can be the result of some of these realities:


  • Lacking the confidence to deliver
  • Not knowing how to go about selecting a partner who can help you
  • Fear of failing


HP can help make stepping outside your comfort zone a more secure experience. We help mitigate any feelings of what Bob Proctor, entrepreneurial millionaire, describes as the terror zone. The terror zone is the imaginary barrier that always seems to appear at the critical point where we would step out ahead of peers or competitors, but fear causes us to stop short.  With HP Cloud you can access the cloud enterprises rely on to achieve their goals.


As you forge ahead with developing and running your business, you  have a variety of ways to access the power of HP Cloud. Our portfolio offers a broad spectrum of on-ramps allowing you to consider cloud solutions for your business needs.   Learn more about which deployment model is best for you here. 

It is time to take that first step out of your comfort zone.


If you have any questions about how to approach your next level feel free to reach out to me in the comments section below and stay connected with me at @OrtegaPittman

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