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Digital Marketing: WhichTestWon Awards HP Optimost Customers for Testing Excellence

HP Optimost customers AT&T and were recently recognized for testing excellence by WhichTestWon in their 2014 Online Testing Awards


WhichTestWon is a leading A/B and multivariate testing resource that collects and showcases top level work from optimization experts.  Their annual Online Testing Awards are designed to shine a spotlight on the “best of” tests conducted around the globe.  This year, only 31 out of more than 160 submitted tests were presented with awards.  We’re thrilled to see the value of our clients’ winning tests featured with the crème de la crème in web optimization!




How reliable is gut instinct?

The Optimost team is no stranger to helping businesses drive astonishing lifts in conversion and revenue, but AT&T and’s MVT test results are completely surprising for another reason.  In both cases, the winning version of a webpage goes against all gut instinct in UX design, but makes perfect sense when you look at the data-derived insights driving its success. 


For example, let’s start with AT&T’s winning test.  AT&T’s website is a key driver of new enterprise business; using forms on all product and service pages to encourage visitors to request more information.  However, AT&T noticed that visitors were only completing this crucial form less than 1 percent of the time.  An effective form submission process was critical to maximizing AT&T’s online revenue.  Any potential roadblocks visitors might be encountering needed to be identified and removed. 

AT&T’s results are in…
After conducting this particular multivariate test with HP Optimost, AT&T saw an 81.9 percent lift in the number of submitted contact forms.  During a webinar highlighting winning tests, WhichTestWon’s chief editor, Justin Rondeau, called that “insane” ROI.  We agree.  AT&T has now implemented the best possible contact form submission process, ensuring its online revenue streams are optimized. 



As mentioned earlier, what makes this test so remarkable is that it goes against typical “best practice” concepts.  Normally, a UX designer might want to reduce the perceived path to completion on a form, keeping the look and feel of the main page clean and sleek.  That’s why AT&T started out with a simple “Contact Me” link that popped up a separate lightbox overlay where visitors would complete the actual form.  As it turns out, people prefer transparency:  if they’re going to fill out a form, they’d rather know right off the bat how much information they’ll be required to submit.  If AT&T hadn’t tested and made design decisions based on hard data, they would be losing over 400 completed forms per month.

Oh, and another thing—HP Optimost serendipitously helped AT&T glean deeper insights into visitor behavior in a way that was completely outside the initial KPI.  The data revealed that by far, AT&T’s audience prefers to be contacted by email rather than by chat/IM or phone.  Knowing these contact preferences will help AT&T drive more engagement at the next level of their sales funnel.  Isn’t testing data fun?


Next up: received recognition for a similarly interesting test result.  Founded in 2002, has rapidly grown to become one of the U.K.'s leading price comparison and switching sites for gas and electricity. As a web-based service, its success is driven by its ability to deliver a superior online experience.  In their award winning test, needed to raise completion rates on a particularly long and detailed lead registration form. They were reminded that even small tweaks can have a big impact.




 In this case, multiple form design changes worked together to provide a sense of progression through the site’s rather lengthy form. found that simply highlighting the visitor’s current field in the form helps keep focus, and checking off completed fields provides reassurance that the visitor is doing something correctly, prompting completion through to the end of the form.  A little encouragement goes a long way.


Data-driven insight versus design hunches

AT&T and’s winning tests are great reminders of the power of data-driven insights versus relying on unfounded design hunches.  WhichTestWon lets visitors vote on which creative they think will perform best and interestingly,for both tests, people are voting for the losing creative that didn’t drive significant lift. 

It’s a funny little confirmation that even experts on UX—people who know best practices forward and backward—still can’t trust their gut instincts when it comes to most effective site design.  Basing creative and structural decisions on hard testing data is the only way to know exactly and without doubt what will be successful and resonate with your audience.


We’re pretty happy to see our clients get some recognition by the A/B and multivariate testing community, and we’re glad our software and team of optimization experts helped get them there.  The 2014 WhichTestWon Online Testing Awards confirm that HP Autonomy continues to be a leader in the field; offering the only solution with the strength, power, and expertise to help businesses drive ROI and revenue. 


If you’d like to test your optimization prowess, you can do that here and here . Just don’t look too closely at the graphics above before you do, and let us know how you did in the comments!



Kevin Liparini | ‎02-07-2014 01:17 PM
Congrats to AT&T for producing some remarkable results!
Jordan Iserson | ‎02-07-2014 01:19 PM

81.9% lift...incredible results!

George Locktt | ‎02-10-2014 03:22 AM

Great to see Optimost getting some well-deserved recognition! Some huge results here.

LesleyDunn | ‎10-18-2014 06:04 AM

Two excellent examples of HP Optimost clients who are achieving impressive ROI.  We have so many customers achieving fantastic benefits from HP Optimost.  One of the key differentiators of the HP Optimost tool is our impressive Optimost delivery team who have such deep knowledge and experience to share with our clients on how to maximise conversion rates through multi-variate testing.

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